Inspiring your faith

Somewhere inside of me there is a writer wanting to come out.  My prayer is that the nature of Christ would be formed in me and come out in my writings and music.  I desire to be used by my Creator in a way that brings Him glory.

I’m a 38 year old Swedish/English American man who is a lover of God, EDM(Electronic Dance Music), Rose Green Milk Tea, oxytocin therapy (hugs), laughter therapy, praising the Lord, visiting my celestial fitness center (speaking in tongues), music therapy, sleep therapy, essential oils, and delicious food. I volunteer leading worship and praise sets at the Pasadena International House of Prayer (WWW.PIHOP.COM).

I hope to produce enough praise and worship music in the genre of EDM/Trance/Progressive House that uplifts the Name that is above every other name (JESUS), and helps people get free from religious yokes and bondages.

I’m thankful to God for delivering me from depression in high school and eventually the meds I took for 17 years. Through God’s help, taking communion, natural supplements, and family support, I was able to successfully taper off the meds in November of 2014.  I hope to encourage some people through my testimony of God’s faithfulness and goodness more later.