Roland Buck Revelational Writings

Roland Buck Revelational Writings-

You can find the first priority revelation in the following book on Amazon titled “When Angels Speak: Roland Buck on the Power of the Blood of Jesus”

These devotional letters were inspired by my great uncle Roland Buck’s life revelations.

These letters are the revelation part of these steps so it sounds like God is talking to you directly as you read this. Sometimes it’s the Father speaking and some times it’s in the format of Jesus speaking.  I pray that God will use these letters to inspire, strengthen, bless and encourage your heart and faith in Him.

The Lord would say…

There are seven truths that are high priority with Me. I revealed them to Moses in Leviticus 23. They’re all embodied and contained in My plan revealed through the 7 feasts of Israel. They happened in sequence. I was prepared for the cross, the Passover, I died and gave My life, and restored fellowship between us at the feast of unleavened bread. The feast of the first fruits spoke of the resurrection that I am alive. The feast of Pentecost came 50 days after. And exactly 50 days after My resurrection I poured out My Spirit upon the earth on the day of Pentecost.

Then I said to My disciples, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”  But I said to them, “before you go I want you to partake of this part of My great plan, the outpouring of My Holy Spirit.  So when you go out to do My work you’ll have My power to do it with, you’ll have My nature to show to the world.  The next feast was the feast of trumpets, symbolizing My call to trumpet the good news to all the world. Then came the feast of atonement. And this is the one in sequence that contains the message that will prepare the hearts of men and women for the next one that’s about to happen.  And that is the feast of tabernacles.


One of the most important truths that I am highlighting in these last days is on how to take communion. It would do you well to confess these truths during your communion celebration times. When you trust in My blood to be enough you have the right to say the following.

I am justified. I am declared innocent before God. I have peace with God through Jesus. I am saved.  

My plan was to restore you to that place of total innocence before Me. Peace is a product of My salvation and it comes through knowing Me. You may have hurts, from things that people have said. But I will remove those from you when you partake of My Life during communion time.

Because of the accusations of satan you may forget what I have done. You must be reminded of what I have done. You need to look upon My body to see your sin and the sins of the world placed upon Me by the Father. I became sin for you, bearing in My body the concentrated sin of billions of people. As you hold that symbolic piece of bread, in My broken body, you see your sin, and this bread tells you that your sin has already been judged, you are free. As you behold Me messed up on the cross with the searing stroke of Father’s judgment, you see there the canceled sin of the world. With this reminder of your peace with Me, you can speed the message to the world. You can come, you have been accepted.  Father’s wrath has been turned away.

During the Old Testament days there were no chairs in the tabernacle, which was a type of My dwelling place in heaven. This was because the work was never finished.  The pardon had to be re-written, the sins and charges had to be reviewed every year.  But when I finished My work on the cross I went into My Father’s presence and sat down. Father looked at My work and said, “its working, there will never have to be another sacrifice.”  I made the one sacrifice for sin forever, and sat down. When you know you’ve been justified by faith in what I have done; you can take that big breath and have peace with Me.  I want you to declare it.

If you believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that I, Jesus, am Lord, you pull the switch that activates something that destroys every record that could ever be against you in heaven. Salvation is clenched through your confession. And it removes from My memory those things so when you look up into My face I see you with a heart as spotless as a newborn child. The highest thing that I came to do was to restore you to that point of innocence.

Confession is an admission of need. I already see you; I already know you so if you’re having a rough time, be free to tell Me about it. I give grace to the humble and My kingdom breaks for the poor in spirit and all who recognize their need for Me. When I asked Adam and Eve where they were, it wasn’t that I didn’t know where they were; I wanted them to confess their need where they were.

In reconciliation My love and wrath join hands. My wrath destroys and consumes the separating barrier.  I am a just God. I couldn’t justify you while sin was still there so there had to be My love and wrath together. My wrath destroys and consumes sin because it has to fall on sin and disobedience.  It destroys the barrier and the sin. And when I took the sins of the whole world My Father’s wrath reached out and darted forth and struck that sin.  I took the full charge because of the sin that was placed on Me during that hour. And now any barrier or sin that would come in between Me and you when you look to Me in faith the wrath that would have been reserved for that sin and that would have struck you because you were associated with that sin, the wrath reaches out and consumes that sin and then turns around because it sees My blood and the wrath turns around and hides itself in My love.

I am just and the Justifier of the one who puts their faith in My blood. My wrath is still there for sin but I can justify you because my wrath sees the blood and knows judgment has already struck and it turns around and hides in My love. When your faith is in My blood My wrath cannot penetrate because it has already spent its charge on sin. You can stand before Me knowing that by My choice I can’t remember a thing about your sins. It’s the eternal covenant that I made with you through My sacrifice. I am your High Priest who went into the heavens and blotted out as a thick cloud every record of anything that could be against you. Written in My blood is a new Covenant for you. Your sins and your iniquities will I remember against you no more forever.

These truths will liberate you from fear. They will free you from the burdens that you may be going through.  They will free you from your own efforts of trying to lift yourself into a place where you can please Me.

One way to activate My life during communion time is by properly discerning My body. In Hebrews 10:5, I was speaking about the work that was given for Me to do, which was that work of becoming a sacrifice for sin, and I said, “a body has Thou prepared for Me?” You can now enter into that place of close fellowship with Me through My flesh. If people failed to recognize and see My broken body with the proper understanding and faith, then it wouldn’t accomplish in them the purpose I had designed for the communion service.

The tabernacle of Moses was a miniature picture of My great big plan of salvation for all time.  Everything about the plan was a picture of Me and My sacrifice. One of the most important parts of the tabernacle was the first thing inside of it, a brazen altar. On the brazen altar there was to be a sacrifice burned to ashes. And those ashes would be sprinkled on the individual who was going to be accepted of Me. And that sacrifice had to feel the searing heat of judgment by fire because on that sacrifice all of the sins of Israel were placed. And that sacrifice was made sin and felt the searing heat. So when Israel came to be accepted by Me and the ashes were sprinkled along with the blood, I was saying to Israel, “You have given Me your sins, I am giving back to you now and letting you see the ashes of something that has lost it’s power and life, and it’s been reduced to nothing. The fire of judgment was diverted from you to a substitute and your sins were on the body of that substitute. And they were destroyed as My judgment for sin struck.

My Spirit was saying through Paul, “If this kind of a sacrifice, the sprinkling of blood and the ashes of a heifer could work in purifying a life so that as people discerned the body of the lamb where their sins were, and if that gave them the right to say that their sins there became reduced to ashes, Paul was saying, “how much more shall My blood and sacrifice completely remove from your mind and conscience, all of the feelings of unworthiness. You can discern and see My body there. When the enemy tries to remind you of your sins you can hold up that piece of bread representing my broken body and say that all of your sins have been judged and reduced to ashes already. And My blood has canceled the power of sin.

This is the reason why I have set aside a time that you can come and look and be reminded again and again that it’s done, the price is paid. My Father’s wrath was diverted to Me and your sins were judged when I was judged.

Zechariah 3:1-5 speaks about the time that My Son came before Me with the filthy garments, bearing every sin on His body and every sin of the whole world. Visualize Him, the spotless Lamb prepared from the foundation of the world, and see Him as the sin bearer, coming before Me with filthy garments. See Him there messed up. And I said to Gabriel, “Now you can remove those garments, put on Him a crown and the royal priestly garments, and He can walk among His people now representing them.” On the crown it read Holiness unto the Lord. Jesus is your High Priest and the message that He is carrying to Me through all of eternity is this. “Father, count all of those people whose sins I carried. Count them holy in your sight.”  See Him sprinkle His blood over all of your possible failures, and His blood is now speaking to Me and its saying, “Not guilty, it’s done.” I turned sin into cinders. I blotted out the records. You may not have become fully like Me in My nature before the eyes of man yet but before My Father you are counted as holy in His sight. We did this because We want you. You are worth so much to Us. We are not looking for reasons to destroy you but to save you. We have so much invested in you.

I totally removed the need for pardon by removing the remembrance of sin. In Israel there was a remembrance of sin annually, and man was pardoned but sin was remembered.  But when I came, I removed the records completely. I removed the stain and the guilt, and My blood speaks and says justified, restored to a place of total innocence. The place that was occupied before sin ever entered the world.

The word justification means, “just exactly as though it never happened in My sight.” Rejoice now because I see you as though it had never happened. For this reason the message of pardon is not recorded in the New Testament. It has turned to justification, complete restoration. Because of the blood I see you as though it had never happened.

So when you take that broken bread in your hand, visualize there those things that have been haunting you. See this broken body with literally every sin ever committed by the human race upon it. But now thank Me for bearing the judgment for you, and your sins that were there are nothing but empty ashes. I don’t want you to worry about trying to do things that you feel may help you look better to Me because there’s nothing you can do to get Me to accept you apart from accepting what I did for you on the cross. I want you to turn and look what I have done.

I will bring freedom and deliverance to you as you take communion with these truths. When you take that emblem representing My blood you are telling Father that your faith is in that blood and what I have done. You can thank Me for blotting out as a thick cloud, all of your sins. You can look up into My face right now with nothing between Me and your soul. I want you to start turning those energies that you have spent in struggling with things to start letting your life be a channel for My life to flow through. You don’t have to fight things that are already dead and gone.

My death on the cross was not just the stopping of My heart.  My Father’s eye is upon everyone whether they know Him or not.  The way of the ungodly is rough but there is still a ray of hope within. There is another death that faces mankind, which brings fear to him all of his life. It’s the fear of facing Me and hearing those words that I will have to speak to those who refused to accept Me, depart from Me into eternal damnation. This is the second death, that day of doom and damnation that faces mankind.

I suffered pains that the ungodly, totally separated from My Father on this earth have never felt, for the ungodly have never felt the pains that will come when the last little flicker of hope is extinguished and they hear me say, “depart from Me into eternal damnation.” They never felt the hopelessness, or the horrors that some will experience when My Father has to turn His back on them. I suffered the torment of a damned soul. I cried out, “Oh God, why have You forsaken Me?” For those who reject Me, there will be no turning back; it will be like a nightmare that they can never wake up from. The sentence of death was upon you. But I said, “Father I will take their place in that second death.” Sometimes there are still fears that come into people’s hearts, even when they’ve given their heart to Me because they haven’t realized what I did for them. Your debts have been paid. You’re free. The marks of the scars that I bear for all of eternity will forever remind you of how important this priority is to Me. My Father and I loved you so much that I was given and whoever believes and accepts Me will not perish, but will enjoy My eternal life forever.

I was with my Father during the eternal ages past but while on the cross He had to look away from Me because He can’t stand to look upon sin and the sin of the world was placed upon Me that hour. That was when I cried out that phrase Why. And the cold pains of eternal damnation, gripped My life. And I suffered the judgment of God for everybody.

My Father’s love for you is so great in sending Me to become the substitute for you. I came to taste that total separation from My Father so you wouldn’t have to.  I felt the eternal damnation in My body! But the power of My blood overcame death.  The power of My sinless life made it impossible for Me to be held by the band of death.

Revelation 5:6. After you picture Me smitten, now look at Me complete in power. Because of what I have done, the bands of sin, disease, depression, habit, or any other type of a band is going to be broken as you look unto Me. Look to Me; believe Me to set you free. As you remember My death and put your faith in what I have done, you identify yourself with what I have done and become a partaker of My life, and then My life can be seen in your mortal bodies.

My Word’s highest purpose is so you can see and understand what I am like, including the things that are on My heart and what My priorities really are. When Adam and Eve sinned I had to take some animals and kill them and use their skins to cover them.  It was a reminder of when My Son would come later to be the covering. This was important to Me and I had to keep reminding Israel about it through the annual sacrifices.

Abraham trusted Me to provide a sacrifice. I wanted Abraham to feel a little bit of the way I feel and care for the world. I told him to take his son and offer him on the altar there. Gen. 22:16.

So he took his son and he tied him on the altar and he raised the knife in his hand, with his heart bleeding and broken feeling the anguish, this son I promised him and now being removed and slain by My command. But Abraham told Isaac that I would provide the sacrifice. And just at the last second I told him to stop. And Abraham looked and there was an animal caught in the thicket that I provided for him to use for the sacrifice. It was a priority to Me that mankind be spared and a substitute be used in its place.

The purpose of the death of Jesus covers every need that man will ever have and so I needed to provide more than one example to illustrate it. That sacrifice is the nearest thing there is in the universe to My heart. It’s top priority with Me because it had to happen in order to bring you back into fellowship and communion with Me.

There were two animals to help picture the completeness of what I did before the foundation of the earth. There was a live goat and every sin was pronounced over the head of it. The goat was taken out into the wilderness to never return again, to wander until it perished. There was the Lamb that was burned to ashes.  There was the High Priest that carried the sins of the people.  There was the cloud of incense in the holy place that represented what Jesus became through His sufferings. I also pictured it as Jesus the High Priest taking the blood and offering, sprinkling the blood before Me as a sacrifice. Over and over again I made reference to this sacrifice.

1 John 1:9-If you confess your sins; I am faithful and just to forgive you of all of them, and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.  Because of what I have done you can have a daily spiritual cleansing. Just like your heart is beating and the blood is going through your body and it’s cleansing your body everyday. I am the Light and in Me there is no darkness at all.  If you walk in My light, the light of My fellowship, My blood is there to cleanse you.
The worth of any blood is determined by the value of the life that that blood flows through. When you think of the power of the blood, think of the power and the value of that life. In Jesus dwelt all of My fullness. His blood is the most valuable ingredient in the world because of whom it flowed through.

The tabernacle in heaven didn’t come alive until I brought My blood there after I completed My sacrifice.  Once I applied My blood to the tabernacle the wheels of my Father’s great plan began to turn, and every sin from Adam on was atoned for. Suddenly all of those things that had been waiting, a great big back log waiting for Me to come, were taken away.  The sacrifices in Moses’ Tabernacle could never take away sin being brought.  Year after year they were waiting until I brought My blood into heaven. The only way it could run would be by My blood and all of these things that were waiting, all of the sins and iniquities were destroyed. The power of My blood in My Father’s great plan reached out across the ages, clear to the end of time and it drew every sin, every iniquity and also destroyed the power of them.

In My plan before I ever started the world, I made provision for the health of the body. I included healing and wholeness for all 3 parts of your being. Isaiah 53:4 tells you that, “By My stripes you are healed.” When you are in My presence and you take the full focus of what I intended through communion you receive emotional healing, physical healing, and spiritual healing.

In 1 Thessalonians 5 Paul prayed that your whole spirit, your whole soul, and your whole body would be preserved. My mercies are new every day and you can look forward to it. I desire to share My life with you and want you to feel the glow and flow of My Life.

When Paul said to let a man examine himself and so let him eat, he’s letting a man examine himself to see whether he or she is putting their faith in My blood.  I am not looking for reasons to condemn people; I came that you might have life. If you want My Life, you hold the key right in your hand when you hold that cup, and put your faith in what I have done. People who partake of My supper without putting their faith in My blood and discerning My Body are not availing themselves of the life that there is. Whoever does not receive Me is condemned already. So when people are eating and drinking of My supper without faith in My blood they are drinking in that state of condemnation they are already in because they haven’t accepted Me, My life and My body, and are depending on what they can do. I don’t want you to look for reasons why you can’t partake of My blood and Body, look for the reasons why you can.  I shed My blood for you to have abundant life! The blood that I shed for you is given to you when you partake it in communion. You can partake of it and let it become part of your life, the injection of My divine life.

Men and woman have had the full orb of truth.  They have heard about both of My love and My wrath.  But they have it upside down.  And men and women in trying so hard to appease My wrath are struggling and struggling and struggling when My Son Jesus has already appeased My wrath with His sacrifice. Roll the orb of truth over. You get lost and all wrapped up into My love and you’re not going to have to worry about My wrath.

Everyone like sheep has gone astray and has each gone after a way of their own choosing. All of these paths were empty and futile. In My love and desire to restore, the iniquity of every man was laid upon Christ. The deceit in man’s heart, which was the seed of satan, planted in man’s life blinds him to the truth. And results in efforts to justify his own way. The various ways of religion that people are walking on, the deceit that was put in the heart of man at the fall, causes man to do the thing, feeling that the deeds of every man are right in his eyes. And he seeks to justify what he is doing and the way that he is going. And for this reason, efforts have been made to support one path or another. But these paths of religion are futile and empty. And in My desire to bring man to Myself, I laid on Christ the iniquity of all so that I can bring all back to the beautiful path of My atonement.

Now I invite you to walk in My ways without fear and without penalty. Don’t look at the ways of another and ridicule your brother. I laid on Jesus the grievous penalties and the other things that may be wrong as far as your brother’s concern.  I have taken care of that, and have laid on Jesus all of the wrongs in that way. Jesus has paid the penalty for that so that He might open up a new way. Now you are brothers and sisters by one blood.  The seeds of death that came on all men have been replaced by the seeds of My divine life.

2nd Chronicles 30:17-20- This passage contains the story of people who hadn’t purified themselves after the purification of the temple. They hadn’t examined themselves to see whether they had some bad feelings or other things and they were taking of the Passover. And Hezekiah prayed to Me regarding this and I blessed it and forgave them all. This is because I am more interested in getting people into communion with Myself then procedures.

Hebrews 8:6-13 says, “I will be merciful to your unrighteousness and I will not remember your sin.” My blood that I give you is the blood of the new covenant.  It’s the life of the new covenant.  I will be merciful to your unrighteousness

Matthew 26:26-29, “As they were eating, I took the blood and blessed it and broke it and gave it to My disciples and said, “take, eat, this is My body” and I took the cup and gave thanks and gave it to them saying, “drink ye all of it for this is My blood of the New Testament which is shed for many for the remission of sins.  But I say unto you I will not drink hence forth of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father’s kingdom.” The completion of My sacrifice began the kingdom life. My completed sacrifice activated the new covenant.

My fullness dwelt in Him so the blood of Jesus that flowed represented the authority and the power of all that there is. The power of that blood has the ability to wash away sins and raise people from the dead.  Jesus’ Blood is the source that raised Jesus from the grave.

Hebrews 11:4, “By faith Abel offered to Me a more excellent sacrifice then Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous and I testifying of his gifts and by it he being dead yet speaks.” Abel offered a sacrifice that I had ordained, a sacrifice of blood.

There can be no approach to Me, and no fellowship with Me even by faith, no enjoyment of My favor apart from blood. I have given My truth and My grace. And My grace makes a way for you but both truth and grace can only be brought to you by the blood.

Blood is the one ingredient that follows through on My demands, My conditional promises and also My grace. You have nothing to offer or to earn anything from Me, and even My free gifts come to you by the blood of  mu Son Jesus. Then at Mount Ariat when a new beginning started, when judgment had fallen in a flood, that new beginning in order to start with fellowship began with blood. The first thing that Noah did was sacrifice. And Noah took every clean beast and offered it a burnt offering on the altar and I said it smells good. And I accepted him and it was favorable to Me and I gave a covenant then because of a sacrifice that was given.

When the children of Israel went down into the land of Egypt and a new beginning was about to happen as the children of Egypt were going to be evacuated out of the land of Egypt. Three million people were delivered by blood. I spoke to Moses and said, “The blood shall be to you as a token upon the houses where you are, and when I see the blood I will pass over you.” (Ex. 12:13)

I want to put an end to the misunderstandings that people have about communion time. People partake of My Table unworthily when they put their faith in anything else outside of Jesus’ blood.

The feeling of spiritual achievement that people have had down the years that people have told them that it’s by their own efforts or it’s what they have done in making themselves ready to have communion has denied My blessing and smile for many people down through the years. The blood of Jesus Christ is more needed to the one that doesn’t know Jesus then the one that does. If you will put your faith in what Jesus has done and take the cup and by that act of taking that cup you are saying something to Me that you haven’t been able to say in any other way. This is your source of life.

My plans for mankind are for reconciliation.  I want to reach out and draw men and women back to Myself. I want to tell them, “come, you can shake hands now, My wrath is turned away. You can come.” Secondly I want to give you life.

I have provided health for all three areas of your humanity in the atonement.  My blood was shed for your spirit, your spiritual needs.  I was bruised and beaten for your grief’s, the emotional part of you.  And My body was broken and I received stripes for your body, for your physical healing.

As you partake of Me during your communion service times I want you to remember My body, that there is provision there for all of your needs.  Ask Me to help to make you that whole complete person in Me.

2nd Corinthians 5:30- I was made sin for you that you might be made My righteousness.  Wrapped up in My righteousness.  This is the reason why you can have peace with Me. We can walk together.

Romans 5:1-“Therefore being justified by faith, counted as though you’ve never sinned, all wrapped up in My love.”  I have called you to peace.

My glory that is coming to the world today is full of grace and truth.  My truth says, “This is how it is and reveals to man My way and reveals to man My condition.” But so few can actually meet My way and condition and so My glory cloud has another segment in it called grace. My grace is sufficient for you.  People are finding Me today by My grace, not on the basis of their goodness.

My covenant agreement is only effective through blood. I said, to Moses, “Take the blood and sprinkle the altar” which signified My connection with them, sprinkle My side.  Then I said, “Take the other half and sprinkle the people and I said this blood is the one thing that mankind and I have in common. They divided; half of the blood was to take care of My wrath. My wrath is turned away from you. At the cross this happened, My wrath against sin smoked Jesus; My wrath was turned away from mankind onto Jesus.

When you tell Me you are putting your faith in the blood, you are putting your trust in something that I have confidence in and you become partners with me, part owners with Me in covenant. There was wrath in My heart that had to be appeased because I was displeased with sin and so the blood of Jesus Christ turned away My wrath on that side.

And so the cross is the joining link, Jesus reached up into heaven with one hand and He reached down into the earth with another, the blood is the joining link between mankind and I, Jehovah.

But when you put yourself in My hands and you walk with Me, when you walk in the light as I AM the Light, the blood of Jesus Christ My Son cleanses you from all sin, and we have fellowship with one another. There’s a constant cleansing. When John saw him, John recognized Him and said, “This is the Lamb of God.”

The new covenant begins with blood. Jesus said, “This is my blood of that new covenant.”

My new agreement is that your sins and iniquities I will remember no more forever. Your faith in My Son’s blood is the activating principle. You’re not only freed from the guilt of sin in this life but you’re freed from the punishment for sin. The blood that is shed for you is now given to you.

Every sin of the world has already been atoned for through the blood of Jesus but not everyone has taken the blood and received it by faith. Jesus took that cup and He gave it to them. And every time you have communion, Jesus is giving you the blood that was shed for you, that life that is greater than all the forces of the universe.  The power of My whole headship is now taken and given to you. It’s a celebration of life because of My power that is in the blood of Christ and that is given to you. There’s nothing in the whole Bible, and nothing that I do for you that is not tied with the blood of Jesus, My Son.

Because of the blood you can suddenly be bold and enter into My throne room, and receive help in time of your need. The power of the blood of My Son unlocked three barred doors for the race of mankind. This blood brings you three keys.  The first door is grace, the 2nd one is the door to heaven, and the 3rd door is to My own heart.

You can partake of My nature and life through the blood of Jesus.  I want people that are like Me in nature.  I pour out My Spirit upon you to help accomplish this task.

My blood destroys the power of sin. The Holy Spirit is My dynamic force. The power of My blood is My silent force that works whether you realize it or not. Just as your heart keeps pumping in the natural 24 hours a day, whether you’re sleeping or not, it keeps beating.  You can say like Paul, “whether I’m awake or whether I’m asleep I am the Lord’s. I want you to know that I am on the job all of the time and as long as your heart’s desire is there for Me, I am continually pumping out the blood of Jesus to you.

My blood destroyed the power of death, hell, sin, and the devil. My blood gives entrance to eternal life. My eternal righteousness guarded the most holy place. You can come to Me now because My blood has turned Father’s wrath against sin away. That same Spirit who raised Me from the dead will give life to you through My blood. My Spirit comes when a person puts their faith in My blood.

One of the ways you can be like My Son Jesus is to recognize what He has really done for you. One of My priorities is My appreciation of the blood of Jesus Christ. It’s something that I have promised to recognize forever.  As you take communion I want you to discern Jesus’ Body that was made sin and absorbed the stroke of My  wrath that was directed towards you because of sin. I diverted that stroke of judgment and wrath to Jesus’ own body.  And just as the body of the heifer was turned to ashes, all of the sins of that Old Testament time that were placed upon that heifer were burned.  And those ashes were held in remembrance, taken and placed in a clean place where they could be recognized as the cleansing and the acceptance, and the mark of acceptance of the people that came and put their faith in that sacrifice.

Hebrews 10:4- As you see that little piece of bread, see there the ashes, see there the cinders of those sins that the enemy would hold up before you and accuse you of. See there those sins that he would remind you of day after day. There they are, already judged, nothing but empty cinders.  Their power to hurt you destroyed.  This is the purpose that I designed for your communion service, a time to close out the many voices of the world, the accusations of satan and you can look again and say, “there is the remains of sin.” You are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all.  My meaning of sanctification is the adaptation of My life to the human body.  Those who have accepted My life have been covered; have been made part of My family. When you see My body you will see your sins are already gone, they’re judged. And you can say in your heart, “I am free.  I have been accepted.”

Because the barriers are down now and the cloud is erased in between, the warm rays of My love are coming in. And the term shed abroad is the same term for light. All of these benefits are made available by My blood. You are not only justified but you shall be saved from My wrath.  This is an assurance that I give to all that put their faith in the blood of Jesus.  I am able to keep you from falling. If when you were My enemies and didn’t love Me, and I justified you and picked you out, how much more now when you’re a member of My family shall you be saved by My Life.  I will make it hard for you to get away.  I will stay on you till the end.  I will finish the good work that I began in you. I want you to relax in Me. My blood is a gift of grace.  Because of the sacrifice you can receive the gift of My grace. And through the gift of My grace you can have the ability to control your life. You don’t have to have up and down experiences in Me.  When you can understand your position in Me you can have a life that is a life of victory. Those that reach out and receive my abundant grace will reign. I want to put you in the driver’s seat. You can reign, I’ve given you the power, I’ve given you the grace, and I’ve given you the righteousness.” Reigning comes about by the blood of Jesus. I want to direct you but I want you in the driver’s seat.

Jesus did it and His death, the most important thing, one of the truths that supports My plan for the ages to come is the fact that I wanted you so badly that I took the very best that I had, Jesus, allowed Him to take your place in death that you might take Jesus’ place in My heart.

Your sin has been judged on Jesus’ body. As you hold that piece of bread in your hand I am reminding you that right there your payment was paid in full, your debt was paid in full.  Every sin that you could ever commit of all time, those that will ever be committed was placed on Him.  Your sin was judged there.  I knew that you would need to be reminded. You can hurl this message in the face of the enemy.  As you hold the cup in your hands you can say out loud or in your heart, “my sins, every one, have been atoned.”  You can now say, “my body, my soul and my spirit is free because of what Jesus has done.”

There’s healing in our communion.  There’s life in our communion, brand new life. There’s hope in our communion. There’s liberation from bondage, and from depression in communion with Me because I am the Light.  There’s cleansing in My light. I want you to come and by holding that cup in your hand, I want you to say to Me, “Jesus my faith is not in my ability or lack of ability.  My faith is in what You have done for me.”  As you do this, something is going to happen to you today.  A new birth takes place and I will become real to you.  I will cause a whole new day to dawn for you.  I will restore things with you today.

I took care of your spiritual sickness through the shedding of My blood.  I took care of your emotional and your physical needs by the breaking of My body. As you partake you can literally draw from Me of My life. My Father took the very best that heaven had in order to make the plan that you might be brought back to Me.


The purpose and power of My blood can take on added meaning when you compare it with human blood. I have weaved My story of redemption in the characteristics of the human blood system. The blood is necessary for life.  That blood in your system carries to every cell in your body the nourishment your body needs to live. It makes a full circuit once every 23 seconds. It just keeps on doing its job, and My blood as you put your faith in Me, My blood keeps bringing you life, to every cell. There’s enough of this cleansing life-giving flow for every individual, for every little cell. And it ties you together; it’s My blood that ties you together. This blood cleanses and carries off wastes and poisons. The blood of Jesus as it flows through your being, those things that may attach themselves to you, that blood just keeps on working, keeps on cleansing; it’s a built-in cleansing system that I have made for your body.

This blood in you also protects you. There is a silent army of soldiers within your blood veins ready to attack anything that would bring infection to your body. When you cut yourself, and infection would begin, immediately the soldiers are summoned to duty and they head down there to protect you and to ward off and to fight off the infection. The blood of Jesus Christ has been given to you to ward off any attack of My adversary.

Your blood will defend against disease. You can become immune to certain types of diseases by having a little bit of the blood turned into serum by someone who has been attacked by the disease and have that injected into your veins, and it causes you to be immune. My Son, Jesus was smitten with a curse of sin. I made Him to be sin for you and He took the full force of My judgment. Now His blood injected into you by My hand creates an immunity from judgment. You’ve had an inoculation. You call these anti-bodies, a little substance that provides immunity.

In reconciliation the barrier was destroyed, My wrath was appeased. In justification the records of sin were destroyed and in cleansing the pollution and the seeds of sin and death are destroyed. In justification I hide sin from My sight, and in cleansing I take it away.

Jesus is your blessed assurance.  He paid it all.  You can be free from the fear of punishment now because of what He has done for you. All is well now on the other side because Jesus lives to guard the thing that He’s purchased, your salvation.

Hebrews 4:14-16- “I am your great High Priest that has passed into the heavens. Cling to Me and never stop trusting me. I understand your weaknesses, for I faced all of the same temptations you do, yet I did not sin. So come boldly to My throne and to your gracious God. There you will receive mercy, and you will find grace to help you when you need it.”

People that have sown a lot of rotten things instead of going through the open door that I am given to you, you keep looking at that thing that I want you to know that you’re free from.  And you can go out of here knowing that you don’t have to reap what you sow when your faith is in Jesus Christ. I am not going to penalize you for a lifetime for some of those mistakes that you made.  If all you had was what you earned, truth says you will.  But I say I died and I came down and I felt the pain and the torture and I was tested in every one of the points that you’ve been tested so I can have compassion on those who are hurting. And so I Myself was encompassed with infirmity so that I could help you.

The world today needs to feel My warmth and My love instead of the harshness. When I forgive you I have no records of it.  When I destroy from my records I also pull it from my memory.  I don’t even know that you had any problems before. It’s all complete.  When I forgave you I forgot that I even forgave you.

1 Peter- “For as much as you know you were not redeemed with corruptible things but with the precious blood of Christ. As of a Lamb without blemish or without spot. The incorruptible blood of Jesus. You weren’t saved with corruptible things, but you were saved with incorruptible.”

That word incorruptible means it can never pass away, it could never lose its power, and it could never be destroyed. The blood of Jesus that was shed did not stay in the ground and become corruptible. I preserved every drop of that blood and took it to heaven. I let Paul have a glimpse of it when I showed him heaven. When the animals in the Old Testament were slain, I commanded Moses concerning this and every drop of blood had to be caught. Not one drop was allowed to be lost, because I was giving them a picture there regarding Jesus’ blood. Those animals were just types of His blood. It’s incorruptible, it can’t be destroyed and it avails for sin forever.

The blood of Jesus has never lost its power. And in that injection, the corruptible is injected with the incorruptible; the seeds of death have been destroyed with the seeds of life.

Jesus as the High Priest went before Me with the filthy garments of the sin of the whole world upon Himself.  And I commanded Gabriel to remove and destroy those filthy garments. When My Son arose, He rose victorious, He rose with all power of the seven horns depicting, horns standing for power, 7 depicting the completeness of My program.  So when Jesus came back to the earth after His resurrection, he said, “all power in heaven and in earth is given unto Me and I’m with you always.”  He covered up the broken laws in the tabernacle in heaven completely with His blood.  Jesus fulfilled the law, He didn’t come to destroy them, He fulfilled them completely.  Now you’re accepted, the blood is there. I want people to be free from fear. This is My viewpoint.  It’s different than your viewpoint.

satan is not omnipresent and has no power of creation. The only real power that he has as far as his ability to hurt you would be what you allowed him in his deception and through your fear you could be hurting yourself and bringing yourself into bondage until you could practically be destroying yourself.

Colossians 2:13-15-“You who were spiritually dead because of sin I have now made you to share the very life of Christ. I have forgiven all of your sins.  I have wiped out the damning evidence of broken laws and commandments which always hung over your head.  And have completely annulled them by nailing them over My own head on the cross. And then having drawn the sting out of all the powers ranged against you, I exposed them, shattered and defeated them in My final glorious act.”

satan plays on fear, he is a deceiver and he can not tell the truth neither is there any truth in him.  He can mix some facts in with his lies. satan does not have a timetable because there is nothing that he is able to produce. My enemy knows what the end is.

I own this world and those things that belong to you when you belong to Me. I have given you the authority to overcome all of the enemy’s power.  There is nothing at all that can do you any harm.

My plans are to reconcile, that is to make peace, to restore you into fellowship with Me and then to reunite you with Me in My home.

Your righteousness doesn’t come from inside of you, doesn’t come from your efforts, and doesn’t come from your accomplishments.  It’s a free gift that Jesus, My Son, purchased for you and gave to you.

PRIORITY #2 (Fellowship and Communion with God)      

1 John 1:1-9- If you confess your sins I am faithful and just to forgive you of your sins. The light that My Word is talking about here is Me.  I am the Light.  I’m shining out and lighting people and as long as you walk in fellowship with Me My blood flows and cleanses you.  My Blood flows as far as My light flows and My light comes to you when you are in fellowship with Me.

Isaiah 1:18- “Come now let us reason together. Though your sins are as scarlet they shall be white as snow.”

You can come now, my wrath is turned away now you can come and talk to Me about it. Come now and let us reason together, I’ll take care of all of it.”

As you walk in fellowship with Me you don’t have to walk around with your head bowed down in fear wondering whether or not you’re going to make it if I called you to My side tonight.  As you stay in fellowship with Me all of hell can’t take you away because I have a built in cleansing agent there. It’s all mixed in with My light, and with My fellowship. There may be some thoughts or things that come into your mind that you know would displease Me, but My blood just keeps on cleansing. You may lift your voice and get mad at someone but My blood just keeps on cleansing.

My Sacrifice has removed all distance between us and I have provided fellowship through My blood. My blood is still speaking and it’s saying to My Father on your behalf, “count that person just, they’ve put their faith and their trust in Me.” When people feel the flow of My life they can move out in a victory they never had before. I want to adapt the power of My Life to your life and I want you to enjoy My life in your mortal body. Every person who drinks of My life tastes a bit of the atmosphere of heaven and becomes a reflection of what heaven is really like.  This is how I am making you like Myself.

1 John 1. Your fellowship is with the Father and with Me, Jesus Christ.  These things were written to you that your joy may be full.

If you call unto Me from the farthest point away I’ll remove the distance by My power.

When My disciples were out in the boat and things got stormy, when they called upon Me, I came into the boat, and quieted things down and immediately they were where they were going. I can cause the distance to disappear in a moment.

Ephesians 2:13, “But now in Me you who were afar off are made near by My blood.”

Hebrews 10:16-19, “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, because of the blood I made this covenant.  I will put my laws into their hearts and their minds will I write them.  And their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.”

People down through the centuries approached Me with fear because if they did one thing wrong in that holy place their lives would be taken.  They had to come with such fear knowing that everything had to be perfect because it was typifying what I would do.  But all of this carefulness is unnecessary now because it’s done and it’s all finished.  You can come boldly now before Me because of My blood! My blood opened the way. You can come skipping and jumping and leaping.  And you don’t have to come with silence.  There could be no speaking at all in the holiest place when the priest was there; because the blood had to do the speaking. The blood carried the message, and there could be no sound.  But now you can come and shout out loud.

“By My blood, by a new and living way which I have consecrated for you through the veil that is to say My flesh and having a High Priest over the house of God, draw near to Me with a true heart and full assurance of faith having your hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and your bodies washed with pure water.  Hold fast the profession of your faith without wavering for I am faithful that promised and consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works, not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together and exhorting one another and so much the more as you see that day approaching.”

Revelation 5:9-10, this is what John had a chance to see; you are made kings and priests, a real special place that I Myself honor. In My presence is where the fellowship is.

Psalms 16:4, “I will show you the path of life, in My presence there is fullness of joy and at My right hand there are pleasures forevermore.” It’s joy and this is why when I beam down of My life there’s joy, there’s a real bounce that comes to you.

Psalms 65:4, “Blessed is the man that I choose and cause to approach Me.  That he may dwell in My courts. You shall be satisfied with the goodness of My house, even in My holy temple.” There’s satisfaction, and there’s protection in My presence.

Psalms 31:19-20, “Oh how great is My goodness that I have laid up for them that fear Me, which I have wrought for them that trust Me before the sons of men.  I shall hide them in the secret of My presence from the pride of man.  I shall keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues.”  Regardless of what people may say against you, there is a hiding place, there’s a place by Me. I place a force field around you.  That’s the secret of My presence.  People that are close to Me are more interested in what I have to say then what people have to say.

1 John 1:7. Communion with Me is something more than communication.  Communication may be the passing of information, getting the thoughts straight, getting the words straight. But communion is when your heart speaks, and there’s a heart fellowship, there’s a oneness of spirit with Me.

Hebrews 7:23-28- I am your High Priest. “And there truly were many priests because they were not suffered to continue by reason of death but I remain a priest forever; My priesthood will never end.  Therefore I am able to save everyone who comes to the Father through Me.  I live forever to plead with the Father on their behalf.

I have been given the highest place of honor in heaven.  I do not need to offer sacrifices every day like the other high priests did.  They did this for their own sins first and then for the sins of the people.  But I did this once for all when I sacrificed Myself on the cross.  Those who were high priests under the Law of Moses were limited by human weakness.  But after the law was given, My Father appointed Me with an oath, and I have been made perfect forever.”

Through prayer you activate My vast network of the resources of heaven. I have many agencies of resources to get My job done. I send angels, believers, and can even turn the hearts of unbelievers to accomplish my purposes and to answer your prayers.  My Spirit also ministers through His gifts. I can readjust circumstances but I will often change the person and leave the circumstances the same.  I can use My forces in nature to answer prayer as well. Through prayer you can minister and carry My blessing to others and share with them of My life and love. The thing that you really need in your life is to have fellowship with My heavenly Father.  It’s the hunger of men and woman down through the ages just to be able to get close to Me again and because I died it’s happened so you can share it with others. And the work that you’re doing in helping people, the main aim of that work is so that they can have fellowship with Me. Fellowship was made possible again because of My blood.

Hebrews 13:20, I unlocked the grave with My blood. I unlocked heaven. With My blood I entered in the presence of God.  With My blood I unlocked My Father’s heart.

Hebrews 8:1. In the Old Testament priesthood the priest could not sit down.  He had to stand the entire time that he was working signifying the fact that the work was never quite completed; it was a continuing thing year after year. But after I finished the work I sat down because it’s completed and My sacrifice has been accepted. My Blood avails for sin forever and will never lose its power. There remains a rest for My people. When you can realize and catch a glimpse of this message that I have brought, that My blood will never be destroyed.  That it’s incorruptible and that it will keep on doing the work, that it’s all powerful, and it will just keep on moving, it will never, never, never cease.  When you can catch that glimpse then you can enter into that same rest.  “For he who has entered into this rest has ceased from his own labors as God did from His.” I want you to quit struggling.

My Name, Jesus, is a visible tangible channel and pipe that draws the river of My life to you.  You can lay hold of My Name.  Whoever calls upon My Name will be saved.  When you want to access My life just lift your heart to Me and breath from deep within My Name, Jesus, and take a hold of the river of My Life that I pour into you through speaking My Name.

Lamentations 3:22-23- “It is of My mercies that you are not consumed.  My compassions fail not, they are new every morning.”  I am faithful and My aim and goal is to help you and provide the means so you can get back into fellowship with Me. I am faithful to follow through with this goal that I have for your life.

When I look at a person and don’t see anything that spells faith, even though they may not deserve My help, My grace spills over to them and ministers.  My grace becomes the determining factor, and it becomes the pipeline that transmits all of My power. My faithfulness is seen even when people don’t deserve My help.

2 Thessalonians 3:3- “Faithful am I who called you who will also do it. I am faithful who has established you and will keep you from the evil one.”

1 Thessalonians 5:23-24- “I am faithful to do the thing that I promised I would do.”

John 10:20-29- “I give unto you eternal life and you will never perish.  Neither shall anyone pluck you out of My hand.” “My Father which gave you to Me is greater than I am, He has a bigger, stronger hand and He puts His hand over the top.”

Consider My greatness, My ability, the fact that I am able to do the thing that I have promised. Psalms 8, “consider the heavens, the works of My fingers, the moon and stars which I have ordained. I am mindful of you.

Isaiah 40:12- “I can measure the waters of the world in the hollow of My hand?” If you want to visualize how big I am, take all of the water in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and all of the water in the lakes and rivers, and it will make a little wet spot in My hand. I am well able to do the thing that I said I was able to do. I can measure the universe and vastness of stars with just one of my hand lengths.  All 7 billion people alive today are just like a little drop in the bucket compared to Me.

Each individual is precious to Me. I’m interested in this earth because I made it as a special place to put the highest creation that I have on it.  I created it with just the right tilt so that it would give the earth its seasons.  I put it at the right speed so that the earth would be maintained.  I put it at exactly the right speed around the sun so that the earth would maintain its given spot. If it were a couple of miles per hour slower, it would drop into the sun. If it was a couple of miles per hour faster it would gradually spin out into space and everyone would freeze to death. But I created this earth to be just right for man. And then I took man and I made man so that he would fit right into this environment.” You are not just an afterthought.

Your real communion that you have with Me when you accept Me is not the celebration that you have in a communion service.  You feed on Me and I feed on your fellowship as you are in My presence.  Everyday we’re having communion but those times when you have celebration, you’re celebrating what we’re doing. I come and celebrate with you when you take communion.

John wrote in Revelation 3:20, “Look, I stand at the door and knock, now if any man hears My voice and will open the door, I’ll come in and we’ll have communion together and we’ll sup together.”  This isn’t something that’s way off in the future but it’s right now. I am here supping with you right now. I will not eat with you until that kingdom day but my New Covenant is when it begins, your sins and your iniquities will I remember no more. So when you take communion and you hold that cup in your hand I am supping with you. I’m feeding you of My life and you’re feeding Me with your life because I feed on your worship, on your love.  When I told the disciples, “I have meat to eat that you know not of,” I wasn’t eating something else, I was merely drawing from the adoration of a person that I was leading to Myself.  And when Martha told me to command her sister to help her get the meal ready I was already feeding from her adoration. We had a oneness of spirit and Mary was giving me the best meal. When I finished my sacrifice the Old Covenant was done away and I brought in the new one which included another time of communion between us.

People are My highest business. You’re worth so much to Me. Everything I am doing is based on how I can help you. I want to talk with you and have some fellowship.  That’s where communion time is, communion means the intermingling of our spirits, our heart, it’s a two way street. There are seven priorities that I have revealed to you as being important to me and one of the most important is communion and fellowship with Me.

I oftentimes come in what seems to be the dark hour, in the storm. When my disciples were in the midst of a storm I went up to them into the ship and the wind ceased and they were sore amazed beyond measure. But they still needed to get across. But when I came into the boat they had the beautiful experience of divine transportation, and I am still able to give these experiences to My children. Immediately when I got in the ship, they were there where they needed to go.  And you sometimes say, oh it’s such a long way, the thing that I need to accomplish I just don’t know how it could ever happen, but when I come on the scene I have a way of pulling all of the distance out. Circumstances change when I come.  Look what happened at that boat.  The sun came out, the clouds pushed back; it was a beautiful day because I came.

I still come, I still see you toiling with the rowing, where it’s so hard.  It seems like you have a rougher row than anybody but I see.  My presence is that beautiful key.  Isaiah 43:1-2, I tell you when I am with you the real hurt is gone because the real need is having Me there. You read it in Isaiah 43, “When you pass through the waters I will be with you, through the rivers they will not overflow you, when you walk through the fire neither shall the flame kindle upon you because I am with you.

When I am with you I turn the real fears into shadows.  Have you ever considered how little harm a shadow could actually do to you? A shadow can’t hurt you. The shadow of these things that lurk in your lives cannot hurt you. “Yea though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death you don’t have to fear death.” You may go through the shadow but it takes something to produce a shadow.  It takes light to produce a shadow and as you walk through the shadow, the great light of heaven is waiting for you. I am your light.  Fear no evil for I am with you.

The act of praise is something that’s for every living, breathing individual. I have even given animals and birds an opportunity to praise Me. I tell them to. Let everything that has breath praise Me. When I come and you crown Me Lord of all, the praises of My saints are going to sound like the voice of many waters.  As My Father has Me tarry until that time you will see this happening more and more, My saints on earth will move into high praise and I will give them a taste of what it will be like in heaven when everyone is in united worship before My throne.

One of the ways that you praise Me is in song.  You can praise me in the Spirit as you yield your heart to Me and sing that melody that’s deep down inside, a song that’s never been written. Praise Me making that melody in your hearts unto Me. When you praise Me it makes Me happy, I take pleasure in you. Anything that’s against Me can be held back, any attempt, any attack against Me when you have that power and that sword of Me in your hand that comes through praise.  This is the glory of My faithful ones.

I told David to write it down.  Praise unlocks My power, to push back the attacks of satan, to break the bondages that come to many of My believers.  There is a key; there is a certain quality, a certain ingredient in praise that is present every time that the key is turned.  It’s a key that I have put in your hands.  You read it in 2 Chronicles 5:13 when the temple was going to be dedicated. The release of My power came, a key was pushed into the lock in heaven and the singers and the musicians were all as one to make one sound in the praising and the magnifying of Me. And they were to say praise the Lord for My goodness and My mercy endures forever.

And as they praised Me, I took that key, opened the door, and the glory cloud from heaven came down and filled the place and people were overcome by the great cloud of the glory of My presence. When Israel was being attacked I said, “You won’t need to fight in this battle because I’m going to create a different kind of an army for you, an army of praise.  And when this army of praise began to praise Me, they were singing about what I am like, they said, “For He is good and His mercy endures forever.” Not the fact that they were able to keep all of My laws.  It was the fact that My mercy and kindness was extended to them and they were recognizing this and I said, “I like it.”  I told Michael to get a big bunch of warring angels and said, “Get down there.”  And he hid them behind every bush.  And as this attacking army came they jumped out at them, they scared the daylights out of them. Israel was saved but they were saved when they turned the key of praise.

What about the apostle Paul when he was in prison there.  Remember when he was in prison with Silas?  They could have complained.  When you get into trouble don’t complain and say you don’t have anything to praise Me for. But at midnight Paul and Silas sang praises to Me. And they were singing about who I AM, “for I am good and My mercy endures forever. And as they were singing, I said, “somebody is praising down there I can feel the key turning.”  And I came down and sang bass. And those old foundations began to shake when I sang and the rocks fell off and the cuffs fell off their hands. They were liberated through praise.  Men and women are liberated when they praise Me. Sing unto Me a new song from your heart, one that’s never been written.

If I have already given you the best that heaven had, Jesus, will I not with Him also freely give you all things?  Jesus becomes the key who opens the various doors of your need.

I have asked you now to turn your eyes to a great big door, the biggest package of My love that I have yet made and I said, “it is for those people in their hour of need, when they haven’t met the conditions, when all they have to offer Me is failure, when it seems as though faith is at a low ebb.  And I look down at them and I have to say they don’t deserve a thing.”

I have given you work to do but the key to divine help is not based on what you’re able to do.

“I know man’s weakness and I’ll let them link arms with Me and give them the first right to move with Me and get a job done but I’m certainly not going to put as something as important as the key to My great big storehouse here in the hands of failing man.” And that key is spelled GRACE.

I am bestowing grace and with some people it is in vain and I said to see that you receive not My  grace in vain. I have great power that is working; great force at work and I said, “don’t frustrate every effort that I am doing in trying to help you.” Recognize that I am at work. About 95% of the time when anything happens supernatural it is by My grace at work and not because you’ve earned a solitary thing. 1 Corinthians 1:4-8. “you are what you are by My grace.”

Grace is a key that I have given to open a door for every human being in the world. If it was only for those who’ve earned it you’d all be left out but it’s by My grace. The forgiveness of sins is by My grace and it’s abounding towards you in wisdom and My plans include sharing with Me the joys of heaven, a beautiful future that I have provided for you. You’re justified, you’re made innocent through My grace.

Because you’ve been tapped into Me, the river of My grace, you can reign in this life. Don’t accept defeat at all. Not as long as I am alive, not as long as I still have the key to that big storehouse of Grace.  You can reign in this life. Don’t let sin call the shots, jump into the river of My grace and watch My freedom come.  You can count on My grace.

I am at work in you both to will and to do of My good pleasure. Philippians 2:13. Since I am holding this particular key you can expect some help. And this grace that’s at work there by My grace; I’m giving you the will, which means that desire. I have given you a desire to serve Me, a desire to be free.  The other part of that gift is the power to do.  I’ve given you the will; I’ve given you the go-power. Reach out and take My free gift of grace. Those who accept the abundance of My grace will reign in this life.

Your part in activating My grace is receiving and accepting it.  I can’t do it for you.  It doesn’t hurt for you to cry out to Me for help.  I would like to have you cry out for My help because I am looking for opportunities to help you. And I give grace to the humble. When you partake of communion you actually accept My grace.

In Acts 20:24 Paul made declarations. He said that though these negative things may come to pass I will fear no evil. And he said, “None of these move me.” I want you to use good sense, after all I’ve given you a renewed mind, and you have 1000 times as much help as people that don’t know Me because you have a renewed mind.  And you can move with the wisdom and the direction that comes because you’re in fellowship with Me, the One who knows tomorrow.

Genesis 3:8-10, 23-24- There was a time when man enjoyed communion with Me. It was so rich, so wonderful. In the cool of the day I came down and walked with Adam and Eve and there was fellowship. Man had wonderful fellowship at one time with Me but fellowship was broken and man walked away from Me. But I laid out a plan where by man could be restored to fellowship with Me. I wanted people in heaven who wanted to be there because they chose to be there.   And before I ever made the world I made a plan whereby fellowship could be restored.  Now for a long period of time, I did not lose touch with man but man could not come into My presence. Mankind had to have a representative go in for man to Me. I had a great veil hung in the tabernacle.  The high priest went in once a year on the Day of Atonement. I kept contact with man, looking forward to a time when the veil would be removed and all mankind could come back into My presence again.

Matthew 27:55- Jesus felt the sting of separation forever and He tasted that second death for you. And when he died that veil which was a type of His flesh of the doorway into My presence ripped from the top to the bottom.  It was a thick veil, it was a very heavy cloth woven but it wasn’t torn as man would tear it.  Man could not make a way into My presence but I Myself reached down and tore it open. Now all of mankind, Gentiles, Jews, Arabs, whoever would come to Me can come because of Jesus’ body that was torn, putting their faith in what He has done.

Hebrews 10:19-20- you are sanctified by the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all.

When was the last time we had some communion and fellowship? You can come now! I hope you can see how much I love you. My plan was to make the way so that you could come back into My heart. Since my heart is open now draw near to Me. Draw near with a true heart and a full assurance of faith.  Let others know they can come now and enjoy fellowship with Me.  “The Spirit and the Bride say come,” the veil is torn.  The barrier has been destroyed, you can come to Me now. My Spirit says, “Come.  My Bride which is the church in these days is echoing the call to come. I am saying you can come now.

When you have peace with Me, the war is over, you’ve made peace and it’s all settled and you have My forgiveness, and you have peace with Me.  There are many who have peace with Me but have ever received the fullness of My peace within their heart, the peace that let Me sleep in the storm. I’ve called you to that kind of peace.

When I was telling My disciples I was going away I said, “I want to leave you the very best thing I have, My peace I give to you.” It’s a brand new way of life as far as the world’s concern. I am with you and have promised that there is a shelter that your spirit can hide in safely, even while the storms are going on around you and the conflict rages.

Isaiah 32:2- speaks of Me becoming a great rock in the weary areas and in the dessert and this great rock provides shelter in the time of storm. You can hide under My Shadow.

I let Job get things in proper perspective and he said, “Though He slay me I’m going to trust Him.”  Then he said, “There is a path that the vultures eye has not seen, my spirit is walking down a path where the lions cannot roar against me, where the little nagging things in this life, the lion’s whelps can’t pester me.  It’s a place that’s protected; it’s a hidden path near to My heart.  I said, “That’s where I wanted to bring Job to, he wouldn’t have found it otherwise. Now I’ll heal all the boils and I’ll restore him and Job had 10 times as much at the end as he had at the beginning. I didn’t say it was all going to be easy but I said it was going to be right and I was going to be with you.

You can come boldly before My throne of grace, boldly in fellowship with Me.  Many people are still living, even some of My believers, as though the veil was still hanging.  And they have no fellowship.  They still feel that somehow they have to atone for their own sin.  They live as though that veil is hanging.  Worship is mechanical, a mechanical action, and a cold formal lifeless thing.  Others are living as though this veil has to be torn every few days over and over and over again. In order to have peace with Me each time they come there has to be a tearing again of the veil but I said I did it once and for all.

I opened up a way for you to have fellowship with Me. So My Spirit is saying, “Come,” My Bride is saying, “come,” those who hear are saying, “come.”  My church is saying, “come” and then I said, “I am here standing at the door knocking” because not only do I want to have that fellowship and communion but I want to have it with you.

Romans 5:1-11, and 15-21- My entire purpose revolves around this plan to restore mankind to a place of fellowship with Me. I have woven the importance that I place on the completed sacrifice of My Son into every part of the Bible.

Sin became a barrier between mankind and I. There could be no fellowship with Me until this barrier was removed and My wrath appeased. A brief picture of My plan is seen in Romans 5. “You are justified by faith and have peace through Me.” Justification is one of the benefits that have been made available to you through My blood. Peace with me is another one. The separating barrier that sin had raised was destroyed through reconciliation. And you have peace with Me. Another benefit you get is access to My grace. Not only peace with Me but also the doorway.  The wall between you and I has a doorway, an open access. Through Me you have access by faith into this grace wherein you stand.” Another benefit is hope. And this hope makes not ashamed because My Love is shed abroad in your heart.        

As you worship Me, and walk with Me, and put your hand in Mine, I’ll give you the privilege of moving with Me. For those who make it a matter of importance to give for My work in the earth, there is no limit to what I will bless them with and I will open wide the channel.

I allowed Roland to see blueprints for many lives including My Apostle Paul’s. In the planning of his life I determined that he would be used to bring the gospel to kings and rulers and men in authority, so I caused him to be tutored by the great teachers of his day, including Gamaliel.

Heaven is a place of continual discovery of the beautiful things of Me. Be assured that I have scheduled each day of your life and as you walk with Me, I will direct your path, and though unknown to you will bring to pass My purpose for you just as surely as I did for Roland.

Every person that’s born in this life has a sanctuary that’s built for Me. When people put anything else in there it’s like putting a piece of a picture puzzle that’s cut wrong, it just doesn’t fit. Man has to have an object, somebody to worship, and somebody to fill that void.  And they’re reaching for one thing and then another but I am the One it’s built for.  People will never be completely happy and satisfied and fulfilled until I’m invited in and take that place. It is not just knowing that I’m there or having a ritual to follow but becoming related to Me, I want to be your very own God.

They that worship Me must worship Me in spirit and truth. You can worship as you’re listening to My Word. You can worship through singing. You can enter into eternity when you worship and experience My presence as you’re loving Me.

You must have time to quiet your hearts and just worship Me alone.  Not just when you are with the whole church, you need that secret place, that place of quiet rest of drawing from Me. I want you to know who I am and have reverence for Me but at the same time be relaxed in My presence.

I am not only your Lord but also want to be your friend.

John 15:14- I have called you friends now

Proverbs 18:24 says that there is one friend that sticks closer than a brother. I the Friend that sticks closer to you than a brother because we are linked through covenant.

Matthew 28:20- “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.  I’m with you always.”

Hebrews 13:5-6- “Because I am with you, you don’t need to be afraid of what anybody can do to you because I am with you.”  I am also your Elder Brother.

Psalms 103:13- “like as a father pities his children so I pity those that love Me.” You can call be Abba like Jesus did. That word Abba means your very own personal Father. Through Jesus you are birthed into My family.

Romans 8:14-17 You can call me Father because I have given you the spirit of adoption; In Galatians 4:6- I gave you the spirit of My Son Jesus down inside you.  So now you can really say it right because you have the very spirit that said it in Jesus’ life.  When you have a need or a problem I want you to come to Me and talk to Me about it.  I want to provide you with special help.

Long before I made this earth I had you in mind.  I planned a beautiful way of making Myself real to you and bringing you back to Myself. I want you to know that when I forgive you, I forget the thing I had to forgive you for. My forgiveness wouldn’t be complete if I still remembered it.  I even forget that I forgave you. I take it off my records and pull it out of my memory so you’re free, and clean.

Ephesians 2. I have made you alive and was rich in mercy and for My great love by which I loved you even when you were dead in sins made you alive with Christ.  By grace you are saved and I have raised you up together and made you sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus that in the ages to come I might show the exceeding riches of My grace in My kindness towards you. I am going to be showing all of the other people and the angels and everyone that’s there in the ages to come what I have done.  I will keep showing you the beautiful storehouse of riches of things I’ve prepared for those who love Me. In my plan for you I have intended for you to experience My divine life and touch. I want you to become a partaker of My Divine Nature.

Exodus 29:43- when the tabernacle was completed My glory filled the tabernacle. My glory sanctified the tabernacle.  It made the tabernacle come alive because I was there.  Now your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and My glory from heaven, that power that causes you to sing and to laugh and to be free and have victory over the devil, that’s My glory.  You share My divine life when you live in that glory. This was My plan and intention for you.  All the way through My dealings with the children of Israel, I told Israel, “Israel when you camp I want you to camp in My glory where the cloud stops, when you move, I want you to move with the glory because it’s your life.  And My glory still brings My life to you and that rich glory that you feel in worship services brings you life.

2 Corinthians, 5:8- “You are pressed on every side by troubles, but not crushed or broken.” You are perplexed because you don’t know why things happen as they do. You don’t give up and quit. You are hunted down but I never abandon you. You get knocked down, but you get up again and keep going. Those bodies of yours are constantly facing death just as Jesus did. So it is clear to all that it is only the Living Christ within that keeps you safe.” For which cause you faint not, though your outward man perish yet the inward man is renewed day by day. For your light affliction that is but for a moment, works for you a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.”

Those afflictions, those problems, those question marks that you may have, become servants working for you. They go to work for you when you recognize what they are. They’re working for you while you look not at the things which are seen, but at the things that are not seen, for the things that are seen are temporal but the things which are not seen are eternal. I never said that I was going to take all of the water away from you so that you wouldn’t have to get your feet wet. I didn’t say I was going to stop the river upstream a ways so that you wouldn’t have to cross through it. I didn’t say that I would pour water on the fire so that you wouldn’t have any tests. But I did say, “when you pass through the water, I will be with thee, and through those rivers they will not overflow thee, and when you pass through that fire, you will not be burned.” I have a way of pulling the sting out of it.

I am your Shepherd and I know how to lead. None of these things that could come your way would come your way without Me making a way of escape.  And sometimes I’ll just increase your muscles and give you a calm and a confidence strength to bear through it.  I have multiple ways of taking care of you. Nothing shall separate you from My Love. The scepter of My kingdom is the scepter of My righteousness. My mark of ruling power, the scepter of My kingdom, the mark of My Kingship is the scepter of righteousness. That word righteousness has to do with My character, and that word righteousness means My unfailing ability to always do the right thing. And so you can look up into My face and can say you can trust Me to always do the right thing by you.

When you’re looking for reasons why I haven’t answered your prayers, you’re problem conscious even while you’re looking for a way out. Turn your eyes on Me and become Jesus conscious for when you’re Jesus conscious you become victory conscious. And you can understand why Paul said those rocks that were hitting his body when they were stoning him were light. They were light when he fixed his eyes upon Me and when you look not at the things that are seen but at the things that are not seen.

Use the name of My Son Jesus, project Jesus into your problem, Jesus is the Light. And My light pushes back the powers of darkness and it destroys it. My answer to darkness is light, and Jesus is Light.

My Reconciliation make cheerful, to remove the reason for gloom, to lift the fallen countenance, to cover sin, to find Me being gracious and merciful, to overt calamity. Through the blood I restore you to a place of divine favor and the original position that Adam had with Me before the fall. You can enjoy wonderful fellowship with Me as Adam did in the garden before he sinned.

When My reconciliation is complete you are restored to a place where you can slip your hand into Mine and we can go for a walk. And you can talk with Me without wondering if I have any thing in my heart about you that is negative.

Where there is a reed that is bruised and almost broken, I the Lord would say, I’m going to make something of it; I’m not going to break it.  And where I see a little fire that’s gone clear out and just barely smoking, a smoking flax I will not quench, but I can start a fire again.  And even from a pile of ashes I can salvage a life and make something of it.  Even though dreams may be shattered, even though things may have happened that would be impossible to go back and undue. I can take your life from where it is today and bring you into My perfect will.  I can make the days ahead of you My perfect will for your life. I don’t have a first, second and third will.  I have one that is perfect. Don’t give in to self pity and say you could have been in My perfect will and settle for something that’s less than My best. I will take you from where you are as you surrender your life to Me and make it the best.

I am the God of the valley. My Word is filled with promises that I intend to keep.  Many promises have conditions to them and many are directed to a certain situation but there are decrees that I have made that can never change, that no one can move out of the way; decrees that will stand forever.  Too often My children have been encouraged to hold onto promises that may not relate to their situation but My decrees relate to every situation.

Deuteronomy 33:25, “As your day is so shall your strength be.” This is a decree that I have made that you’ll never have to suffer more than what I have the strength to carry you through.  As the day, as the need demands so shall your strength be. Hebrews 5- “I will never leave you nor forsake you so you can boldly say the Lord is my helper, I’m not afraid what man can do to me.  Because I am your Helper, you don’t have to worry.

When you put Me first and My interest is above yours, it becomes a key to the very storehouse of heaven. If you seek first My kingdom and My righteousness, all of these earthly things that you need will be added to you. This is one of My decrees.

Romans 8:28 is a decree that My Spirit gave to Paul to bring to you, that you can know that all things work together for good to those that love Me.  And even those things that look so hard that you may be facing, they work together for good because you love Me and you’re called according to My purpose and I am working on My purpose in your life.

Matthew 16:18, I’m building my church and putting together a body of people for My name and all of the might of hell will not prevail against it. I’m going to protect My church.  I live to protect My church” and I’ll drive back any force that comes against my church.”

Your local body of believers is a church but I reduce it down a whole lot smaller than that, that two or three who are gathered in My name is a church, and when you stand all by yourself alone you are a complete unit, you are the church.  You’re My body, you’re the temple of the Holy Ghost and I’m going to protect you and all the might of hell is not going to prevail against My church.

I am not only the God of the mountaintop, I am not only the God of days of success but I still am God all of the time. An example of this is when the Syrians had mounted an attack against Israel and were defeated.  They outnumbered Israel but they were defeated as they fought in the hills and mountains.  They thought they could only get help from Me when they were on the mountain top. My adversary feeds people these same lies today, saying that I am effective and powerful when they’re on top of the mountain. People are looking at success and prosperity through the world’s eyes, and not through My eyes. I don’t spell it quite the same.  Things that I spell success on may not even look like success to a lot of people.  Things that I say are real prosperity, some might think otherwise because they are looking at it from an earthly viewpoint.

Kings 20:23- So the Syrians thought if they could lure My people to the plains they would win. I had My servant deliver a message to the king of Israel letting them know that because the Syrians said that I was only the god of the hills and not the valleys I was going deliver the entire multitude into their hands so they would know that I am the Lord, not only of the mountains but of the valleys.  So they fought and in one day 100,000 Syrian soldiers were slain.  27,000 of these soldiers ran into the city, but My angels followed them in there and finished the job by pushing the wall down.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendigo said, “I was able to deliver them from the fiery furnace and that I would deliver them out of the hand of that king, but if not they wouldn’t serve other gods, or worship the golden image.”  They were saying they know that I had things well in hand because they were speaking in faith that if I didn’t answer the way they had stated I would have some other way. They fully expected to keep on defying the king after that experience.  When the king looked into that furnace he said, “Didn’t you throw three men in there, how come I’m seeing four?”  And the fourth one looks like the Son of God.  I may not always be visible to human eyes but I am always there.

Faith has an alternative to success. And if believers can learn that they do not have to come out with strong absolutes in order to convince Me and say this is it period and build up criticisms against people who may not see just the way they do.  Learning from these Hebrew children, faith has an alternative.  It’s Me.  Faith’s alternative to receiving the thing that you may be asking for is having Me Myself. And it’s ten times more important to have Me then the thing you might be looking for. If your faith is in Me you can say but if not you have Me. I am with you.

Do you remember Paul and Silas when they went into jail?  Their backs were bleeding and were bruised and they had been beaten and they were sitting in the most uncomfortable position that a human body could find. They knew faith’s alternative.  And so at midnight they determined they would just as well sing and praise Me.  So as they sang I shook the prison and they were free.

Quit worrying about whether your faith is strong enough or your faith has failed because things have gone the way they are.  Instead start looking around for Me.  Like Moses out there in the wilderness with 3 million people. Moses, when he started praying said, “God this is a narrow place, a hard place but it’s a place that you possess, where you live in.”  Next time you get into that squeeze remember that I live right there with you inside your heart. Faith’s alternate to success is Myself.  Look to Me instead of how things have turned out.

One of the highest purposes that I had in mind for the flow of My Blood was to provide a way for you to enjoy oneness of spirit between Me and you.  This was lost between us when Adam fell.

Exodus 12:13, 14, 24- In the Old Testament the communion as you know it was called the Passover.  I gave this as a law because there’s no life in the individual without partaking of Jesus.  And this Passover was a symbol of the Lamb that would come.  And these families partook of the Lamb.  They used the blood for protection; they used the body for food for their physical health.

When I came I said, “I’m taking away the old covenant and bringing in the new at the completion of My sacrifice.” Now you’re able to partake of the real Lamb and the real blood. My blood broke down the barrier and brought reconciliation, it removed the records of sin, it removed the pollution of sin through cleansing, and I use it to adapt you to My Life force, but all of these things are so I can bring you back into communion with Me. I wanted to prepare you so you could enjoy communion with My Spirit again. My blood is the only guarantee of acceptance before Me. The only guarantee of acceptance before Me is the blood.  It is the only source of divine life. John 6:53-57.

I am interested in you as an individual and care about you so much. My very nature is structured to minister to needs of people.

I Peter 1- “According to My abundant mercy I have begotten you again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of My Son from the dead. To an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that faded not away reserved in heaven for you, who are kept by My power through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed at the last time where in you greatly rejoice. Where in you greatly rejoice, though now for a season if need be you are in heaviness through manifold temptations. If need be you are in heaviness through manifold temptations that the trial of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it be tried by fire might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of  My Son, Jesus Christ.”

Your trials, your problems are not an indication of whether I love you or not.  For you can love Me and be right in the middle of My will and still face some hard times. There are some trials that come not because of disciplinary reasons, but there are things that come your way that I bring glory to Myself through lives that our touched. There’s a scent of perfume that fills the room through the crushing of the rose that would never come otherwise.

At My appearing, there’s going to be a tremendous revelation of what has happened. Found unto praise, honor and glory when I come.

2 Corinthians 4:7- “This precious treasure, this light and power that now shine within us is held in a perishable container.” Everyone can see that the glorious power within must be from Me and it is not your own. “These troubles and sufferings of yours are after all quite small and won’t last very long, yet this short time of distress will result in My richest blessing upon you forever and ever.  So don’t look at what you can see right now.”

Isaiah 54:6- When I spoke and gave a promise to people I may have had an immediate target and those I was directing it too but when it comes from My heart I am merely telling you what I am really like and how I feel about people everywhere. “For the Lord has called thee as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit. And I likened it to the torments of rejection and the breaking up of a lasting relationship and how it tears your heart out. I called you from a place of great anguish. “For a small moment have I forsaken thee. But with great mercies will I gather thee and a little wrath I hid my face from thee but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee says the Lord thy redeemer.” The great rainbow in the sky, is a reminder to Myself and the world that I will keep My promise. You can remember that the work that Jesus has done is complete. “It’s finished and I will not be angry with you anymore.” “for this is as the waters of Noah unto Me, for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should no more go over the earth, so have I sworn that I would not be angry with you or rebuke you. For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but my kindness shall not depart from you neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed says the Lord that has mercy on you.” “Behold, I have created the smith that blows the coals in the fire that brings forth an instrument for his work. I have created the waster to destroy.”

I have drawn into the blueprints of your life. The desire, the channels, the drives within, I have drawn that right into the blueprints of your life. Psalms 139:13, “I made all of the delicate inner parts of your body, and knit them together in your mother’s womb. My workmanship is marvelous. I was there when you were being formed in utter seclusion. I saw you before you were born and scheduled each day of your life before you began to breathe.  Every day was recorded in My book.”

Psalms 87:7- all of your springs, the springs that are within you of life are in you Jerusalem. All of the life forces within you spring from Me. Those peculiar characteristics that make you you, were even part of My planning for your life. Each person has a little different design in their life and the planning and the steps that go, each of them would fit as I prodded and prompted, it would fit a different direction. You don’t know all of the things that I have planned for you.  But I have really laid out some beautiful complete plans. Every one has something. And I want to make you the best possible for My glory. Because of greed, self, and sin often times the pipeline that I expect that fountain where the spring of life is to come through is warped and twisted, there are times when it becomes all plugged up and very little comes through.

Those qualities and capabilities in you that I gave you reach their highest purpose ever when you make Jesus the Lord of your life.  Let My Son Jesus have a chance, when He has all of you and He is your Lord, He not only has you, He has the potential of your life. There are beautiful goals that I have within your life, and I want you to commit yourself to Me. Those desires and things you would love to accomplish for My glory have been placed their by Me.  If you acknowledge Me in all of your ways, and trust in Me with all of your heart, if I am Lord of all that you have, I will make those desires reality.

Matthew 25:14-  “For the kingdom of heaven is as a man traveling into a far country who called his own servants and delivered unto them his goods.  And unto one he gave five talents, and to another two, and to another one. To every man according to his several ability. When I come I hope to find you doing whatever thing I’ve put in your heart.

When I come may I find you being the best, allowing Me to help you to reach the highest potential in the thing that I put in your life in the capabilities, qualities that I gave you. There isn’t one good thing that you’ve received that hasn’t come from Me.


My throne is forever and ever. A scepter of righteousness is the scepter of My kingdom.”

One of My highest attributes is that I am righteous. Righteousness is not sin; it has no association with sin. Righteousness is My nature. And that word righteousness means My unfailing ability to always do that which is right. I will do the right thing by you. The scepter of righteousness is the scepter of My kingdom.  What I’m saying here is that the trademark or the mark of My kingdom, of My ruling power is that there’s not one slightest percentage of a chance that I will not do the right thing. The scepter was something that signified the king’s power and it would identify himself with his power. And I said the thing that identifies Jesus as the ruling power of heaven and earth is that His character is righteous.  You can count on Him to always do that which is right.

Verse 9- “You have loved righteousness and hated iniquity therefore I have anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows.”

When I see a person who wants to follow Me and turn their backs on the ways of sin and to renounce their old master, I said you’re not going into a flat world, you’re moving into life at it’s fullest and best. It’s a life that has an anointing stream of gladness coming upon you and the very atmosphere of heaven is an atmosphere of gladness.

“In the beginning I have laid the foundation of the earth and the heavens are the work of My hands.”  When Isaiah was speaking about this he said I took those stars out there that’s 6 trillion miles on this side and the one that’s 20 trillion miles on this side and I reached out and I put My little finger on one of them and My thumb on the other one and I measured them. I’m letting you know how big I am.  And when I was making reference to this I said all of those 7 billion people, I said after you empty all of the water out of a bucket till you’ve got it clear dry, tilt it to one side a little bit and you’ll see a drop down there, all of the nations of the world put together are like a drop in the bucket to Me. But I care for you so much that I picked you up like a little lamb and hold you next to My heart and I care for you as a shepherd cares for the lamb.  I shelter you. I am the Lord of all but I am not so busy being Lord of all that I can’t care for you.

Matthew 28-“all power is given unto Me in heaven and earth and lo I am with you always.”

I’m calling people together today for an all out attack against the gates of hell to bring the good news to people still held captive. The good news, though you’re in slavery to satan, though the might of hell seems to hold you, you can be free, your debt is paid.

I am Lord of all, death could not hold Me. I came forth victorious. Demons have to bow at My command, angels obey and do My bidding, all nature is subject to the voice of Jesus, and all creation hears My voice and the stormy seas and the gusty winds have to listen to My voice, all of creation from the largest animal to the smallest insect.

Even the bacteria that I have created, it’s My creation and has a purpose in this life.  And in diseases that take place in people’s lives, it’s just part of the depravity, the change of direction or purpose even in these insects because of man in sin and his life going astray and has given ground, affliction all came because of sin. All creation groans and travails together and just as mankind has fallen and did not fill the purpose that I had for him. The earth is groaning and the germs that I have placed on this earth for a definite purpose, satan didn’t create those. They had a purpose. Bacteria are very necessary for the cleaning up of the earth and for the deterioration of things that need to be changed from one substance to another and there’s a definite purpose.  But the result of sin even changed the purposes that were at work that were being done as a result. This is the reason why diseases, because the germs themselves and the bacteria and the virus, all of this is also subject to My Voice. And when I say to a germ to get out of a person, they have to go, because all things are subject to My will.

In all phases of My work for My church, I am moving the design that man has made and followed into focus so it fits what I am doing.

Isaiah 14:24-27- I am on the job and when I purpose, when I set in motion My forces that are in My will, there is nothing in heaven or on earth or under the earth that can stop it. When I decree something, an irreversible force is set in motion that nothing can stop.  When people fit into a spot that I have foreordained they become a part of My plan. I keep a different set of books then people do. Everyone in My great plan and program can’t be a chief. There has to be a few Indians.

2 Timothy 1:15-18-

Don’t whip yourself if you missed Me and My plan in the past, get in there and be what you can for Me. I am not only causing people to be pools of water, but I’m causing them to be channels to carry this water to many, many other lives around. You have a spot to fill. There are times in people’s lives when they don’t need a good sermon, there are sometimes when all they need is somebody to know that someone is there, that they are loved in spite of their faults, someone who knows all of their quirks and troubles and who still hangs around. You call them a brother or a sister.

I see every little bird that drops to the ground. I know exactly all about it. I watch the grass as it starts poking it’s head up through the soil and I’ve got a billion other worlds a lot bigger than the one you live in that I have got to keep from bumping into each other all of the time.  My plans are so vast.  But when you take My plans for people, 7 billion of them and each of them having different things coming to pass or opening up each day and each minute I am able to keep every one of My children orbiting in My perfect will who yield to Me.

Every day is the fullness of time for some phase of My plan for every person.  There’s a fullness of time; time has come up for something in your life. Every day you can look ahead. I have planned something; even if you don’t know what it is exactly. You might go to bed some nights and think to yourself that nothing special happened that day. But unknown to you, just your presence near someone may have given them a cool drink. Just your ability to carry a burden without complaining may have helped someone else to get down under a big load and inspire them, without you realizing you may have put somebody’s heart back into them that had lost heart.

In My book, I don’t have some big blue prints and some little blue prints and some that are supposed to be important and some unimportant, there all the same.  I just want you to fill the spot that I have put you in and as I lead you I will open up My plans each day in the fullness of time. I want you to carry the influence of the life of Jesus that’s flowing so full and so free through you to others. Carry it to people all over your community.  There are people dying for just a little sip of the water of life that’s within you.  Become those wells that are open and ready.

Carry some joy, refresh some lives, be a well. Even if you have to run some errands like Barnabus, I want you to know that I have given you a spot in the greatest work in the whole universe.  And one of these days when the saints go marching home I’m going to say, “did you fill the spot in that little blueprint of your life that I gave you, well done thou good and faithful servant.”  Barnabus and Onisiphorus are going to hear well done just as loud as Paul is going to hear it.  Enter thou into the joys of thy Lord.  They refreshed and helped Paul.

I am still calling men and women.  My voice is still sounding out.  There are many, many general calls in My Word where I call out, “come unto Me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”  There’s the call that you’re to come and reason with Me and though your sins might be as red as crimson I said they would be just as white as snow.

I use tragedies and these things that come, circumstances in your lives, situations that may be unpleasant to channel My voice through to your heart. And I speak to you through the storm.

My desire is to add new purpose, new meaning to life. I don’t only speak through the pressures, and the heartaches, I speak through those good things that I’m doing for you. My goodness leads you, and My goodness, is My blessing on your life, those many times when I smiled on you when you didn’t deserve it. I was calling your name and saying I love you, I’m showing you my favor and I want you to be mine.

You are living in a time of the closing era of this dispensation.  And I am moving by My Spirit, My voice is being heard.  And I’m not only calling you but I’m waking you up that you might hear the call and I’m calling your name.  I’m offering you new purpose, new hope, new life.

Hebrews 3:7-8- If you will listen to My call, if you will answer My call I am waiting there to receive you. To welcome you into My family, to put My best robe around you, that’s a robe of righteousness that makes you acceptable to Me. “Today if you will hear My voice harden not your hearts as in the day of provocation in the wilderness, Israel hardened their hearts.”  Verse 15, “if you hear My voice don’t harden your hearts but yield to Me.”  Draw near to Me.  They that draw nigh unto Me, I will draw near unto them.

Events that I have decreed have to happen. When I decree it, an irreversible force is set in motion that nothing can stop. It has to happen. People that I have included in My own unfolding plan are not irreversibly stuck to that plan unless they want to be. Because I have predestinated the event but for individuals I have foreordained, giving them a spot but I said, “I won’t hold you to it, but if you link arms with Me there will be joys and happiness in it for I have foreordained you to be a partner with Me in the great work that I am doing.” There are two opposing forces at work but I have already decreed that I am the winner.

Philippians 4:19- I shall supply all of your needs according to My riches in glory.  I am concerned about your material needs. I don’t always supply the need in the package that you expect it to come. If you look back a year ago to pressures that you had, I enabled you to get through them, you’re here.

I can use the pressure and the hurt and I want to move by My Spirit to help you.  There’s nothing that you could give Me because the cattle on a thousand hills are mine. As you reach out your heart to Me, My supply will come to you. I want you to know that I care for you and I want you to trust Me to supply you with the answers to your needs. As you lift up your needs to Me in faith, My great forces in heaven are activated to help you.

I want you to know that I am concerned about your material needs.  I want you to know that I am concerned about your physical needs, and I have divine health. I care for and provide for your emotional needs and want to bring you peace.  I provide security for you and am able to keep you from falling and present you faultless before My throne.  I have provided freedom from your fears.

I have made provision for your emotional strength and health. I have provided for your spiritual freedom. I want you enjoy the assurance of My acceptance of you based on your acceptance of the blood of My Son Jesus.

My plan is to lighten your burden, not to make it heavier.  But there are people who are groaning under their burden for living for Me. But if I put a burden on you I’ll also make bigger muscles for you and give you bigger wages for it. My plan is to provide for your needs. Not to lead you into destitution and poverty. My plan is to provide and this is what I did with Israel, I gave them bread from heaven, I gave them water.  It lasted forty years while they were there.  My plan is to not rob the spark from your life but to put sparkly in it.

My plan is to care for you and to guide you through the dessert experiences. My plan is to guide you through the dessert experience to a place that I have promised. Not to let you die in the wilderness. My plan is to stand by you, not to forsake you.

Paul said that he cried out in verse 24, “oh wretched man that I am.”  He said, “I can’t lift myself out of my troubles.  I can’t lift myself out and the problems that I’m in. I’m wretched.” If you asked Paul why he said he was wretched he would have said, “I’m wretched because I’m looking at my failure, at my own hopelessness.” But then Paul realized that through Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, there is victory. He took his eyes off of his own failings, and turned them to what I have accomplished and he began to feel new strength coming. My acceptance of Paul wasn’t based on what he had been able to accomplish but in what I have accomplished. You can get rid of your condemnation when you look and see that I didn’t come to condemn you but so that you could have life. Paul discovered not to base his happiness on his own abilities or inabilities, or on his own achievement, but on what I have done for him.

The manna that I gave Israel in the desert was only good for one day. I have fresh manna for you every day. The reason why people get miserable sometimes is because they begin feeding on something that has no nourishment.

Isaiah 44:20-  “Remember these oh Israel.  For you are my servant.  I have formed you.  You are my servant.  I will not forget you. Furthermore I want you to know I have blotted out as a think cloud your transgressions and as a cloud your sins. Return to me. Get out of the ash pile for I have redeemed you.” There is no nourishment in talking over troubles. It’s feeding on ashes.  He feeds on ashes; a deceived heart has turned him aside. And there are some deceived hearts among My people, they’re honest hearts, they’re sincere hearts but the enemy has deceived them. Get rid of your ash pile and feed on My fresh manna that I have for you every day.

Don’t just come to Me, let the world know, sing oh you heavens, for I, the Lord have done it.  Shout you lower parts of the earth, break forth into singing you mountains for I, the Lord, have redeemed Jacob and glorified Myself in Israel.”

Psalms 24- The earth is Mine and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein. For I have founded it upon the seas and established it upon the floods.  Who shall ascend into My hill and who shall stand in My holy place?  He that has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted up his soul unto vanity nor sworn deceitfully.  He shall receive the blessing from Me and righteousness from the God of his salvation.”

The earth belongs to Me. I have let satan live there but I made the world for you to inhabit. satan does not own one inch of real estate in the world. I am in control. satan may control some parts of the earth and some possessions and some wealth and some means of the earth, but only through people who serve him. And he can control that through those people, but those people only have use of it for a little while, it’s not really there’s. I the Lord of heaven and earth own the earth.

I love people that don’t love Me and because you can’t do anything to earn My love you can’t do anything to remove My love.

Romans 8:35-39- My love is so deep and so broad, so high that it passes human understanding.  It passes all power of thought, all of the ability that you have to understand. You could close yourself out so that you aren’t aware of it, and you’re not receiving it, you’re not taking what I am beaming down to you by you not seeing it, not perceiving.  But My love is there and I tell you that I loved you even when you were My enemies.

The blueprint for every life and for the world was complete before I even made the earth. I chose you in Me before the foundation of the world. I guide you with a renewed mind and help you to think like I think. And there are things that pop into your mind from Me that you wouldn’t have even thought of without My leading. And I steer you and guide you and direct you and move you and so every day the thing that I want you to do is to make sure that you’re stuck to Me, the Vine. Abide in Me and all of these things will be taken care of.

My timeline is perfect, all the way through.  My timeline moves right along as you link arms with Me. If you miss Me on some turn of the road, My plan for you begins fresh everyday. Everyday is a complete orb of a plan I have for your life.  And I don’t want you crying and sweating about some bad turns you made back there. Let me have your life today. I have a complete plan for you.  And each day you can begin fresh, because My mercies and compassions are new every day. Yield your heart to Me today and I’ll ready you for My plans for you. You are beaming out signals of hope and of faith to people who are watching your life every day. You’re sowing seeds wherever you go. You’re sending out messages. There are times when I give you a chance to speak.

Performance, singing, unless it’s directed to a need of a life can be a performance and have a definite meaning but it will not go on.

Philippians, 4:17, “you brought a gift for me, but I desire that you may have fruit towards your account. Not for reward but for the Lord.”  One of My prayers for your life is that the fruit of your efforts will remain. I want you to have something up here that’s in that book that will last forever. People are important to Me. I have involved Myself with people.

If you want to know where I live in this earth, look where people are hurting and you will find My address. I want to help people. Things done with a performance will not remain because you haven’t involved yourselves with the needs of an individual. When you get down on the level of personal human need and you take a person in your heart and arms, something starts writing down in that book in heaven. Your personal love, care concern, when you see someone hurting and your heart hurts with them. When you care, that’s when it counts.

When you’re out there, helping people, you’ll become to them the living word. The word is a book that says, “I care and God cares.” I care because God cares. This is something that anyone can do. Instead of witnessing you become a witness of what I am really like. You’re bringing My heart to them when you care for them. There are some people whose books are pretty empty. Get out there and get that book full. Not doing it for that reason, but mainly doing it because that’s how My heart beats for them. And as you’re close to Me, that’s how you will feel about it. Things that are done because of My love, My Spirit are placed in your account. Matt. 25:34-40, I said that all of these things that you do, when you do it unto people you’re doing it unto Me. That visit to a rest home, to cheer up some person who has had their downs and ups. When you’ve shown kindness to an individual, letting them feel that they’re worth something. When they’ve been battered and beaten down and they’re depressed. And it seems that their self-esteem is crushed. You can go to them and lift up those hands that are hanging down. This is what Jesus did, all the time. I want to be known by kindness and the only way, I’ll be known by kindness is through you, and this is why it’s important to show kindness.

Only, “glory in this, that you know Me, that I am the God of justice, a God who is filled with kindness, a God who will always do the right thing, a God who is fair. In these things I delight says the Lord.”

I am your foundation. You are put on this foundation after you accept Me. All you have done that’s been like Me is going to be permanent and lasting. All those things that have held you back will be peeled away so that only the things like Me will remain. I will remove the chaff. I am going to liberate you from all the bad things in your life. There is not going to be one person present at the believers’ judgment who will hear one harsh word of condemnation from Me. I have already bore your condemnation. 1 Corinthians, 4:5, I will bring to light the hidden things of darkness. And will make manifest the counsels of the heart. Then shall every man have praise of Me. I will say thank you.

There are 1000’s of people who are serving Me doing things you’d never have expected. Doing things constantly everyday. Nobody knows about it. Hidden in the dark corners of the heart. Things to help people. I am going to turn the light on these dark things so I can tell them thanks. And everyone in heaven will have a place in their mansions where people can see a glimpse of My Likeness that they allowed to be seen through their yielded lives while they were living on the earth.

Isaiah 58:8-14- “Then shall thy light break forth like the morning and thy health will be brought forth speedily.” You want some divine health. Here’s some good stuff, that you can have right here. You don’t have to wait for that day. “Thy righteousness shall go before thee, and the glory of the Lord shall be your protection, your rear guard,” the enemy can’t sneak up on you. The glory of the Lord will be your guard. “Then you shall call,” God said; “now I’ll answer your prayers.” If you do this you can find your prayer getting through. Then thou shall call and the Lord shall answer.  “Thou shall cry and He shall say, “Here I am.” “If you draw thy bread to the hungry, then shall thy light rise in obscurity and the darkness shall be thy noon day.” You will have confidence. I will give you purpose in life, and guidance in life.

I want to be a living, pulsating person to every one of you. Feed on My Word.  Let it become the Living Word to you.  Not just some columns of truth or opinions of men divided up.  I want to be known as the Living Christ walking off the pages of the Word with you.

There are two ways of looking at things on earth.  You could look at them the way that they look or you could see them the way they really are.  There’s a ground level view. In Isaiah 5 Isaiah was giving a little expression of what the world looked like from ground level.  And then all at once I said come up here and take a look.  And let him have a vision of Myself. And then Isaiah started speaking in different terms.  And he said, “my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of Hosts. He said, “what I see now is an earth that is filled with the glory of God.  The whole earth is filled with His glory. God is still in control.

I have a detailed plan for every life. Every day is the fullness of time for some part of My plan for each life. It’s the fullness of time. My Holy Spirit knows every individual plan and assigns and directs angelic beings as they work with you, causing the pieces to fall together every day for My plan for your life. Events are definitely predestined, but those that I have chosen in the events are foreordained into that plan. But they have the right to drop away or to go along with it, if they do there’s great blessing for them. If they chose to drop away, the plan would continue, the event would happen. When I speak, an irreversible force is set in motion that nothing can stop.  It must happen.  I keep a different set of records in heaven then you keep on earth. I only record the good things about your life.  I am not interested in people’s failures.

To a large extent people had their idea of Me upside down.  I want to be known as a God of love.  I have stated this in My Word in Jeremiah 9:23-4, “let not the rich man glory in his wealth, but let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me.  That I am a God of loving-kindness, a God of mercy, and God of justice, a God of righteousness.  The word righteousness means My unfailing ability to always do the right thing.  This is the kind of God that I am.

When Moses cried out to see Me I hid him with My hand in the cleft of the rock and when I passed by I spoke to him from the cloud, and described Myself to Moses, and said, “The great God full of kindness and mercy and gentleness and the God of love.”  And for those who reject there’s the judgment and condemnation but My first desire, the things that I delight to be known in is love.

I want you to know the value of praise. There are times when people feel that they failed, when things have gone wrong and when things straighten up then they can praise Me, but while they’re having a rough time everybody else could praise Me but they can’t praise Me.”  But praise has an elevating value, from the highest of the angels of heaven on down through the warring angels, the worship angels down through the ministering angels down to lowly human beings. From the lowest to the highest you’re all on the same level before Me during praise.  It lifts you to this level with Me. Spiritually you will rise regardless of how low you feel as you open your heart and you praise Me.

My worship angels, I have prepared to worship Me in the throne room of heaven.  There are only a certain number of them that are praising Me at a certain time.  I have billions of them. The rest of them I have My Spirit out looking all over the world who are worshiping Me in Spirit and in Truth.  And when I find an individual or a group of people who are praising Me I notifies those worship angels to join in. And as you worship and praise Me the angels of heaven worship with you. They lift your praises up before Me. In every service as people are praising Me there is a mighty river of healing that breaks loose from up by the throne of heaven and flows through over the congregation.

You can praise Me, and as you do something happens to that load of sin, that disappears because you’re calling the name Jesus.  They that call on the name of Jesus shall be saved.

Praise literally activates a stream of life and this stream of life flows, you see it’s My life flowing through you really that brings your healing.  It’s Jesus’ life.  And you are able to enter right in through praise.  Into the gates of heaven, into My courts. This is why healing comes oftentimes during praise.

I have built 7 barriers around My people. There are four barriers built around every unbeliever and seven around every believer. The angels are protecting and caring for people that don’t even know Me yet. Jesus’ prayers are still going up for people that don’t even know Him yet.  Once a prayer is prayed in earnestness and honesty it never stops.

There’s a barrier I’ve built in within you. It’s an inner hatred of evil or things of satan. It’s an armor that repels you from evil. And unbelievers have this one too. Then there’s the angelic force that I have sent forth. And this is their work. Every person in the world, there is help that I have given because I love people even when they don’t know Me. So this protection is because of My love.  Then there are the prayers that you refer to of Jesus that are never dying. And then there’s the power of the blood about the believer. That power that is so strong that when satan sees the blood he doesn’t only see blood he sees all the power of the Godhead wrapped up there and that mark is on you. So there’s a beautiful protection there.  And then there is My Holy Spirit within you.  “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” And My Spirit is sending out that force field about you.

The only way that satan can get you is for you through your fears to open the door.  But there’s that force field, that greater is He who is within you. Then there’s the hedge that I have built about in Psalms 19:1 when it speaks about My preserving power.  The Hebrew word there is hedge; literally, “build a hedge about me.”  You know this hedge that I placed about Job, I opened up a little crack and told satan he could stick his finger upon him but he couldn’t get in. There’s a hedge around about. And the other is the believer, other believers in strength.  If two of you shall agree I am in the midst of you. I Myself in the midst of My church, there is strength.  Other believers can provide a strength and where one person can chase a hundred, two will put 10000 to flight, there’s power in the fellowship of My children.

When your uncle was in the throne room, I gave him the basic design of everything. But in all of the things I allowed him to see, everyone of the things, My basic design is the pyramidal design.  Everything.  There’s the triad of energy that begins with. It’s the very basic beginning. In My construction from that little basic unit and follows its way on up. And My trademark of your life body, soul, and spirit. I’ve put My trademark on everything there is. Like the little atom.  That little atom is made of three basic parts. There’s the electron, the neutron and the proton.  And it becomes a little universe. Even the stars that I made, are all, if you will examine them under a microscope they’re made up of the three sided crystal.  And the little plants as they come up out of the ground, they come up with their three leaves. I showed him the metals as they were made in stacks of molecules and they were made in stacks of pyramidal molecules and to change from one type of metal to another, it was just a rearranging, just a little bit. I placed My trademark on the earth with the great pyramid. In various parts of the earth I have literally burned into the surface of the earth the message of redemption so that angelic beings as they view the earth are able to see and be constantly reminded that earth is marked for My redemption.

When you have linked arms with Me, everyday of your life is planned by Me and your steps are even ordered by Me. Your path is even directed by Me. The input of your thinking when you’re in right relationship with Me, it comes because I help you to think the thoughts that are steering and guiding your life.

Psalms 23- David learned something about Me, that I am a very personal God.
I am your Shepherd, you shall not want.  I lead you beside still waters.  I lead you beside green pastures.  I lead you in paths of righteousness for My Name’s sake.  Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil, for I am with you, My rod and My staff will comfort you.  I anoint your head with oil and your cup runs over.  I prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life and you shall dwell in My house forever.

I won’t mean to you how I want to mean to you until you can say that I am your own Shepherd.

I had prepared Moses; I had spared Moses’ life as a babe. Moses was out in the back country for 40 years, the call had been in his heart for 40 years he was out tending sheep. He wondered if I had forgotten about him. But in the fullness of time, Moses was doing what I had given him to do. I was not behind, I was not ahead, and when the fullness of time came, the time to deliver My people, I saw to it that My plan was carried out. I met Moses at the burning bush. I proved Myself to Moses and enabled him to lead My people out.

Those that I used before they could be used of Me, I had to give them a revelation of Myself. My order is, when you see Me, the other things will fall into place. I thank God for this pattern that He has set.

I proclaimed My name to Moses. I passed by before him and proclaimed, “the Lord God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth.” This is how I am really like.  I want to be your Shepherd.  I want to lead and guide you.  I want to feed you and bring peace to your soul and restoration. “I want you, and I’m interested in you. Those things that are important to you are important to Me.”

When men and women get a true glimpse of Me, their whole ministry changes and their ability to help people increases. I am creating hunger for Me within hearts.  I am not giving equations to get the supernatural in operation in ministries, but I am drawing people to Myself and when they catch the vision of Me things change over night.

Notice My care when I speak to Asher, “Thy shoes shall be iron and brass and as thy days so shall thy strength be. There is none like the God of Jeshereth, who rides upon the heavens in thy help.” I’m telling you that I care enough about you that when you’re in trouble I’ll swoop clear across the heavens to help you. “The eternal God is thy refuge, you have a place to hide, and underneath are those everlasting arms.” If you say, “I just can’t stand it and I’m going to fall.” It’s all right, you’ll fall right into My arms, underneath are those everlasting arms.

Isaiah. 63:9- He saw a glimpse of how I was really like, and so now he could tell all the people that were afflicted, when you’re hurting I hurt too. In all of your afflictions, I’m afflicted too. But I said, I help you during that time and carry you through.

Isaiah 49- mothers might even have been known to have forgotten their kids, but I will never forget you.

Ephesians 2, “I care so much about you that I have even let you in on My plan that in the ages to come I am going to show you My loving kindness. I am going to let you taste of My love throughout the ages to come.

John 17:22-26, I said, “Father the glory which You gave Me, I have given them that they might be one just as we are One.  I in them, You in Me that they might be made perfect in One.  And that the world may know that You have sent Me.  That the world may know that You have loved them as You have loved Me.” My Father loves you just as much as He loves Me.

The atmosphere in heaven is bursting with joy. You can’t make an impression on Me, and I love you just the way you are.” And as you catch a glimpse of Me, you will never be the same again!

I want you to find that place that David found.  That place where you can lay down and go to rest because you can count on Me that I will do the right thing.  You don’t have to worry because I know so much better than you and why should you and I worry about the same thing? You like David can lay down in peace and sleep.

2 Tim. 1:7-12, “For I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. Be not therefore ashamed of My testimony, but be therefore a partaker of afflictions in the gospel according to My power.” Paul could make a statement like that because he had made the discovery; he had seen Me as I am.

I am righteous, and this means I have the unfailing ability to always do the right thing, and you can count on Me. The real meaning of righteousness is rightness, justice, and the knowledge and the ability to always do what is right. And when you talk about My righteousness you’re talking about the fact that I know what to do and I am strong enough to do it.

I see even the smallest creatures, the insects, every creature that I created looks to Me for My  care, My help. Since I am this careful, and I know your need, and I have the ability to do that which is right without fail, you can have some rest. For you have a High Priest that can be touched with the feeling of your infirmities, because He in all points was tempted as you are, yet without sin.  Therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, to find help in time of need.”

You can find that grace, you can find that help when you need that help, you can trust Me, You can count on it. God who is more interested in the needs of not only His people but in the needs of all of His creation. Job found the path that the vulture’s eye has not seen, or the lion’s squelps have not trod on. There is a place in the midst of trouble and problems where you can fold your arms and say, “so what, I am the Lord’s?” The vulture’s eye has lost its power, and the vulture’s beak has lost its power to pick at you because you are Mine. Because it’s a secret path you see right in the middle of a lot of trouble, there’s a river that flows. Beneath the troubles and cares of your life, there’s a hidden river of my peace that flows on as you yield and look to Me.

Psalms 145:14- “I uphold all that fall, and raise up all of those who are bowed down. The eyes of all wait upon Me. And I give them their meat in due season. I am doing the right thing; I am sustaining all of My creation. I’m providing and sustaining all that I have created. Jeremiah 9:23-4, Psalms 103, Psalms 98. I the Lord have made known My salvation, My righteousness I have openly showed.” I have showed it by being merciful and gracious, and being slow to anger. I have not dealt with you according to your sins. I won’t allow evil to determine what I do and I do not let evil call the orders for Me. I won’t even let sin rob you of My help.  Willful sin may keep prayer from getting through to Me but I won’t keep My help from getting through to you.

I remember your frame but with My life, your potential is unlimited. My mercy is from everlasting to everlasting for those who fear Me. And My unfailing ability to always do the right thing, My righteousness, unto children’s children.

I proved to the world that I was righteous by taking My own holiness and draping it over the top of sinful man, so that you again can be brought back into fellowship again. My righteousness is also seen in that I have allowed judgment to fall on sin because I cannot stand sin. I made a decree and I have to keep that decree. I said, the soul who sins shall die. But I showed My righteousness by sending a substitute to die in your place, Jesus. Judgment is going to fall on sin. Men don’t have to die. This is the reason why My Spirit, cried out through the prophet, “Why would you die? Why would you die when you don’t have to?”  Life is yours, My hand is stretched out. There is a rest for My people. Reach out your hand and put it in Mine. I want you to have fellowship with Me. Don’t allow circumstances or situations tell you I am not fair. And don’t feel I’m going to condemn you for it if you find yourself asking this. There’s a place where the lies cease.

Behold therefore My goodness and My severity, on them which fell, severity, but toward you, goodness, if you continue in My goodness.  Otherwise you also will be cut off.”

Romans 2:4-11, “Do not think lightly of the riches of My kindness, goodness and patience, for it is My goodness  that leads you to repentance.” My goodness is beamed out to the whole world. It’s beamed out to men and women who don’t even know Me because I want to lead them out of the area of My wrath. My goodness leads you to the gateway where the sunshine is.

Everything that I’m doing, I’m prodding and helping and opening up doors so I could get people back in fellowship with Me.” You need a continual glimpse of Me. You need to see Me as I am, then you’re going to be able to help other people to see Me as I am.

In My truth and in My justice I must destroy, but because I’m God in My grace and mercy I can provide a way to escape. If you’ll call unto Me, I’m leaving you an option.  I’m leaving you a door open,” I am not the rigid God, that many people paint Me to be, and hold Me out to be, that one trip up or a dozen or fall into the very lowest depth.

This area that I spoke of here was the farthest point away from Me a person could get, but I said if you call unto Me from thence I will hear you. My whole key is to call. I will not forsake you, nor destroy you, nor forget the covenant of your fathers which I swore unto you.

Psalms 125:7- “You shall abundantly utter the memory of My great goodness and sing of My righteousness.  I am gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and of great mercy. I am good to all and My tender mercies are over all of My works. I am near to all who call upon Me, who call upon Me in truth.  I will fulfill the desire of them who fear Me and I will hear their cry and save them.”

Psalms 86. “I am good and ready to forgive, plenteous in mercy unto all that call upon Me. Verse 15, “I am a God full of compassion, and gracious, long-suffering, plenteous in mercy and truth.

I tell you, “If you call unto Me, mercy will be open.  Now I tell you if you confess, in Proverbs 28:13, “He that covers his sins shall not prosper, but he that confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy.”

Psalms 103:18- “I am merciful, gracious, slow to anger, plenteous in mercy. I will not always chide, neither will I keep My anger forever.”  So there’s anger that rises in My heart through the wickedness and rebellion but when a man turns toward Me and confesses and forsakes, I will not hang on to that anger any longer. I will not keep that anger forever.  “I have not dealt with you after your sins, nor rewarded you according to your iniquities.  For as the heavens is high above the earth, so great is My mercy toward those that fear Me.  As far is the east is from the west so far have I removed your transgressions from you.  Like as a father pities his children, so I pity them that fear Me for I know your frame, I remember that you are dust. As for man, his days are as grass.  As the flower of the field so he flourished for the wind passes over it and is gone.  And the place thereof shall know it no more, but My mercy is from everlasting to everlasting upon all them that fear Me and My righteousness unto children’s children.”

“Because I keep mercy for 1000’s, forgive iniquity, transgression and sin, because I do that, this will by no means clear the guilty. I’ve made provision for all of them, but I say, “You’re going to have to take it.

Isaiah 55:7- “Let the wicked forsake his way, the unrighteous man his thoughts, let him return to Me and I will have mercy.” In My mercy I am drawing people to Myself.

In My mercy, I have kept after you, kept after you, kept after you, because My mercies were from everlasting to everlasting and I wanted to bring you to that place of renewal. I wanted to bring you to that place of reconciliation more than I wanted to destroy you. In My plan, I said that there’s still a little bit of hope, it’s like a little fire that has gone out but there’s still a little bit of smoke there. I said, “I’m going to fan it so I can get a blaze.  It’s like the reed that was broken, bruised and it’s lost its stiffness there. I said, “I’m going to see if I can make that reed grow again.” This is My mercy that’s extended to you.

Don’t despise this mercy. I said, “son of man, what is it that I require of you?” I said, “I require that you love mercy first of all, that you be so thankful that I’ve shown mercy to you, that you love mercy.  That you walk humbly with your God, to do justly, to be fair to Me, fair to your own soul, fair to others, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. I have shown you what to do: to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Me. When I show you My mercy, it may be somewhere along the line that the enemy will want to tempt you to turn away from Me and you will feel tempted to discount My mercy. I want you to appreciate My mercy that I have shown to you over and over and over and over and over again.

Thank Me and praise Me for My mercy that has brought you to this place. The mercy that has been beamed from My heart to you. I want you to sense and appreciate My mercy to you.

Ephesians 5:1- “Be ye therefore followers of Me and walk in love as Christ also has loved you and has given Himself for you an offering as a sacrifice to Me for a sweet smelling savor.” “let no corrupt communication precede out of your mouth but that which is good for the use of edifying that it may minister grace to the hearers.  And grieve not My Holy Spirit for you are sealed unto the day of redemption. Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor and evil speaking be put away from you with all malice and be kind one to another, tender hearted forgiving one another even as I for Christ’ sake have forgiven you.”  You’re going to be showing that you love mercy in this way.

Avoid fornication and all uncleanness, and covetedness. Let it be not once named among you as becoming saints. Neither filthiness nor foolish talking, nor jesting which are not convenient but rather the giving of thanks.  For this you know that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man who is an idolater has any inheritance in My Kingdom.  Let no man deceive you of vain words for because of these things come My wrath upon the children of disobedience going their own way, refusing Me.

Colossians 3:5-6, “mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth, fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil conscience, covetousness which is idolatry, for which things sake My wrath comes on the children of disobedience.”

Romans 2- “But after thy hardness and thy impenitent heart, you’re treasuring up unto thyself wrath.  You’re putting wrath into that bank account, stored up against the day of wrath, though My payday is not every Saturday night, it’s there. Because of My mercy that I’m beaming on these people that are storing up wrath for themselves, that mercy is not because I do not know their condition. That mercy is shown to them so they can repent.

I am faithful. Something that will prop you up, something to lean upon, something that gives support. I won’t let you down, you can safely lean on Me, I’ll give you support. But you have to lean on Me to get that support. There are a lot of people trying to lean on nothing and down they go. But when you find out where I am and what I am like, and you say, “Now I’m putting my full weight, my full trust upon You.” You can safely lean upon Me. David realized this and David wrote songs that expresses Me the way I had revealed Myself to him.

When I came, “they beheld My glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of grace, truth, that grace, that carrier of mercy.

You can take the name David out and put your name in because you heard and your soul is alive, and this covenant is yours and these are the sure mercies that I made to David.  “I found David my servant,” “And with my holy oil have I anointed him, and with my hand, with whom my hands shall be established, my arm shall also strengthen him.  The enemy shall not exact upon him, nor the son of wickedness afflict him, and I will beat down his foes before his face and plaque them that hate him.” This was the agreement, this was the covenant, and these were the sure mercies that I made here. “But my faithfulness and my mercy shall be with him, and in My name shall his horn be exalted.  I will set his hand also in the sea and also in the rivers.  He shall cry unto Me, Thou art my Father, My God and the rock of My salvation.  Also I shall make him my first born, higher than the kings of the earth.  My mercy will I keep for him forevermore and my covenant shall stand fast with him.” I cannot be God and break My agreement.  I have to keep it.  “My covenant will stand fast with him forevermore.  His seed also will I make to endure forever and his throne as the days of heaven.”

This covenant is yours if you listen to My voice and you pay attention and incline your ear to Me, listen to Me, and life begins moving within you. The life that you feel within you cannot be stopped. Floods can’t stop it. It’s life, My eternal life flowing through you. The passing of this life into My presence can’t stop My life. It just continues on in a greater and fuller measure.

I want people to know and see Me as I really am.  For those who have caught a glimpse of Me as I really am will be able to stand and will not be moved from their position of peace and rest in Me when storms come.

Isaiah 40- Why do you say your way is hid from Me? Have you not known or heard that I am the everlasting God and Creator of the ends of the earth and do not fade or grow weary? There’s no searching of My understanding.  I give power to the faint, and to them who have no might I increase strength. Even the youth shall faint and be weary, and young men shall utterly fall. But they that wait upon Me in sustained adoration shall have their strength renewed, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

Isaiah 41:17-18, “when the poor and needy seek water and there is none, and their tongue fails for thirst, then I the Lord will hear them. I the God of Israel will not forsake them. I will open rivers in the high places, fountains in the midst of the valleys.  I will make the wilderness a pool of water and the dry land, springs of water.” I care for people

Isaiah 58:6-7, My earthly address is with people. “Is this not the fast that I have chosen to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?  Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry?  That you bring the poor out to your house, and when you see the naked that you clothe them, and that you hide not yourself from your own flesh?”

Romans 4:21- I who begun a good work in you am able to finish it, to complete it, to perform it.” I am able to finish what I started.
I have everlasting plans for each soul!  Sometime, over the hills of eternity, if you happen to stumble across a grave that says, “Here lies God,” then you’re in trouble, but until I die, you’re going to live because I took My eternal life and shared it with you. I, The Lord of Hosts, will perform what I said.

Isaiah 40:11- Even though I am a big God out there I have time for you. I shall feed My flock, like a Shepherd, I shall gather the lambs with My arm and carry them in My bosom and shall gently lead those with young. I am big enough to fill the mighty universe and small enough to dwell in your heart.

Psalms 139- I have examined your heart. I know everything about you. I know when you sit or stand. When far away I know your every thought. I chart the path ahead of you and tell you where to stop and rest. Every moment I know where you are. I know what you are going to say before you say it. I both precede you and follow you and place My hand of blessing upon your head. You can never be lost from My Spirit. You can never get away from Me; if you go up to heaven I am there. If you go down to the place of the dead, I am there. If you ride the winds to the farthest oceans, even there My hand will guide you and My strength will support you. If you try to hide in the darkness the night becomes light about you. For even the darkness cannot hide from Me. To Me the night shines as bright as the day, darkness and light are both alike to Me. I made all of the delicate inner parts of your body. I knit them together in your mother’s womb.” I scheduled each day of your life before you even began to breathe. Everyday was recorded in My book. I’m thinking about you constantly. You can’t even count how many times a day My thoughts turn toward you and when you awaken in the morning I am still thinking about you.

Thank Me for the blueprint plans I have designed for your life.  Yield to My Spirit so I can fulfill every good plan that I have for you.

When Isaiah saw Me his viewpoint changed. The bleakness of the old world faded away in the light of My glory.  After seeing Me as I Am and then beholding the earth as it was seen under My glory, he said, “The whole earth is filled with My glory.”

I am saying, “Look up,” and as you look up and let My Word reveal and show you what I am like, you will be able to look at this whole world and see that it is filled with my glory and I still am in control.

My planning for others is just as complete though they may not know about it, it’s just as complete, for I care for everyone.”

Not everybody has the same level of understanding of My Word, even the most astute students of the Word, have a little less than five percent. So when they look at something I’m doing they could rightly say, well I have to fit this with the little three or four percent of my understanding. I will not have My hands tied to man’s little mind. You can test things by My principles, not by what you know of My Word.  You can test things by what I am like, My love, My care for people.

You are the door, you are the light.  Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” then He went on to say “now you are the light of the world.  You’re taking His place there,” and He said you are the life, through you men are going to find Life. Let men feed on you, on what comes from your life as the water of life goes through you as the fruit of My Spirit develops in you.  Let people come to you and feed and as they feed on what I am producing in you they’ll become enriched.

When I created you I took part of Myself and placed it within you.  Many of the characteristics of your lives are parts of Me that I have given.  And though depraved in man’s fall and departure from Me, those things are still there. Your memory was planned and drawn into the framework of your life by Me. And this memory, because it’s a part of Me is a powerful force within you both for good and for bad.

Things that bring about depression and problems are things you seemingly have forgotten with your conscious mind, but your being, all the rest of you has not forgotten and it creates that pressure and weight upon you. But by the rush of My life, I can blunt the hurtful points of your memories and cause them to lose their power to hurt you.


Through Jesus Name I have given you authority. The name of Jesus is a key to My heart.  John 14:14- “If you shall ask anything in my name,” there is power in prayer, in Jesus name, it unlocks heaven.  There is power to reach into My storehouse through the name of Jesus.  It’s a beautiful key and pulls out salvation.  It shall come to pass that they that call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. You have found real life by simply calling Jesus.  And I listened to your call and through your call I turned the name Jesus into a pipeline and I poured My love down through it to your heart.  It’s a great key in liberating people from bondage and fear.  Whatever you loose will be loosed and whatever you bind will be bound. Think of the power of the name of Jesus in heaven. Hebrews 1:6 says that all of My angels must fall and worship Me.
How wonderful the touch of Jesus’ hand is on people’s lives. My touch releases power.  It releases forces within you that respond to My power. The word grace means unmerited, unearned favor.  And My mercy then is what you have.

Do you know how you touch Me even when you feel like you’re too low, you have these circumstances against you where you can’t reach out and touch Me? “I feel fingers and hands other then your human fingers and hands, I feel your weaknesses reaching out, and they’re reaching out there and they’re touching me.  I feel them.”  I am touched by your infirmities.  Your weaknesses and your inabilities and then My heart flows over with love and with grace. I feel the throb of the hurt that you feel.  I feel the strain and the pressure that you’re under.  I feel that and it reaches up and even when you feel so low, like you can’t touch Me, there’s a cry coming out of your soul, there’s a voice, there’s a hand reaching from your life that is not a flesh and blood hand but it’s an arm of your weakness that is reaching and even if it’s short and weak I bend real low so you don’t have to reach very far.  I am touched with the feeling of your infirmities.  I can have compassion on you. I know those needs that you have and the release of My force is something that you do not realize but if it is true that at least 95% of what you receive comes when you haven’t met the conditions do you know what I am telling you? I’ve given you a plan of reaching Me and I’ve smiled on you in giving you this but because I have so much invested in you, because I love you so much, your needs, your weaknesses are reaching out.

You have a room inside of you where the real you lives.  It’s a room that your friends cannot invade. It’s a room that members of your family cannot go into. And the world today is visiting the little rooms inside of themselves and are feeling pains of emptiness and loneliness. Jesus, My Son, is the answer to your loneliness. Even believers as they go inside that little room find themselves so lonely at times, they have a family around them, they have friends but there are occasions when they cannot even take their family or there friends. Shall I not with Him also freely provide the answer to this hurting need?

There are times of tremendous joy, exuberance, times when it seems as though you would explode with the dynamite of My presence.  But following those times like My prophet Elijah who ran in front of the chariot for 27 miles.  And then he just finally started crying before Me and he said, “God let me die.”  He was so glad that I didn’t answer his prayer.  I didn’t even hear that prayer the same way it sounded to him. My Holy Spirit brought the cry up and translated it to Me to say what he was really saying, “God I’m lonesome, I need your care, I need some help.”

Jesus is My key for you. He is the one that can be with you when as those disciples were so exuberant with Him and the songs were songs of triumph but then Jesus was the One also who went with them in those low places.  He stood by Mary in the garden when the tears were filling her eyes.  She didn’t even recognize Him.

Ephesians 2- you rise from a place of death, a place of separation from Me, a place where there’s no hope. You’ve been raised with Me. You have new affections, new love.  Set your affection on things above, not on things of the earth for you are dead and your life is hid with Christ in Me.  Your physical being is not dead but you have shared the death of Jesus. You accept and identify with My death that your life might be hid with Me, and so you might be covered with Me and My love.

Come unto Me all that are weary and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  You will find rest for your soul if you will come and learn about Me.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light and you will find rest for your souls.”  There may be some things you go through but My promise will never change. I will not alter one word that comes out of My mouth. I’ll be with you, I’ll help you, and I’ll stand by you.”

Psalms 84:6- David in talking about the burdens that people would have and the dry places of life.  And every person has suffered real desert experiences. You’ve wondered if I was really there and if I cared. I have given you the right and the ability as you place your confidence in Me as you walk through the valley of sorrow and bitterness. That word Baca mean bitterness, sorrow, heartache and some walk through the valley of heartache. But when you are going into that valley of bitterness, of sorrow, and of heartache, your home is broken, or you felt misunderstood or have wondered why you haven’t found the right mate for your life, and you’ve wondered how you can stand it, but because you have Me, and because you have been raised with Me, in the middle of that valley I cause an artesian well to spring up and you can still be refreshed, you can still find Me, you can still receive the help from Me, you’re not defeated yet because the well is there. It’s the witness of My life that draws people to Me. My Spirit will help you be witnesses that I am alive.

When Jesus stood up in resurrection, instead of a Lamb standing up, it became a mighty ram that had 7 huge horns on top of His head. I showed this to John. The horns in that day represented power. When they spoke of the horn it was always the horn of power.  And he said that the fact that this ram had 7 of them spoke of the completeness. The number 7 is divine completeness wherever it is used in My Word. And this ram had 7 horns speaking of complete total power.  And this is what Jesus meant after the resurrection when He came down and walked with his disciples in Matthew 28:18-20 where He said, “All power in heaven and earth is given unto Me.”

When Jesus came forth from the grave, He came forth with all power in heaven and in earth.  Then the Holy Spirit was given to Him.  And it was likened unto 7 eyes. Zechariah 3:9, the permanence of what he wanted to picture, he showed him seven eyes and a stone because a stone was so enduring and the Holy Spirit is eternal.  Stones were considered eternal in that day so in order to let him see it and fit with his own thinking I let him see it as a stone with these 7 eyes.  But those eyes represent the different capabilities of My Spirit which is yours.

Revelation 5:6- and that Lamb had the same seven eyes as he rose.  And that’s the Spirit of the Lord, the seven is the complete knowledge, complete understanding, complete power, all of these things the seven again is the completeness. So “all knowledge, all understanding, complete, and all power is given unto Me and lo I am with you always.”

What the world needs to see is Jesus! Just a glimpse of Him. When you catch a glimpse of Me, you will also see that the earth is filled with My glory. And all of these other things are made available when you first catch that glimpse, that vision of Me.

Pray for Me to open your eyes to see My glory! I want to show you the way I really am.
Ps. 96-97- “Say among the heathen that I, the Lord reigns. The world also shall be established that it shall not be moved, I shall judge the people righteously. Let the heavens rejoice and let the earth be glad, let the sea roar in the fullness thereof, let the fields be joyful.”

People need to hear that I, the Lord and King, still reign. I am in control and I rule over the whole earth. The forces of light and the brightness of My presence is strong enough to destroy and to push back all of the forces of darkness. Holiness is My Character, My very nature. Real holiness is letting the life and the nature and the beauty of Jesus shine through. Holiness is love, joy, peace, gentleness, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, and faith. This is the nature of Jesus. As My people sing, and as they magnify and exalt My holiness, they will see My magnificence and how little all these other things are in the light of My presence. The whole earth is going to be gladdened with this message. That I am on the throne, I’m still ruling, and I am in charge.

The field, the trees, and the sea and everything is praising Me. The whole creation has reached a time in My great plan where they’re praising Me. The sea as it roars is praising Me, the fields as they’re bringing forth are praising Me, and the trees as they move in the wind are saying praise The Lord.

“Let the fields be joyful, and all that there is therein, and then shall all of the trees of the woods rejoice before Me, for I am coming, for I will come to judge the earth. I shall judge the world with righteousness and the people with My truth. I, the Lord reigns, so let the earth rejoice. Let the multitude of the isles be glad.”

One of the aspects of My holiness is love. Today My Spirit is producing these evidences in the believers’ life. The present day move of My Spirit is to help complete the task of readying My Church for My return. My Spirit is implanting the nature of Jesus into the lives of believers. Most of the nine characteristics of the fruit of My Spirit has to do with your relationship with others. How you could let others see Jesus. I sent My Spirit that the world may see the beauty of Jesus in your life and be drawn to Him. The world wants to see what Jesus is like.

Galatians 6, “brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault ye which are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of meekness, considering thyself lest thou also be tempted.” Love is seen by restoring the fallen. Some people who have said they will forgive but that person will never be in the spot again in their thinking. My restoration is so complete that you could soar higher than you could ever soar in your life. And so in your forgiveness with another, in restoring them, it means to put them back just the way they were. To do anything else would be incomplete. Put them back in your love, put them back into your heart. Restore them. This is My love. As you wait in My presence, you partake of My nature, and then you can see what I want to do and you can stand there in the presence of Jesus, like Paul who said I forgave in the person of Jesus, you can do it knowing that you are representing Jesus Himself. You can take that person and lift them back up into the place of your thinking, in your heart, in your love, and restore them. If you know anyone who needs to be restored that you can restore, start thinking about them and then wait in My presence, and let My love beam out from you as you set them back into the place that I want them. This is the beauty of holiness. This is true holiness.

Holiness is neither the absence of sin, nor the presence of works.  It is the presence of My Son, Jesus, the nature of Jesus. And the absence of sin is the result of holiness but not holiness itself. Holiness makes you abhor evil.

Ephesians 4:1-3- Endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace. Put up with the faults and the quirks of other people. My love helps you to reach out and accept people. This love that I am producing is slow to lose patience, and it looks for a way to be constructive, it is not touchy, and does not account of evil. My love never knows a limit to its endurance. I am building within you the strength to push back walls, and I will enable you to go a little bit further in loving others than you thought you could go. Love is the bond of My church. It’s the highest priority in this day. Let Jesus be formed in your life.

My Father has put all things under My feet.” All of satan’s forces, all hurts and bad feelings are under My feet, all the marks of sin and everything under My feet. Many people have questions because they are looking at the tiny piece of the overall eternal picture.  And the little piece that doesn’t make sense grows and fills the whole frame when you focus on the pieces that you may not be able to understand in your current state of life. And you see that tiny little piece of the picture blown up and you see none of the parts that have been accomplished. You see only the part that isn’t done yet within that tiny picture that is blown up until it fills your whole vision. Paul said, “I’m not going to spend my time on what hasn’t happened yet.” You don’t see all things under Me yet. Paul learned the secret of projecting Jesus on the part that he could not understand and in doing so, suddenly the whole picture, that little part you don’t understand goes back into the spot where it belongs. And the whole picture comes into focus. In My great picture, everything is in control. Jesus is in control.

During times you feel I don’t seem to care or understand I don’t want you to condemn yourself or quit to believe that I love you. It’s ok to state the facts about what you are going through with Me but I don’t want you to mix them up with your opinions.  It’s not the right time to make opinions while you have magnified the negative thing that hasn’t happened yet. I want you to turn your eyes away from what hasn’t been done to all that has been done.

See Jesus, who is My alternative to understanding. He was made a little lower than the angels for the purpose of suffering and death. He was brought down here that he might suffer for you and destroy him who had the power of death. And the question marks can cease to trouble you. You can rise above the question marks or hurts you are experiencing when you get your eyes off of it and unto Me.

Turn your eyes upon Me, look full in My wonderful face, and these negative things will seem to fade into insignificance. Like Paul, you can learn that these things become servants for you, working for you, these light afflictions are working for you over there. They’re not all that bad, put some wings over on those question marks, let them fly over on the other side, knowing that they’re working for you a far more greater and exceeding, exceeding weight of glory.

So I am asking you to put Jesus in the picture. I came to grind that old arch enemy of mankind under My heel, destroy him that hath the power of death, and I came to deliver people who all their life time were subject to the fear of death, to deliver. I came to offer help to you when you are hurting. I suffered everything that you’re suffering. So when those why’s stand out there to you, “I’ll come and help you because I had some myself.” While on the cross, I suffered everything that you’re suffering, and I can help you. I know how you feel. With just one word I can calm the storm.

Just because it doesn’t make sense to you now doesn’t mean it will never make sense. If you could look a little farther down the picture you will see that everything is brought underneath My feet. The picture is complete in Me. Sometime it’s going to make sense. You’re going to understand.

Job said, “Though He slay me, still I’m going to trust Him.” Job understood, later on down the way. He tells us prophetically, “As your day is so shall your strength be.” When those pressures push you down, there’s a beautiful strength that comes to you. I said, “when you pass through the waters, I will be with you,” I said, “fear  not for I will help you, I will uphold you, and I will sustain you.” You may have some problems, and may even face death, but I said you are Mine. Paul said, “It doesn’t make too much difference, whether I’m awake or whether I’m asleep, I am the Lord’s.”

My mission in coming to the earth was to come and bring My life to you even when you were dead in sin. There’s salvation, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and times of renewal. But what I am doing in the earth today is beyond those things.  I am making ready a people for My glory, I’m preparing people to be habitations of My glory and to reflect My beauty to the world.  This is called sanctification.  It is not the eradication of the old nature or the putting to death of the old man.  It is more than just being set apart from sin for My use. It is not cleansing or victory over sin.  It is freedom from sin and cleansing from sin because you are tied into My bloodstream. It is My great breakthrough in adapting My life to your human body. This act of sanctification takes place many times.  It isn’t just a one shot definite work of My grace or a single cleansing. It’s something that happens every time you move into My presence and I pour through My divine pipeline into your life of My Life.

As that dynamic surge of My life goes through you, you will find that you can tread on things that have bothered you; you can climb those mountains as though you have eagle’s wings because My Life is flowing within you. My whole intention and plans before I ever made the world was to prepare a people that would share My life. My purpose was to inject My divine life into you so you could be partakers of it forever. That injection of My divine life doesn’t mean that you’re not set apart, it means that you can be set apart.  It means that because you have that divine life in you, you have power over sin. Sanctification is not death, its life; My life. I did it for you and all of My angels in heaven rejoice when you open yourself up and let My life begin to move through you.

I Corinthians 6:11- you are sanctified by My name, Jesus, you share My life. My name becomes this pipeline through which I pour My divine life.  And as you really mean it and call out My Name, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, surging into you comes My divine life because I have already won the battle and the enemy is defeated.  Another means of bringing this life I use is My blood.

Sanctification is the bringing to the believer My very own divine life. Sanctification does not have to do with the absence of sin and the destroying of the old nature.

Hebrews 9:11-15. When I died, a mighty river flowed from My Father’s heart sweeping away the barrier between us. This river flowed and washed away the records that were against you. This river flowed on and destroys the pollution of sin bringing cleansing. Sanctification comes after the cleansing. I use the blood to sanctify you and adapt you to all of the power of heaven to human life and use.

Consider the transformers in your city.  They are carrying electricity. But before they can light the room you are in they have to be converted into a way that they could be used like that. It’s the same way with the power of My blood. In My Son, Jesus, dwelt all of My fullness. So when you think of the power of the blood of Jesus what you’re actually saying is the power of heaven, the power of the universe is flowing, it’s the power of the universe that swept away the barrier, it destroyed the records, and it wiped out the pollution, and that mighty surging power now, of all of My fullness is bringing the very life of Jesus.

Sanctification is saying, “let the flow of My life go through them. You’re talking about the river of the life of God. Sanctification is the sharing of Jesus’ life in your mortal body.

“This is my will, even your sanctification.” I want you to have the life of Jesus flowing through you. Life is in the blood. In the blood of Jesus dwelt all of My fullness. And you are being filled with all of My fullness. So My Son gives you His blood to flow through you. I have blessed you with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. When the life of Jesus flows through your life there are times when you are in heavenly places. I have raised you up with Me to sit in heavenly places.

When My river flows and the life of Jesus touches your human body, My glory touches your life. My glory is the pulsating atmosphere that comes from My throne. As that river flows it carry’s with it the sanctifying power bringing with it and making available to you the life of Jesus, and then My glory comes. My glory activates all of the wonderful life of Jesus. My glory sanctifies your life.

Sanctification is adapting to the life force of Jesus. My truth will open up the floodgates and cause Jesus’ life to flow. Faith and My Spirit causes Jesus’ life to flow. Your faith activates the blood of Jesus. The Spirit keeps the river flowing. Jesus sanctifies you. The life of Jesus begins to flow through the name of Jesus. As you begin to say that name, My life will begin to flow. All of these things are brought about by My blood. My life in you brings the cloud of My glory!

1 Peter 1:2. Grace and peace are yours because of the wonderful flow of My Life.

There is life in Jesus’ name. As the life of Jesus flows through you, it takes care of many, many other things.  Most of the healing that took place in your uncle’s office, he did not immediately know about it. He just had the people call the name of Jesus and the life flowing down through them as it circulated and lifted the load and broke the chains as My Life was moving through them.  My divine life finds things that may not be right and it rights them. It destroys the seeds of death within you.  This life of Jesus even though you still may have plenty of problems, you’re not in heaven yet but as far as I am concerned you read it in

Hebrews 10:10-14- this sacrifice of Jesus, this great accomplishment that I have made, all of My angels in heaven stand in awe as I completed the work.  This great accomplishment has perfected forever those who share My life.  My blood and My life is perfect.  And I am looking at the life of Jesus in you.  And you’re accepted in Him.

I made a promise and said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you, therefore even when you may be feeling kind of down you can boldly say the Lord is my helper, I will not fear what man may do to me.”  Matthew 28:20. I will never ever leave.


My Spirit monitors the whole earth at one time. The Spirit monitors the whole earth and picks up the signals from everywhere and He cares. The Spirit not only monitors but He sends out the orders to My angels to scatter enemy forces.

One of the highest purposes I had of sending My Spirit was so that your lives could be molded and made like Jesus. I want the fruit of My Spirit, My love, My joy, My peace, My gentleness, My long suffering, and the very characteristics of Jesus to be seen by the world in you. When you yield to My Spirit and allow Me to form My nature in you, then the world gets to see you just like I already see you.

The unity that I am bringing today is not a unity of intellect. The unity that I am creating in bringing My great body together in answer to Jesus’ prayer that you all might be one is a unity of My Spirit.

The greatest need in the whole wide world is love.  I give you My Spirit, which is the spirit of love and I want them to see Jesus’ love in you. I am giving you the Spirit of Jesus to make you like Him.

My Spirit is taking Jesus and glorifying Him in you.  When you sense that surge of divine life that’s brought to you by the power of My Spirit, Jesus is being glorified within you.  His life is being transmitted to you.  That’s the life of Jesus. My highest goal for you is that you be like Jesus. When people see you they will know that I am alive because my nature is beaming out from you.  My life is within you. My Holy Spirit is a key in forming and embodying the likeness of Jesus within you. He’s within you, He’s around you, and he’s close to you.

My ways are passed finding out and I reserve the right to do anything I want to do that is consistent with My nature.  I will not be bound by your interpretations of My Word.  I have another law where I said when people are hurting I’m going to help them. I have promised to pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh.  Luke 24:49 said “behold I send the promise of My Father upon you.”

Those who are dead shall hear My voice. This is talking about people who are walking around but have their ears closed. There are people who are totally unresponsive to My Word. There’s coming a time when those dead people, I’m going to get my loud speaker system right up to their ears and I’m going to jar those people.  Those dead people are going to hear not your voice but My voice.  And those who will listen shall live too.

I am bound to keep My nature and My nature is to minister to people. I have the unfailing ability to always do which is right.  John 16:7-15- My Holy Spirit will make Jesus real to you and cause My Word to be real to you.  He will make heaven real to you. My Spirit not only makes you forget about something that may be hurting you, He not only relieves you but the Spirit searches out those deep things, things that you may not even know about.  Things that are hurting us, and he lays them out before Me and then as you’ve prayed in the Spirit, you feel just like you’ve been filled with My love and power.

My Spirit doesn’t make that kind of a mistake.  You can only pray and talk to Me when you are searching your own needs out by the way they look to you, but the Spirit who knows the deep things, searches out those things that are really important, where the real needs are and then as you give Me your faculties and My Spirit the control of your faculties, the Spirit then taking your lips, your tongues, your voice and as you pray regardless of what those sounds are, the Spirit rearranges those sounds, they come up to My ears and there is a beautiful prayer reaching down to where the needs really are.  And while He’s doing that you’re just ventilated, lifted and the surge of His life is going through.  You may be healed; I can give you the direction to go that you need because He will guide you into all truth.

There are two reasons for the purpose of sending my Spirit. When Jesus promised the power, the first place was power to be, to be like Jesus.  You couldn’t be like Jesus if you didn’t have the Spirit of Jesus. I need people in this world who are like Jesus and the only way they are going to be like Jesus and let the world know what Jesus is really like is to have the Spirit of Jesus within them.  And so My Spirit gives you power to be like Jesus. The fruit of the Spirit, the character, the nature that the Spirit builds within you is love, joy, peace, and gentleness.  All of those traits of Jesus are the things the Spirit develops in you. I want the world to be able to say Jesus is still alive; there He goes walking around in those people’s shoes. I want everyone to have a representation of Jesus that brings Me glory. That’s the reason for the power of the Holy Spirit.

Then the second reason for the gift of My Spirit is power to do, power to accomplish.  I not only want you to be like Jesus but you will receive power to do the things that I did and greater works than these will you do. I want you to be like Jesus first, and then power to do. I would rather have you yield yourselves to Me and not be bound by the traditions of man.

When you hear from Me always open your heart to see whether I want to tell you something. I have allowed you to participate in the greatest awakening this world has ever seen. And it’s the awakening that’s going to climax in a sound of a trumpet from heaven as I reach down and pull people from every nation, tribe and tongue, and denomination. I know those that are Mine.

Pray that Jesus would be formed in you and that the beauty of Jesus might be seen in you.”

When I founded My Church it was like a beautiful pool of men and women living and bathing in the love and light that I provided.  But as people moved away from the center and each went his own way towards his own likings, they went into their own pastures and this pool was like a watering hole with fences running out like spokes away from it.  And as a result each pasture is labeled now with what they happen to be. But today by the power of My Spirit and by My heavenly hosts, We are moving the sheep back to the pool where there are no fences.

I want you to have an awareness and a recognition of what My Spirit is doing in the earth today.  It is normal for every believer to experience the capabilities, gifts and the ministries of My Holy Spirit.

I Thessalonians 5- This chapter has some last day guidelines for your life. Those of you who are willing to put their faith in what I have done will never face the day of My Father’s wrath that is coming. I have not appointed you to wrath but to obtain salvation by Me, who died for you that whether you wake or sleep you should live together with Me. Comfort yourselves together and edify one another even as you do. You can comfort one another because Paul is talking about My return.

One of the purposes of the coming of My Spirit was to be your comforter and someone who would stand alongside by you. Build each other up in view of the fact I am coming.

Quench not My Spirit.  Don’t deny My Spirit a place in your life.  Don’t stop Me from doing the thing that I want to do for you.  Let My Spirit warm your heart, let Him fill you, let Him empower you.  Let Him cause His fruit to come forth in your life.

Each of the seven feasts I asked Israel to observe referred to and symbolized seven of My highest priorities that I have.  One of my highest priorities is to fill you with My Holy Spirit. One of the feasts that I asked Israel to observe was called the feast of Pentecost. It followed 50 days after the feast of Passover. The feast of Passover was symbolized by the separate stocks of wheat that were being waved before Me symbolizing the individual lives of the believers before Pentecost. But I said, “I’m going to turn these individual Christians into a solid body, into a church; My body of believers. So the day of Pentecost 50 days later, instead of the single stocks of wheat, the wheat was ground into flour.  And it was needed and made into loaves.  Now on that day the feast was called the feast of Pentecost where the individual believers were all blended into one. They were all with one accord, they were all blended together.  All of those individual disciples where each of them were going their own way, now they were all blended together, My body.

The coming of the Holy Spirit was not just to give you a good time.  There were two purposes that I had in mind.  The first purpose was to give you power to be like Jesus.  I want you like Jesus.  I see you like Jesus.  But I want the world to see you like Jesus.  And if you’re going to look like Him you must have his nature, his Spirit.  So I want you to have the Spirit of Jesus in you.  And so on that day of Pentecost when the Spirit was outpoured, it was not the dynamic things that they were doing that stirred up Jerusalem. I decided I was going to give this nature, this same Spirit that motivated and made Jesus what He was, to give that same Spirit to all of the people that follow Him. I want to produce My own likeness in you by My Spirit. Unless you have the Spirit of Jesus, you will not be like Jesus.

The second purpose was giving you power to do like Jesus. And that is power to help you accomplish the things that Jesus accomplished in alleviating the hurts, the cares, and the needs of people. I want you to move out to where people have needs and care and alleviate them by the power of My Spirit. You can never do like Jesus until you recognize the power to be. That’s called the fruit of the Spirit, the likeness of Jesus in your life. Go out with that Spirit of Jesus; let the world see Jesus in you.  What the world needs is Jesus, just a glimpse of Him.  The world needs Jesus more than food, more than clothing, more than peace, more than anything because He becomes to them all that they need.

I told Moses, “Take a vessel of oil and dip your finger into that vessel and put just a little tiny bit on the ear and the thumb and the toe.” This indicated the person’s service, walk, thinking, mind and senses. I don’t want people putting more emphasis on the walk then the spiritual life. I then told Moses, “I want to show you the emphasis that I put on the abundance, the joy, the overflowing, and the excitement.” I told him to take the rest of that oil and pour it out completely on the top of his head to the point it would run down his beard and down upon his clothes.”

There’s more of the Holy Spirit for the abundant life than there is for all of these other things put together. And this abundant life is available when My blood is applied. I cleanse a person when they recognize the power of My blood, and then I open the door of heaven and make salvation available to you when your faith is in that blood. My blood makes the power of My Holy Spirit available to you.


I have two armies at work. I have My Spirit filled believers, and I have the allies from heaven.

Colossians 2- I spoiled the principalities. That word spoiled I had prepared this word for this one occasion and that spoiling literally meant the divesting him of all of his authority, of all of his power. And then I threw the word away because satan would never be given his authority back again so it would never need to be used in the believer’s language. You don’t have to keep spoiling him over and over again because his authority has never returned. That word is used only once in the entire bible.  And that means I divested, striped from satan all of his authority. Luke 10- “I give you power over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

There is a day coming when many people who refuse to identify with Me, not realizing that I already tasted death for them and have already become their substitute in judgment, when people will hear those same words, and on that day they will feel the agonies that I already experienced. But they don’t have too!! My Father and I am working; My Spirit has the hosts of heaven working overtime to spare people the awfulness of that day.  My heart breaks for the lost who die in their sins.  Will you share this message with the lost, that they don’t have to die in their sins because I am ready to wash them clean the moment they believe in Me and what I have done? They don’t have to pay the penalty for their sin; they don’t have to face the second death.

The gospel means good news. The good news is, although man is already condemned I’ve provided a way out of your condemnation. Somebody took your place. Jesus paid it all.  The believer’s accepted on this basis, not of his performance but of My performance. When an individual from their heart cries out to Me even if it doesn’t pass their lips, My ears are tuned not to the sounds that beat on the human ear that you can hear but My divine ear picks up cries that you can never hear.  There are times that you have longed to express yourself but you didn’t know how but My Spirit carried that prayer to Me and sometimes people have cried from their spirit, “Jesus!” And I told you that it shall come to pass that those who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. This is why some people will make it to heaven who others thought would never have made it.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away and behold all things are become new. And all things are of God who hath reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ and has given unto us the ministry of reconciliation.”

I want you to go out there and let other people know how real this reconciliation is. I have given you the ministry of reconciliation. You can take people’s hands and link them with Mine and let them know My goodness. Not imputing their trespasses, or blaming them for their sins or reproving them. You become My voice and are ambassadors for Me in leading others to become reconciled to Me. People need to see reconciliation written all over you.  The world needs to see the lack of fear and the joy in your life. Jesus took the full stroke of My judgment for you so that you would be made into My righteousness in Him. Don’t allow any fear to come but a new life of victory over sin and anything else awaiting you as you have your faith and trust in what Jesus has done.

Because you love Jesus you are in full time gospel service.  Those skills that you have were given to you by Me. That training you have was something that I directed you in.  Stay busy for Me. Occupy till I come.

On the job you’re in, because you love Me, you are in full time gospel work whatever you’re doing.

Moses over in Exodus 34 verses 6 and 7 gives both sides of the picture. And he tells them regarding My love, My goodness, the bright side, My intention for man.  The thing I desire for man is My grace, My mercy, My love, and My peace. But there is definitely a dark side and here where I showed Myself to Moses and proclaimed what I was like and declared what I was like, I passed by before him and proclaimed, “the Lord, the Lord God merciful and gracious, long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth.” This is first, this is what I, my intention I’m giving you first. But this does not erase the fact that there’s something else. But where mankind has made such a mistake and gotten himself into such trouble, man has reversed the order and they have started in on My wrath and the darkness and destroyed the hope and the possibility of people really seeing Me. And so many times people live all their lives in torment because their view of Me is one that is of My wrath first, that they themselves must appease it and Christ has taken care of that for those who call upon Him. But I do tell you that even those who are away from Me, I keep mercy for them. I beam My goodness upon them and My truth, and My ministry and My love I beam unto them.  I said that because I show My mercy, because I show My goodness does not clear them.  They still must accept.

When I see man I am not focusing on the things that he or she may be known by what other people see.  I see a never dying soul.  I see in that man something of greater worth than all of My other creation put together. For the stars are going to dim and go out and the mountains are going to crumble and turn to dust, and the blazing suns are going to lose their light. But as long as I live that soul within you is going to live. What can a man give in exchange for his soul? What will it profit if a man gain the whole earth but loses his own soul? That soul is so valuable to Me.

People are worth so much to Me. I care so much that I decided to reconcile and make peace with Myself through Jesus.  And I am saying to everyone now, “you can come, my wrath is turned away.  I came to restore you back into a place in My family and then I came that I might take you from a world that has been cursed and reunite you in My Home that I’m preparing for you.

There are three terms that I have used 1) Come, 2) Call, 3) Look. I said, “they that come,” I’m calling you to come to Me to find Me, to accept Me and be saved. Come and be saved. But many won’t come out of their own stubbornness. So then I said, “Call unto Me, they that call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.” From wherever you are, I said if you call unto Me from thence, I will hear you and I will accept you. And then there are those who are too weak and ashamed, filled with failure to even call.  I said, “ok, just look. Look unto Me and be ye saved all of the ends of the earth.”

Some feel unworthy to even look up to My face, but I want you to know that within you is a soul that will never die. I am not looking for reasons to condemn you, you’re already condemned without Me. I am looking for reasons to lift you out of despair, out of darkness and not hold those things against you. I’m looking at something inside of you that belongs to Me, and I’m saying give it back.

I am looking forward to a day that you call the believer’s judgment. For on that day I have chosen to say thanks to My people. My servant Paul mentioned about it in 1 Corinthians 4:5. It’s not a dark day for those of you who have shared My heart and done the types of things that I want to do for people such as lifting burdens, helping people, sharing, encouraging and brightening lives and homes. When you meet people’s needs it pleases Me and is very important to Me because I love people so much. I want you to represent Me in all that I AM to the world. I have placed My Light inside of you and when you humble yourself to bless others you begin to let My light in you shine out from you and someday I will reward you for it.

The Palestinian covenant I made says, “even though your kids get carried away to the farthest point and are worshiping other idols, and care not about Me. If they call unto Me from thence I will hear them.” I cannot break those covenants that I made. These covenants reflect My attitudes and My feeling toward people.  I want you, I love you, I have room for you, and I’m going to stay on you in that effort to bring you to Myself.  Here’s My covenant: “if his children forsake My law and walk not in My judgments, if they break My statutes and keep not my commandments. Then will I visit their transgression with the rod and their iniquity with stripes. Nevertheless will I not take my loving kindness utterly from them, nor suffer my faithfulness to fail. “My covenant will I not break nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips.  Once I have sworn by my holiness that I will not lie unto David.”

You have been selected by Me for this moment in history.  As you bring yourself to Me, your skills will reach there highest meaning. When I have you, I have what you have.  Your skills are mine because you are mine.  I want to lead you and use you for My glory in this hour.  I am going to accompany a people who is made like Me.  I have made provision for you to become like Me in nature. You cannot be what I want you to be without My help and power. I by My Spirit and your yielded heart to Me will form the beauty of My Son inside of you.

I Corinthians 13- Love is the greatest. Love is the greatest of all of the Spirit’s work. Without love nothing else works. Love is the thing that makes it work. Love adds meaning to all of life. My love never fails, it constrains, it activates the gifts of power. Faith is activated by love. So pursue and ask Me by My Spirit to develop in you this likeness of Jesus, that love. It adds a dimension of life to life that puts a halo around even the drab things.  Routine things suddenly get a halo when the love of Jesus is there.

Rom. 13:10- The evidence of love is, love abstains from things that would hurt another. My love will help you to bear one another’s burdens and give you a willingness to forgive.  Forgiveness in My book is to treat the person like you have forgotten the very thing you had to forgive them for..”

There may be people that you feel are in trouble with Me because of things they have done. I want you to go to them, and help them. Confirm your love toward them.

I have a two-throng liberating thrust today. I am using heavenly hosts in drawing people, in ministering to people, in helping people. I am also using men and women filled with My Spirit with the Spirit producing within them the nature of Jesus to go out and to draw people, to let them see what Jesus is really like. Let the beauty of Jesus be seen because the world that My Spirit and that the angels are working on in bringing to the point of choice are going to be drawn by your life and My Life in your life.

Psalms 30:5-My favor is actually life. I am saying to the world, “you don’t need to die, here’s life.”

I already see you looking just exactly like Jesus, but I want the world to see Jesus in you. My acceptance of you will not be on what degree Jesus is formed in your life and what people see. My acceptance is already complete. I accept you because you’re complete in Christ. But to be effective for Me I want you to be like Jesus. As you spend time with Me, like the iron that’s in the fire partakes of the nature of the fire, It becomes warm, the dross turns into sparks and burns away, and then that iron takes on even the appearance of the fire as it radiates and glows its warmth. That iron doesn’t have to say, “I’m going to shine, I’m going to radiate,” it shines and radiates because there’s something working within it. It has partaken of the nature of the fire.

I want you to know that I am in control, I love you, I want you, and I have room for you and even look for you when you have been away or are lost. My angels right now are sent forth into the world to reach men and women everywhere and to not listen to their objections but to bring them to a point of choice, and if they refuse to make the right choice, I am not looking for some reason to cut them off or throw them away. I begin the cycle all over again to bring them to that point of choice.  If lost loved ones refuse, I’ll begin it again.  I’ll give you a thousand chances if you will just give Me the opportunity to help you. Every life is so valuable to Me.

Every generation has had a special move of My Spirit. Down through history there have been special revivals under people that I had raised up but the revival that I am bringing to the world today is different and far more reaching than any revival the world has ever known. It’s not because of great individuals that I am raising up.  It’s because of believers, members of the body of Christ who are becoming My voice, who are taking on the likeness of Jesus because of My Word.

Colossians 3. John 20:21-23  “As My Father sent me so I send you.  You’re going out just like I went out with the same job I had.”  You have My commission, you have My power. You are the door.  As my Father sent me out here to be the door I am sending you out to be the door, the doorway right to My heart.” So My angels are going to be bringing people across your pathway. Don’t hesitate to be alert, so that you’ll be ready when the Spirit says, “here comes one, bring them in.” My angels aren’t going to push them through the door but they don’t mind you pushing them through. You have a job to do. Get them in. You as individuals are being appointed as My representatives. You are representing Jesus and letting the world see Jesus in you, letting them feel His compassion, His love, his heartbeat.  Let people know that your meetings with them are not accidental.  You have authority.  I have opened the door of ministry for you today.

John 7:37. The water that I give will become a river flowing out of you to other people who need Me, the life-giving water that they so definitely need.  With My peace and joy you can represent Me and My authority. It is people who have seen Jesus and are glad and have His peace, they are experiencing the very reality of His Life and the rivers flowing out from them, those are the one’s that I am using.

There’s a lot of difference between having authority when you know Me and you have that peace and what you’re talking about is a real experience you can share it with others and people want what you’ve got.  When you know Me, here’s your authority.  Whosoever sins you remit they are remitted unto them.  When you see that person open their hearts to Jesus and say, “I want Him,” you can tell them with authority your sins are gone.  Jesus said that. I’ll back you up because you know Jesus.

2 Corinthians 5:20- I was in Christ reconciling the world to Myself. Telling them their sins were gone.  I’m in you giving you this same ministry.  So you can reach out and get a hold of people’s hand and reach up and get a hold of My hand. You can pull them together. The word is that you can come now. There are a lot of stubborn people who don’t want to come. They have to have a little help, so I give you the ministry of reconciliation. Get behind them, push them, pull them, get them in there, and pull their hand and Mine together. I’ve given you the right to make it happen.  You can help that person right into fellowship with Me.

Thank Me that I’ve given you the right to represent Me.  And in this day, I have made every believers My evangelist’.  Open your heart to the mighty flow of what I am doing. I will help you to let the world see the gladness and the joy of the fact that you have met Jesus and let them see a freshness there of My touch in your life.

I will not violate the free right of choice I have given to people, but for those whose loved ones know Me, I’m going to do everything necessary to bring them to a point where it would be easier for them to make that choice of surrender. I want to make it real easy to come and real hard to get away. I am looking for every reason to hold you, not to cast you away. Those of you who have prayed for your lost loved ones can start praising Me now, that I am on the job and have released forces that would bring about circumstances that would make it hard to get away.

Acts 27:22-24 talks about when I saved Paul’s shipmates. And I am saying to you moms and dads that I will save all of those who are sailing with you, your unsaved children. Cheer up! I am working on them. Some of the shipmates wanted to go their own way so Paul told them that they better obey because I had plans to save them and will help them with that choice, but they still needed to make the right decision. Paul helped them make that important decision. I will make it easier for your unsaved loved ones to accept Me. I didn’t come to condemn the world but that through Me the world might have life.

Wherever men or women honestly lay out there loved ones in prayer. It means that if there is a relative who knows Jesus, every family member is put on My special list. They are highly favored by Me.

Psalms 89:15- I will bless you, I will smile on you, and the light of my countenance will be upon you. You would be happy and exalted and I Myself will be your defense. I said that you would be anointed. My Spirit would be poured over your life. You would be strengthened. I promise you victory from any attack of the enemy.”  I will be as a shield around about you because your soul has come alive.  If you hear and your soul shall live I’ll give you the same promise that I gave to David and that is that the enemy isn’t going to get you. I said, “I’d promised you victory, constant victory.”  Then I said, “My mercy and my faithfulness will not depart from you.”

There are ten privileges that I have given to the person who has listened and their soul has come alive. The highest thing that you can do for your family is to hear and let your soul come alive. The tenth favor I bestow when your soul has come alive is that your family will be highly favored of Me. Verse 28 to 34, “My mercy will I keep for him forever more and My covenant shall stand fast with him, his seed also will make to endure forever.” If his children forsake my laws and walk not in my judgments. If they break my statutes and keep not my commandments then will I visit their transgression with the rod and their iniquity with stripes.” Nevertheless because they’re on my privileged list my loving-kindness will I not utterly take from them nor suffer my faithfulness to fail, my covenant will I not break nor alter the thing that has gone out of my lips.

My loving-kindness that I’m beaming down on your lost family members is going to stay with them; I’m going to stay right on them.” It doesn’t say that they’re saved, that they’re going to heaven for sure, but I said, “I’m going to stay right on them, I’m going to give them every opportunity, I’m going to keep the door right in front of them.  My loving-kindness will I not change or take away from them.”

Because I made a covenant with your mom who prayed for you according to this passage in My Word, when you drifted I stayed right on you and drew you back to Myself.  I kept pressure on you to return because of her faithfulness to Me. It’s the same promise I made to David. Because you’ve listened, because your soul has come alive, I am listening to those members of your family.  And there doesn’t need to be a broken circle of your family in heaven where I dwell. If you ever get out of fellowship with Me, the greatest thing that you can do for your family is to turn your life over to Me.

Not everybody that comes your way will be brought by My Spirit, but I want you to be sensitive enough to where if you hear the words that they are saying or sense the discouragement or in some way I indicate to you that this is one being brought, I want you to be on your toes and ready to pull them on through.  Let them know that My angels are at work and that if they cannot get the angels out of there hair by saying I’m just going to refuse I just don’t want you, it’s because they won’t listen to that. My angels will start the cycle all over again. And if they refuse again they’ll start it again.  They don’t get discouraged.  They’ve been working with people too long.  They’re taking their orders from Me.

You are the living word now.  When you feed on My word you actually become the living word. You can speak in My Name. I have made you the authority, you’re My representative. Whosoever you free I’m going to free.

I have sent Special Forces of angels and additional ministering angels now into every country of the world, not to relieve believers of their responsibility but to help believers get the job done.

My angels can only bring a person to a point of choice but you as believers can help pull them through and help them make the right choice. I am bringing lost people to you, and you become a doorway right to Jesus’ heart and you can pull them right on through.

My servants the angels had been sent forth to compel men and women to come to this point of choice.  They can compel them but they must choose.  They have been sent into all the world to help prepare the precious fruit of the earth, the redeemed souls for the harvest. You must know the urgency of the hour and the importance of linking arms with Me and of telling the world that I care, and of telling the workers around the world that they are not alone.

The home is the closest thing on earth to My heart. My plan of salvation is not for a single person. I save single people but when I save them, I write the names of those in their family, in My book.

I care for the family and have plans for the family. I gave Moses the plan and the tabernacle. And I said, “I want the name of every head of the house made out of the shekels of their redemption. Going to be melted and the gates are going to hang on the very fact that God has included all in His plan.

There are seeds that have been sown in the hearts and lives of people around the world. The gospel message has been sown, though it may not have been received, it may not have been germinated everywhere yet. The seed has gone forth and it has been sown in many, many lives.  My plan for believers is that you take on and become My light to these people.  My plan for you is that you actually have the nature and partake of the nature of Jesus.

1 Peter 1:2- I want you to become like Jesus. My highest plan for you is that you be like Jesus in this world. “Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord, who according to His divine power has given to us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that has called us unto glory and virtue.  All things that pertain to this life, which pertains to godliness, have been given to us when we learn to know Him, see Him as He is.  Whereby given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by these you might be partakers of the divine nature. Having escaped the pollution or the corruption that is in the world through lust.”

I have a beautiful escape as you get to know Me. Those things that you have battled will fall away and you’ll have victory over them in the beauty of Jesus. I want millions of representatives each of them representing the beauty of Jesus in this world. Some elements of the nature of Jesus faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and charity. All of these things are the characteristics of the nature of Jesus.” If these things be in you and abound they make you that you should be neither barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  “He that lacks these things is blind and cannot see afar off and has forgotten that he is purged from his old sins.”

Seeds have been sown and in many places they’ve been watered by the tears of My followers. My great work that I’m doing today is drawing people close to Myself and allow them and lead them into a place where My life is being seen in them. Jesus’ life is light. In Him was life and that life was the light of men that lights people in the world. I have set you in the world as a light and now I’m saying, “It’s time for you to arise and shine for your light has come, the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” The looks, the nature of Jesus has risen from you, the glory of the Lord is streaming from you. That likeness of Jesus that’s streaming from your life becomes the warm rays of My love, of My gentleness, of My nature that goes forth.

The seed has been sown and as you partake of the nature of Jesus, you will shine, the warm rays from your life will cause a germinating of the seed that is sown all over and there’s going to be life springing forth because the seed of the gospel is there.

I want you to keep sowing seeds of the gospel and as you move about in this world, as you are living and ministering among people, something in their heart is going to come to life. The seed is going to spring to life.  And they’re going to come to know Me.  People that are dead in sins are going to come to life because the seeds are going to spring forth. The world is ready and the seeds are ready to spring forth as the light shines upon them. I want My believers to be shafts of light beaming warmth, love, and kindness into the world. So that the seeds that are sown in lives everywhere will suddenly germinate and they’ll say, “oh I need God, I want Him, I must have Him.”

I love people and am not seeking to condemn people. I am seeking to bring them to Myself. I have come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. I want the world to be loved through you, through the beauty of Jesus. I want you to develop the courage to place your hands on people and pray for My life to flow through them so that they may be healed. I will cause by My light a growth of your faith so you can become bold to minister My life to people.  I love people and want them and have plenty of room for them.

I want you to praise Me, but I also want you to talk to people.  I want you to communicate and to be able to talk to people. I paid the price for all three parts of your humanity.

With your spirit you reach upward to Me and touch Me and My life pours down into it.  With your humanity you reach outward to people. My love and life can not only occupy your spirit but can occupy your humanity too.  I don’t mind if you have a good sense of humor, I gave it to you. I gave you your personality. I’ve given you certain gifts and talents that makes you you.

In your desire to serve Me and not do something to displease Me, I don’t want you to allow yourself to become shriveled up inside your humanity. There are things that you can do, that you love to do.  There are areas of your humanity that I want you to develop. I want people to be able to relate to you, to your love, to those deeds you perform, and to just being a good neighbor.

My Spirit is bringing conviction to men and women today around the world. My angels have moved out across the land and they’re searching the lost out from every hill and from every hole in the rocks.  I have My eye on you. I’m bringing deliverance to many across the land and people whose hearts have been filled with bitterness for decades are finding the bitterness snapping and healing of their inner spirits are taking place.

The whole earth is filled with My glory.  My church will be triumphant.  It is not heading underground.

Things on earth aren’t as far out of control as you may think they are. I am putting together my end time plan and I have an innumerable amount of angels working today. My grace and glory fills the whole earth.

Colossians 3:15- One of the greatest needs in the human life is that you might have peace with Me in your heart. Not only My peace and presence but I have allowed you to make peace with Me. I have put the handle of your affection in your hands and you can steer that love whichever direction you want to. There’s no love in hell. Love is made in heaven. I give it to you. Sometimes people are guilty of misdirecting the love that I have given to them. I want you turn that love toward people in need.  Let the love of Christ beam out to others. Set your affection on things above.

You can’t really please Me until you’re covered by My blood. That blood makes you look perfect to Me so I can accept you. It’s so complete that I choose to even forget why I needed to forgive you and I view you now as if I never even needed to forgive you. But now since you’re going to appear with Me and since you’re sharing My life, and your sins have been covered, and you’re hidden in Christ in Me, you need to let other people see what Jesus has done for you and is doing for you.  This is life before others.

Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth, fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, covetness which is idolatry.”  I want you to choke the life out of these things.  This isn’t the work that makes Me accept you; this is what I say to do because you are alive to Me.  Choke the life out of the old way.  Paul said that since you have My new life in you, choke out the old life. Put off all of these, this is the life lived before people, “put off all anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth and lie not one to another seeing that you have put off the old man with his deeds.”

Now in drawing from My new life I want you to live before the world that the world can see what Jesus has done for you. Now that you have My new life I want you to clear some ground, lay aside those old things you did when you lived in them, lay them aside, clear some ground so that My new life will have some room to move in, the new man can grow inside of you.  Get rid of the old nature stuff so the new man can live and grow. This is so people can see it. When you know that your life is hidden with Christ in Me, now with My help with My new life surging through you, it isn’t going to be a matter of life or death if you happen to not reach your highest effort that you’re trying to make. But with My new life I can help you to lay these other things aside.

When people break My word, that’s so clear and so definite, and know it, and don’t care and are looking for something to try and justify it, there’s no lasting peace for them.  It’s peace that I am drawing people towards. I want you to live before others and let them see what Jesus has done.  The new man is renewed in knowledge after the image of Me which created him.  Where there is no Jew or Greek, bond or free but Christ is all and in all.  I have a brand new order of life here that I am over all.  Religion doesn’t make the difference, Nationality doesn’t make the difference, Social standing doesn’t make the difference but having Jesus in your heart makes the difference.  That’s where the life comes from.

I want you to put on these bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, and long-suffering, forbearing one another and forgiving one another. My nature is love, joy, peace, gentleness, and long-suffering. You can read it in Galatians 5:22. My nature being lived in you, and being reflected in you is what I want. That’s the new person because it’s My life growing within you, and then people could see My life. Above all of these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfection,” it’s the cement that holds all of these other things together.  The love that Jesus, My Son has.

Those that willfully disobey Me get out of fellowship with Me and the enemy can do a lot of things to you when you’re out of fellowship with Me.  I am not willing that any should perish but that all come to repentance. I instructed them when they were making the foundation for the door of the tabernacle, to take the name of every person, take a half a shekel and have one for every person in Israel and melt it all together and make the foundation out of it, so that the names are already recorded.  I will help people get to the door but there they have to choose.

Because of My desire for you, not because you loved me so much, but because I loved you so much, I bore the anguish of uncertainty, the plague of every man, and the fear, which shrouded every life. I bore your griefs and carried your sorrows. In My blood that is given to you are the conquering seeds of My divine life, power over sin, power over sickness of mind, power over sickness of the body. The time has come to cast off the works of darkness, the pointing of the finger, the harsh words about others. For I have included all of them, I have received them in My plan. I have chosen you to be a light, a light burning with this message of hope, a light ushering a new day for My Body during earth’s darkest night. Lift up your eyes, look away from your own ways, and pass the walls of the ways of others. And discover your family, those born by the same blood and having the same Father, Me.

In these last days I am raising up men and women who are shining with the light of heaven. And as the sun warms the kernel grain in the ground and causes it to spring forth there is warmth that’s beaming from the lives of men and women who are like My Son Jesus, who are warming the seed that has been sown. And it’s germinating and springing forth into life all over. I want you to be like Jesus and to let Christ shine through your life and let Me walk around in your shoes. Around the world the gospel seed has been sown and now I am challenging My people, let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you, let the sun of righteousness arise in your heart.

I want to shine through your life like a living sun warming that seed that’s been sown. I want that seed to be continued to be sown, but it’s sown everywhere in hearts and lives. I am looking to use those who have the life of Jesus in them. I am bringing My people together into a great family reunion. I want you to use your spiritual energies to serve Me and use not the liberty that I have given you as an excuse to become lax. I don’t want you to continue in sin of any kind just because My grace is abounding. I want you to cast off the works of darkness, and to yield yourselves to Me. Wake up; it’s high time to wake up out of sleep, to lay aside every weight, and to clear the deck for action.

I am calling you to lay aside every sin and weight that may beset you. I want you to be the best for Me right now. I want the world to see you like Jesus, because it’s the life of Jesus within you that is going to cause lost men and women to come alive and awake. If there’s anything that’s keeping you from being your best for Me or anything that contributes to an “I don’t care attitude” I want you to throw it away.

Isaiah 35:6- Out of My care for you I provide streams in your desert. And the source of those streams is My very own heart, My love, My compassion, My care flowing to you. Those who accept Me, drink of Me, and out of your innermost being shall flow rivers. My children are like My streams and through My children’s lives I want strength and comfort flowing to some of the people that are hurting as they come in contact with them. I use My people to refresh others by their life as they carry the water of life and the refreshing from My heart to them. I desire to have a people that can offer real streams of My life to the weary.  This is why I want you to clear out the old things so that the new river of My life can flow through you to be a blessing to others.  I don’t want people to offer mirages.

People still need to confirm their reservation that I have already made for them but I am working to bring whole families into My Salvation. When Rahab saved the spies, in Jericho, and the spies by My inspiration said, “Rahab, call all of your family here to this house and they’ll all by saved.” Rahab brought all of her family there and they were all saved. Because I care for the family, and My plan is a family plan. All of the beauties of home and family, the ties, and good things about your family are eternal. And you’re going to have joy such as you never had dreamed. Those children of yours are going to have that warm place in your heart. And there’s going to be a bond that’s going to be beautiful.


Not everyone will be present at the believers’ judgment, which is a judgment for reward as an athletic event. Only those people who are under the covering of Jesus’ blood will be there. You put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ when you put your faith in His sacrifice, what He has done, and then you’re covered.

People who already know what My Word says and still say in their heart, “I will take my chances against what God said; I said your bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost. I said those that defile the temples of God, I will destroy. If you’ve been defiling My temple the only way in the world you’re going to be a part of that day when I say thanks to My people is to return to Me in confession, giving yourself to Me.

If there is resentment in your heart towards anyone, because of My desire to prepare you for My coming, get rid of that resentment. Go to that person if it’s the hardest thing you do, and ask Me to melt you together, that this resentment will be gone. If you have made a god of other things, and if the choice is there between serving Me or serving your own appetites and you say “I’ll take my chances and serve my appetites” and My Word speaks of those whose god is their belly. Its referring to appetites, things that they would rather do than serve Me. They love those things more than they love Me. And I warned against loving pleasure more than Me, this message is a warning and one of great joy. When you are in rebellion or idolatry, it takes the covering away from you and you stand exposed and naked before Me.

If some people come to your mind that you know you have resentments or bitterness towards then contact them and be reconciled to them. Forgive them so you can be a candidate for that great day.

I have made a way whereby you can be accepted without fear.  Where you can come boldly right into My presence and not have to worry and be afraid. I prepare people a long time before they ever know Me.

Hebrews 10:3-  Paul was speaking here and he said that the sacrifices were made at that time for the atonement had to have been made year after year.  But in those sacrifices there was a remembrance again made of sins every year.

Luke 1- People who have not recognized the truth of the constant covering that Jesus Christ have provided are in the same position exactly as Israel was when they came to the end of the year when the covering was over and it had expired. They were again standing naked and hopeless, helpless before My eyes.  All of the charges that were against them were again under review by Me.  I saw their sins, I saw their guilt.

My angel Gabriel was present at every sacrifice for the atonement standing in My presence above the altar in the holy place. When I moved in he moved and stood there but unseen. The world had forgotten the real meaning of that incense that was to be offered by the priest. While the priest was there and taking care of this, while he was preparing to offer the incense, the whole community was standing and trembling. If the priest would not have thrown in the incense, (Leviticus 16:12-13) he would die because there was no covering. As perfect as he could possibly be made could still not do his priestly duties without the covering.  So the priest was there at the time of the burning of the incense and as he fulfilled this obligation and the cloud rose and covered him and I could again smile because the sins were covered for another year.  I smelled the sweet savor. The fire of My wrath struck the incense instead of the priest.  I told Gabriel he could appear in full form to Zechariah.  Zechariah saw Gabriel and it scared him like it scared your uncle.  But Gabriel said to him, fear not Zechariah your prayer has been heard. And every time he has appeared with a message throughout the year it has been a message of good tidings. I am allowing him to be seen and it’s still a message of good tidings. My covering is complete.

The festival of atonement of the Old Testament was a reminder that their probation had expired.  That one year of probation, that their covering must be renewed.  It was time for the annual sacrifice for sin.  For this reason man was given certain guidelines based on complete obedience so that he would earn a reprieve during this time of exposure. Many people feel that they are still living in this time of reprieve and their acceptance is based on what they are able to earn by the completeness of their achievement and for that reason there’s a fear constantly. The remembrance of sin every year, the sacrifices by these animals could never make these people perfect. A substitute had to be used.

Hebrews 10:12-  “This man after He had offered one sacrifice for sin forever, sat down on the right hand of God.  For now on expecting all of his enemies to be made his footstool.  Whereby one offering He has perfected forever those that are being sanctified.”  That word sanctified means the sharing of My life.  I have perfected forever those who share My life.  I took care of it.

As the fire of My judgment struck Jesus who was the sacrifice by the offering of Himself, a cloud ascended that covered all time and all space. It was carried on the wings of grace until it stretched backward across the ages to the beginning of man erasing all of those charges that kept coming up every year. It spread outward from Calvary across all ages to the end of time completing a plan that was formed in My heart before the world began of making man acceptable in My sight.

When you take communion you remember the time when sin was disposed of once and for all.  You remember the time when all charges against you were satisfied. You reaffirm your faith in the one sacrifice that was made forever.

Those who sin and remove themselves from the covering through open rebellion and through idolatry in their rejection of Me as their King, I said that those people place themselves in that same position under the My blazing open eyes, exposed to Me. I said there would not be another offering for them. There’s no other way accept for them to say, “Jesus I accept the offering that you made and I repent, I’m sorry for trying to go my way and I come back.”  And the cloud covers them and they’re at peace again.  This is the message that I want the world to hear today. I want people to know that My sacrifice is complete and that the cloud is still there.

I let Roland know that I don’t record failure because I’m not interested in people’s failures. I’m interested in restoring homes into the kind of unit that I could bless. I am restoring communication between children and parents. I want the parents to feel the hurts of the children. I want the mother’s hearts to be opened in compassion toward the children. I want to reach the rebellious children. I want to bring them to a point to where they know how complete My forgiveness is. That not only do I forgive them, but I forget it ever happened. I won’t record failure for My own children. I want them to know the joys of My justification. Justify means just like their sin never happened. I want those away from Me to know how complete My justification is. I want them to be able to look up into My face and know that they don’t have to hang their heads and be ashamed, “but when I see them, I see them as a first class member of My family.” I want My people to get ready for that great day that is coming.

If you sin, you have an advocate with Me, Jesus Christ the righteous. Jesus has become the propitiation. That word propitiation is the same word as translated as mercy seat.  So when you read about the mercy seat that I put there in the throne of grace, in the tabernacle of worship, it’s a golden lid and something of tremendous value. Underneath the mercy seat was the Ark of the Covenant and inside of the Ark of the Covenant were all of the broken laws signifying how all of the sins and the guilt and the transgression was put under the propitiation, this golden covering.  Then I said, “Now take the blood just to make this true picture.  Take two goats, kill one of them and take the blood of one of these goats and sprinkle it over the top of this mercy seat. You want to come and make contact with Me. There’s only one place in the whole universe that I’ll meet with you, only one place, and that’s the door that the blood has opened.” That’s the power of this cleansing blood. When you come now to this mercy seat and you identify yourself with that, I will meet with you and talk with you over the cherubim’s. So there is a spot where the sin is covered.

Not only am I the propitiation and covering for your sin, but underneath the blood of Jesus is doing a continual constant cleansing work also.

After I cover you with My blood I give it to you and it starts flowing through you underneath the covering, and those things that have hurt your life, the pollution of sin, the blood of Jesus Christ takes care of it and cleanses as you walk with Me. My blood brings metamorphosis to you through and through.  It’s how I am making you like Jesus.

Jesus was made sin for you that you might be made My righteousness in Him. Not just covered by it because I have His blood flowing through you now. The corruptible blood of your ancestor Adam flowing through you had the seeds of death in it. The blood of My Son Jesus has the seeds of life that destroys the seeds of death. This is why you can say when you accept Jesus Christ you have eternal life.

I cannot stand sin, I cannot look upon sin. This is why I have made a covering for you, My perfect Son, Jesus. I want you to know that in yourself you are undone. There’s a weakness and imperfection and you cannot be accepted on the basis of how good you are.  Though My plan is that you become like Jesus, and My Spirit has been given to you to help you fulfill this plan.  You can never be accepted on the basis of how good you are.  You have to be accepted on the basis of what Jesus Christ has done for you.  And He’s covered you.  In showing this symbolically how important it was, I said to Moses, “Take some leaven which is a type of sin and mix the leaven in this bread and this bread is a type of the church.  There are some things that may not be perfect but the atonement is covering them. And they’re accepted in the atonement.  But I said when they come to Me for fellowship as an individual I said at the table of showbread there was absolutely no leaven in that bread.  I said, “When I sit there and I look at them and I talk with them their lives are covered, it’s all gone.”

Ephesians 1:4 You’re all wrapped up in My love.  You’re covered with My love.  When I look down at you I don’t see the faults, the failure, or the unsightly things about you. You’re wrapped up in My love, covered with My love. Your life is hidden in Me.”

If you’re putting your faith in what My Son Jesus has done, and you’re putting out your hand and saying, “I accept what You’ve done for me. I confirm my reservation. You have identified yourself with the beauty of My holiness and your sins are gone. You have hope, and a new life. You’re brand new members of My family. I cannot let My faithfulness fail. Gabriel is the chief angel who works with Me in the unfolding of My plans. Whenever I am starting a new chapter on My time line, Gabriel is apart of it in the announcing of the message. I sent him to begin coming to your uncle on June 18th 1978 and since that time there has been more help from heaven for lost loved ones to find Me then ever before.

I have included you in My plans.  I love you and have become the propitiation not only for your sins but also for the sins of the whole world. There’s enough salvation, there’s enough love, there’s enough room in My heart for every person in the world.  Although not everyone will accept I want you to know I have room for everyone and every need of life is something I care about.

I want you to know that when you accept Jesus and the covering that I have provided through His sacrifice that My eyes see you looking exactly like Jesus.  There are three barriers that keep people from being accepted by Me apart from the covering I’ve provided.  The three barriers are sin, fault, and failure.  I cannot accept something that isn’t without spot or wrinkle.  It has to be flawless. In My eyes, none can measure up or be accepted except on the basis of what I have provided by faith. Before I ever made the world, I chose you to be holy, and faultless, and to have no failure.  So I sent Jesus to take your place and to wrap you in His character so you can be accepted by Me.  As you accept My Son’s blood, instead of sin I see His holiness, instead of faults I see His blamelessness, and instead of failure I see His unreprovableness and nothing to which I could ever call you to charge you with.  This message is spelled out in Colossians 1:22.

Underneath this covering that you have, you may not appear to others the way I see you but I desire that they would see Jesus in you.  This is why I have sent My Spirit and My Word, to help form the nature of Christ in you so the world can see you the way I already see you. I have given a picture of this covering in My Word, in Numbers 23 and 24. As long as you want to walk with Me and you are trusting in My sacrifice to be your sufficiency I will not listen to the accusations against you from man or the devil. You look lovely to Me even in the midst of your brokenness and weakness and struggle because I am looking at your heart and willing spirit and I am seeing the beauty of Jesus over your life.  Your desire for Me and your faith in My Son’s blood is enough.

I want you to be holy; I want you to know that I want you clean in My eyes and the eyes of the world. But you are covered and I want you to know this. In the daily routine of life there may be things that trouble you and trouble others but because your faith is in the blood it cannot be seen by My eyes. This is the reason why I cannot mark down failure when your faith is in the blood because it can’t get through.  I see nothing with which I can charge you.

There are only two things that will take you out from under that covering. One of them is rebellion; and the other is idolatry.  Don’t allow those things to creep into your life.  Don’t say you don’t want to go My way or care to walk with Me.  Don’t allow rebellion of spirit to pull you out from under My plan.

I want you to go out and live for Me and feed on My Word so that the fruit of My Spirit grows in your life so that the world will see the characteristics the love, the joy, the peace, gentleness, and My longsuffering.  As you let the fruit of My spirit grow remember that it’s not the thing that will justify you because you are already justified by faith. I just want the world to see what I am really like through you.

The greatest need of men today is to know Me and your position as My children. I want you to realize that the memory of your past sins in My eyes from My position has been destroyed.  And you have been restored back to that place that man originally held with Me. A state before sin began.  When you know that this is what I had in mind for you, it’s My plan for you, you can rest.

You are worth so much to Me. My highest plan for you is to make you acceptable in My sight.” Ephesians 1:4.  This does not do away or remove your responsibilities of your obedience to Me.

What Jesus has done, does not give believers an excuse or a license to sin. And the person who wants to use this truth as an idea to go into sin, hasn’t really met Me, and doesn’t really know and cannot really say, “God I love you more than anything else.” They have not caught a glimpse of what I have really done. I am not looking for reasons to disown you, but for every reason to accept you.  I have so much invested in you.

2 Timothy 2:21-“Nevertheless the foundation of God stands sure, having this seal the Lord knows those who are His.  And let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity.”  The first thing is to depart from those things that you know displease Me.  This isn’t to be accepted.  This is because you belong to Me. If a man purge himself from those that would be dishonorable or hurt or bring dishonor to the great captain of your salvation, If a man purges himself from these he shall be a vessel unto honor, sanctified and meet for the Master’s use and prepared for every good work.” You’re ready for My use when you recognize some things that dishonor Me that would be a hindrance to you in your walk with Me. Flee youthful lusts, and follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace with them that call on Me with a pure heart.”  When you keep in fellowship with other believers and follow after righteousness, it’s important to Me. That word righteousness actually means the right way, the right things, those things that I have laid out before you.

“Do not use My grace as an excuse to sin.” My desire is that people could see their position in Me but also that they do not feel that I am condoning sin or those things that would be displeasing to Me. So traits that are part of the nature of Jesus that My Spirit will build up in your life as you wait in My presence is gentleness, patience, and meekness. You can help to prepare yourself for My use by waiting in My presence and yielding to My Spirit.

Philippians 2:5-let the very mind of Jesus be in you which was in Christ. This refers to his attitude toward Me, toward the world, toward believers, toward those who needed Me, and even towards themselves. This refers to His mind of compassion, the heart attitudes of Jesus towards Me, towards self, towards others. Not only the mind and the Spirit, but the deeds of Jesus, the example of Jesus.

Colossians 1:9-10- “For this cause we also since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you and desire that you might be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.  That you might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, walking, pleasing God being fruitful in every good work.”  Those works will not make you accepted by Me. But when you’re accepted of Me then those works please Me.

Titus 3:7-8, that being justified by his grace we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.  I’m seeing you looking just like Jesus and since that’s the case I want you to be careful to maintain good works.”  I desire that the nature and beauty of Jesus be seen in your life.  I want those people that you want to bring to Me to see Me in you, those people that are looking to you and that I have put under your influence, those things that point them to Jesus that make them realize what I am really like.

2 Peter 1:4- you are partakers of the divine nature by the things that I have given to you.

2 Corinthians 3:18- One way you can get the beauty of Jesus and the nature of Jesus is by beholding My glory. But we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.  Even as you wait in My presence drawing from Me and My Spirit and My nature, suddenly the characteristics of your face and your image change.  People may not see what your features are, but they sense, I see the beauty of Jesus. And the beauty of Jesus will be seen as you wait in My presence and allow My Spirit to change you and you’ll go from one point of great glory to another from glory to glory as by My Spirit. The very thing that your heart desires will be found and underneath the covering in the view of man’s eye something will be happening, and man will be able to see the likeness of Jesus formed in you.

Paul prayed that Jesus might be formed in your body. I want you like Jesus and it’s only as you recognize what I’ve done for you that you can ever attain being like Him.

Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me, and help me to open my heart to You and allow an infusion of Your Spirit to come while I behold your glory Oh Lord. 

Egypt has always been a type of this world, and the things of this world that I have planned an escape from. When I led the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, I led them out following their acceptance of the Lamb. Jesus is My lamb. They accepted the Passover lamb.  And they were to remember this every year and be reminded that they were saved because of the death of this substitute in this lamb.  And I performed beautiful miracles for the people.

There were two things that Israel did that brought My wrath. There are two things that take you out from under My covering. Those two things are rebellion, where your spirit rebels against Me, when you don’t want Me anymore. And the other is idolatry. Whenever Israel rebelled, it caused My wrath to rise up against them. And there was only one way back, and that was repentance, and someone to take the judgment that was there for them

Romans 5.  I loved you so much that while you were yet sinners Christ died for you. There is nothing that can separate you from My Love. Because My nature is love. Heaven is so big and I have it in My plans and I want you and He love you and I have plenty of room for you, I am looking for every reason in the world to pull you in.  And when I sent Jesus to die, He died not only for your sins, but also for the sins of the whole world. And I have enough covering for everybody, everybody who puts their faith in Him.  This is what I am like. When I look down at you because you have put your faith in what Jesus has done I see you looking just exactly like Jesus.

The atonement covering is of high priority with Me today. This is the truth that those who put their trust in Jesus Christ My Son and what He has done are covered and shall not come into condemnation because they have passed from death into life and they’re covered.  I want people to enter into the rest that comes from knowing that Jesus has paid it all.

So the great message today is that message of atonement.  And that message of atonement actually means the message of covering.  Atonement means to cover. And this message of atonement has a three way message. It has a message to those who are living for Me; it has a message for those who are careless. But it also has a message for the unbeliever to let them know My awesomeness.

Write this out. At the bottom of a blank page write the word man. There are three things that stand between man and I, 3 reasons why he cannot be accepted by Me. One is sin. The next one is fault, and the next one is failure. All things at this point without a covering are open to the eyes of the One with whom you have to do. I cannot stand sin even with the least degree of allowance.  I cannot stand fault. Even the priest had to be without blemish in order to function as a priest.  The sacrifice had to be without blemish to be used for Me because I am a God of perfection. There is no flesh that can stand before Me, so when the priest went in, an animal had to be slain just for this priest.  And the blood of this calf had to be taken and had to be applied to him, and put on all of the articles of the room where he went.  But this priest could not begin his work in the holy place until something else happened. I told Aaron the high priest at that time to take a handful of incense, it was incense that was a type of Jesus, it had been beaten, and it had felt the scourge of suffering and pounding.  And some live coals had to be taken off of the fire which was a type of judgment.  The incense as Aaron took them into the holiest place where I was, he had to quickly put that handful of incense on this fire, these live coals.  And a cloud ascended from the incense.  And it went over the top and Aaron became engulfed in a cloud, a sweet smelling incense that reached up and pleased Me and then looking down I saw Aaron through the cloud which represented Jesus Christ and His suffering. Then Aaron could place the blood over the Mercy seat and the other places in that holy place for himself and the people.  Then knowing that he was covered, knowing that the cloud was covering him and I looked at him through the cloud, then Aaron could bring the people to that place where they were covered.  I told him he had to do this or else he would die. Jesus, My sinless Son went in as the High Priest with no atonement for Himself.  No covering.  He went in before Me, the sin bearer and the stroke of My judgment and My wrath penetrated Him and He became the real incense then as He took the stroke of My wrath.  And that incense ascended up and it covered all who would put their trust in Him.  Everything in that tabernacle was a type of Jesus.  But the most beautiful thing of all was Jesus becoming your covering through offering a sweet smelling incense unto Me.  So those who come to Him are covered.

There is definitely two sides, there is the dark side of the cross where Jesus weighted right into the teeth of My wrath and took upon Himself the guilt and the wickedness of the world and felt the sting and the searing heat of My wrath and judgment. But He did that for you so that you might live in the bright side of the cross, My rest.  That you might take your place in My love, and My mercy. But people who refuse to identify with Jesus are going to have to face the dark side of the cross and My wrath. Just as man will never be able to comprehend the depth of My love, they can’t comprehend the depts. And the extent of My wrath because they can only relate to the human wrath and evil as they know it.  But My wrath is much more complete and dictated by My justice.  But I don’t want mankind to face it so I provided the covering of My Son for everyone to be saved.

Long before I made the earth I called you and chose you in Jesus, to be made holy and without blame without a single fault in My eyes and My plan was set in motion, a plan that would make you totally acceptable to Me. You can read this in My word in Ephesians 1:4.  Through the blood of Jesus I see you looking just exactly like Jesus.

Isaiah 53:4-6. I came before My Father’s throne full of all of the sins of the world.  My Father told Gabriel to remove those dirty garments where they would never be found. I was brought as an offering for sin. My soul travailed for you. But from those agonies that I felt many people are coming in a right standing relationship with My Father. When you accept Me and put your trust in My sacrifice, you can now become a member of a new heavenly race, looking holy and without blame before My Father because of My blood that covers you. My Father has made available to you a great covering for everyone who wants to know and follow Me. I am the only way you can be accepted by Him.

My Son intercedes for you that you would be able to grasp the importance of His sacrifice and experience the full benefits of why He died. In My great plan it was like one explosion that took place with many facets moving out, because eternity is neither long nor short. It took place in eternity past before I made the world.  Jesus became the cloud covering for you, and today you can look up into His face regardless of the problems you had this week. Your faith in His performance is the only way I can accept you. I’m looking at you right now and saying to Myself, there is a person who looks just like Jesus, because you’re all wrapped up in Him.

Hebrews 9:19-20. See Jesus as the great high priest who went into the heavens before Me. He sprinkled those things pertaining to Me with His own blood. First He sprinkled the mercy seat, and the mercy seat covered the box called the ark, and inside the ark were all of the broken commandments of man, but it was sprinkled, and so I looked down where your broken laws were, your iniquities and sins and I see the blood of Jesus there. I used two animals to illustrate what happened when Jesus died; one to die and one to carry the sins away. I cover your life so that I cannot see your sin, and then I executed a plan for taking them all away. When Jesus suffered that second death, My judgment, He carried your sins with Him there.

Hebrews 7:27- I am able to save to the uttermost all that come to Me through Jesus regardless of where they are or what they’ve done. After they come through Him, they all look the same to Me from the top side of that covering.

The mercy seat in the holy place had to be sprinkled with blood. Not without blood could anyone approach the mercy seat. The mercy seat underneath that golden lid there was a box called the ark of the covenant and inside of that ark, I said mankind had broken My laws and I said, “Moses, take the broken laws and put them in that ark.  Put this golden lid over the top of this box so that I can’t see the broken laws.  Now take the blood of the sacrifice and sprinkle it over the top of the mercy seat so that now when someone comes to Me asking for mercy I look down and I cannot see their sins because they’re hidden under the blood. And every person who comes to Me by the way of the blood has identified themselves with the sacrifice that has already been made.”

When you come through Jesus I cannot see one solitary thing. Jesus Christ is your golden covering. His blood and His sacrifice covers every sin that you ever had or will ever make. There isn’t going to be another sacrifice. As a principle, anything that will hide fellowship with Me, that thing needs to come and say, “God I need you, there’s something in between,” and I will wipe it out.  But to the person that belongs to Me through Jesus, you don’t have to come to Me and confess a whole lot of things because of your desire to please Me as you walk with Me.  Twenty-four hours a day that blood keeps on flowing. It just keeps on cleansing even if you don’t even know about it.

My child, when My blood covers an individual, their sin is so entirely covered and atoned for it can no longer be identified with the transgressor. Paul said he was the chief of all sinners, but when he put his faith in that blood, my atonement separated him from the pile of sin and there is no way in the universe that I had to ever identify him with his crimes again.

My blood is the great equalizer. People that are way down, it brings them up, and people that are way up it brings them down. I have it all written out paid in full for everybody but there’s a lot of people that haven’t come to My Son Jesus yet and asked Him to save them. I have blotted out as a thick cloud all of your transgressions. I have cast all of them in the depths of the sea.  And your sins and iniquities I will remember no more forever.

Leviticus 17:11 and verse 14, “For the life of the flesh is in the blood.  I have given you the blood so you can make atonement for your sins.  It is the blood, representing life that brings you atonement.  The life of every creature is in the blood.  That is why I have told the people of Israel never to eat or drink it, for the life of any bird or animal is in the blood.  So whoever eats or drinks blood must be cut off.”

The tabernacle in heaven and all of My Father’s great plan didn’t go into effect until My blood was applied and then it started to move. My blood is living and has all of the power of the entire Godhead, all the power of creation is in My blood.  I told Moses, “I want you to take that blood and because the life is in it it’s going to be able to make atonement, it’s going to be able to speak.  When I looked down at that mercy seat and saw the blood, the blood carried a message to Me because the life of that animal that was slain represented life, and in tabernacle worship the priest could not say one word while he was in that holy place.  There was to be no sound in that place.  They couldn’t even make any sound in that place when they were building it. When the priest came in, I wanted to let the people know that I listened to another kind of a voice.  When he came in with that blood, the blood spoke.

So when I let Paul have a glimpse of heaven he saw My Father, he saw Me, and an innumerable company of My angels, and he saw My blood and said its still speaking. My blood continues to speak in heaven. It’s eternal; it will never lose its power.  It carries a message, “Father they’re forgiven, I’ve taken their place, and their sins are atoned for.”  My blood is speaking before My Father.  When I went in, My blood carried a message to My Father and when I applied it to that tabernacle all at once My Father’s ears picked up the message.  My blood was speaking, and is saying, “they’re forgiven, their sins are destroyed, the records are gone, My blood of atonement.”

I prepared one word to contain everything I wanted to say on this subject of atonement.  The word atonement has nine definitions in the Hebrew dictionary.

That word means first of all to cover.  That’s what My blood is doing. My Father can’t see the sin when you accept Me and gave Me your life.  We took a blanket and covered your life with My blood. We imputed to you righteousness.  You were covered with My robe of righteousness.

Romans 4:22-24, “And because of Abraham’s faith I declared him to be righteous.  I will also declare you to be righteous if you believe Me, who brought My Son back from the dead.”

2 Corinthians 3:5, “not that we are sufficient to think anything of our self.  But our sufficiency is Christ.  Christ has become our sufficiency.”

The word in the Greek for atonement is propitiation.  1 John 2:2.  “He is the propitiation for our sin and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world.” I became the covering for your sin.

The second meaning that this word has is to expiate, to remove the old thing that was in the way, to cancel the dept.  That’s what My atonement is doing.  When My adversary comes to accuse you I have to say, “There’s a voice coming from this blood that says the debt is all taken care of.”  And it keeps speaking just in case you keep getting in trouble and My blood just has to keep on talking.  It’s a message that just keeps on going up before My Father.

The third meaning is to appease the wrath or to remove the cause of wrath so I am not angry anymore.

Fourth meaning is to cleanse. 1 John 1:7.  “If we walk in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.”

Disannul is the fifth one.  This means to render the charges void or any records that were there, to render them void.  To obliterate the pronounced sentence, to remove whatever is there.  The pronounced sentence of death abolished. Leaving this body isn’t death but that sentence of death that separates you from Me is destroyed.  2 Timothy 1:10- “And now he has made all of this plain to us by the coming of Christ Jesus our Savior, who broke the power of death and showed us the way to everlasting life through the good news.”

The sixth definition is forgiveness, restored to the original place in My heart, the spot that mankind had when I created Adam and Eve.

Seventh definition is to obtain mercy.  Mercy is kindness with sympathy.  People can be kind and still not feel.  But when real mercy is shown, it’s kindness with sympathy.

Eighth definition of Atonement is to purge. Hebrews 9:14-  “How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve Me?”  It purges.  My atonement has a purging, cleansing influence.

The ninth and last definition of Atonement is to reconcile and to make peace.  The third great work that the life in My blood does is it makes My Word come alive to you. It made the tabernacle come alive, it made My atonement go to work and it makes My Word come alive.  Because of My blood My Word becomes a living pulsating Word from Myself to you.

Hebrews 4:12- “For the Word of God is quick and powerful…

My Word has life circulating through every page and every verse.  It is the Spirit that gives life, the flesh doesn’t profit.  My Words that I speak to you are spirit and life.

Colossians 1:20-22. “And having made peace through the blood of His cross….and you who were once enemies He reconciled…”

When I took your uncle into the throne room the first thing I did was make him feel at ease. I let him know that he didn’t have to worry, and that I wasn’t looking for something to reprove him for.

My plan for My people was to bring them to a place where nobody could lay a charge on them. Romans 8 mentions about how I refuse to listen to any charge laid against My people. I make you look unblameable. There may be things you do wrong but I am not going to listen to them. I refuse to accept any charges against you, you’re unblameable. My plan for mankind from the very beginning was to bring you to a point where there wouldn’t be anything that WE could blame man for. When you put your faith in the blood, and slip your hands into Mine and allow Me to write My laws into your heart, you are unreprovable.  You can look right up into My face now. You might do and say some things but the blood of Jesus keeps washing away.  And sometimes you’re aware of it but I can’t find anything to reprove you for.  Because your faith is in My blood, I have a gift of grace and righteousness over you and when I look down at that gift of righteousness which is imputed to you, I’m looking at the righteousness of Jesus and I can’t find anything to reprove there.

Ephesians 1:4 is another reminder of My plan for you before I even made the world. It was so that you would be holy and without blame before Me. Don’t look at how you see yourself, or how people see you and then project that up to Me and think I’m seeing all of your failures because when you accept My blood you are unblameable and unreprovable to My eyes!

By highlighting My plan, My acceptance, My covering for My people, I am not deleting the warnings and My call to people to walk with Me and live for Me. I want people who love Me and who desire to live for Me to know how safe they are.  But I wants people who are fooling around with Me and with the gospel and not taking Me seriously, I want them to know that the path they’re on could lead to real trouble.

These warnings do not apply to that one who desires to walk with Me.  They are for the one who wants to see just how much they can get away with.

Colossians 1:22, Ephesians 1:4.  These verses get them in your heart and mind.

Exodus 34:8-9- though My loving-kindness reaches out from generation to generation, it will not clear the guilty. I love those people that are guilty, clear away from Me, though My love is reaching out over the whole world and people clear away from Me are feeling My love, it will not clear the guilty. The only thing in the world that will clear the guilty is for a person to accept what Jesus has done for them.

Some warning signs to watch out for are as follows-

  • A loss of the sense of importance of spiritual things. If you feel numb and it’s kind of a burden to fellowship with My people watch out.
  • When a person stands aloof by unbelief. Hebrews 3:12, “beware or take heed lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God.”
  • Proverbs 14:14, “the backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways.” When you start drifting back, long before you get clear away from God you’re interested only in those things that pertain to you, not the things of God.
  • Use not the grace of God as a license to sin.  Romans 6:1.  The grace of God is this beautiful cover.
  • 2 Corinthians 6:1 says, “See that you receive not this grace in vain.”  Don’t receive it in vain.
  • Hebrews 10:15, doing despite to the Spirit of grace.  That word means to scorn or to degrade or belittle the power of My grace, to consider it an invaluable cheap sort of a thing.
  • Don’t hunger after those things that I say to leave out of your life. Neither be idolaters as were some of them. It was idolatry of putting something else in the place of Me.
  • Neither let us commit fornication as some of them did and fell in one day 23,000

I want people to hear that message of good news and to reach out and find the leverage and the power to be lifted out of these things first and only those who defy Me and walk in their own way are those who find themselves on thin ice because they’re defying Me.  But My desire is not to condemn you. This is the reason why I have posted the signs.  I want to save you.  I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly.


I showed Roland that there really is going to be a rapture that takes place before the great tribulation time on this earth. In My great plans before I ever made the earth, I planned for a great rescue operation. I allowed Roland to see this and showed it to him in the festivals given in Leviticus 23.  There are seven of them.  And each of them was so important to Me. There was the death of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus, fellowship with his people, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, going into all the world and preaching the gospel. There was the great message of the covering.  Then the seventh one was the gathering together to Myself. And in this festival I had the children of Israel rehearse each of these festivals every year.  They had to rehearse the Passover which had to do with the death of Jesus. The last one was every year they were going to leave their homes and go out into the wilderness for seven days and there they would live in temporary shelters. And it was a time of great joy. And they would cut down the palm branches and they would shout and sing and that first day as they went out was the greatest jubilee of all as they went out into the wilderness. I told them to get out there and make a joyful noise because they were rehearsing something that is going to be a great happening.  And so every year they had to do this. I was taking them out of the world but they had to leave their homes for seven days and then come back to their homes.  And this I called the feast of tabernacles.

The time when I am looking ahead to taking you, the word tabernacle means a home, taking you to My home to live with Me.  It’s going to be a beautiful time.  There’s going to be what I term the greatest feast of all as I feast with My people. Then I said, “After seven years, you’re going to come back down and the time of the great millennial reign where you’ll rule and you’ll reign with My Son Jesus for a thousand years will begin.”  So it’s a matter of going out and away from your homes for this period and then coming back.  There is no other possible explanation for this priority that I gave.  It had to be rehearsed every year because it was important to Me. That word taken in Matthew was a word that I invented, and it means called to one side in an affectionate manner.  And I am going to call you as I’ve likened it as My bride to My side.  And the Greek word is spelled paralambano.

Your foundation is Jesus. What you build on this foundation of the nature of Jesus, the likeness of Jesus is going to be preserved. What isn’t like the likeness of Jesus is going to be stripped away.  This judgment is as you have often seen at a fair or a race track, is a judgment for awards, a court of honor, those who have something that will remain through that time.  And I tell you to strengthen those things that will remain.  Now the removal of the wood, the hay, the stubble, the chaff is not a painful operation to a believer.  There are things in your life that you have struggled to be free from, things that are not built out of the same stuff that Jesus is built out of.  And those things you’re going to find the freedom that you’ve looked for all of this time as I reach down and push all of that chaff off to one side.  I said, “I don’t have any reason for all this junk here so I didn’t build some warehouses to store that in.” I said, “I’m going to push that over here and burn that up.”  But the individual even though it might be just a couple of kernels of grain, whatever it is in your life that you have done that is like Jesus is going to be saved for all of eternity. So the foundation stands that Jesus made, but the things that wouldn’t fit in heaven have to be stripped off.

One believer in fellowship with Me will not taste the wrath and the fury of even one day of tribulation. My love goes beyond human comprehension.

I have plans for this world.  And the bottom line of what I have planned for this world is that it’s going to be a great kingdom with Jesus, My Son, as the King, a great theocracy. Jesus Christ will be in charge. A time is coming when my angel Gabriel and others will shout the words, “the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.  And He shall reign forever and ever and ever.”  And it will reverberate from one side of heaven to the other. Following that time, the earth will be purified by fire and I will make a new heavens and a new earth. And Jesus is going to be the King.

In the fullness of time, my angel Gabriel will pick up the trumpet and give a blast and My people will be delivered from this world. Egypt is a type of this world. But in preparation for this hour, I am bringing men and women to the burning bush, they’re seeing the fire. I am speaking to them. Jesus is coming back and I have My people out readying others for that great evacuation from this earth.

I allowed Roland to meet with Michael. Michael spoke to him and said “at God’s decree I’ve shown respect for Lucifer down through all this time,” but he said, “I have an assignment that at the time appointed I will battle Lucifer not to push him back but to totally defeat him.”  And he said that they are accusing My people day and night constantly all the time with things that Christ has already forgiven them for.  He said that he will not leave room for even one of them in all of the heavenlies but we will cast every single one down to the earth and this will happen during the great tribulation.

But the believers, during that time, it would be contrary to My very character to allow any of My believers to be on there at the time when Lucifer and all of his hosts are assembled on this earth.  Michael and his hosts will not leave room for even one of satan’s forces. Revelation 12:7-12.

When I translated Roland, I allowed him to see the terrible days of tribulation ahead from My viewpoint. He met many of Gabriel’s angels who will be extremely active during that time.  I allowed him to visit briefly with Michael who also has an important role to fill during the tribulation time. I stated to him that even tribulation would not separate men from My love.  And that millions will be saved by death in standing for Me in those days. Revelation 7:9-18 speaks of these were highly favored of Me that even tribulation could not separate them from My love. The prayers of those who love Me for their loved ones will still be effective and that these people will die for their stand and be united at the resurrection at the close of those days of sorrow with loved ones who were taken in rapture before those awful days.  I prepared a word that I used only once.  A word that in the Greek is paralambano.  I said this word I used, I made for this occasion which literally means to call to one side in an affectionate manner as a groom would call His bride.  That word is found in Matthew the 24th chapter where I said one shall be taken and the other left.  As a groom would take His bride, I am going to take My people in an affectionate manner. I want you to occupy and be faithful until I come.

I let him know that My plan before I ever made the earth was to take you to be with Me. When I come, I’m not going to look at people’s minds and see what position that they hold on the end times but I’m going to look at your hearts to see if I live there. It would be totally contrary to My character for even one believer to go through even one day of the tribulation time.

My great plan of the ages is unfolding. It’s unfolding day by day as the pages turn. There are six things that are going to happen in the days ahead. My return is very, very near. The first of the six things that are about to happen is the gathering together of My believers to Myself. 1 Thessalonians 4:16.

Following that for the people left on earth is a time called the great tribulation. There is nothing that has happened or that will happen that has not had a preliminary rehearsal of the thing. That will happen on the earth Matthew 24:21-22.

Then while the tribulation is happening on earth there’s going to be a time when the believers are going to hear those words from Me, “well done thy good and faithful servant.  Enter into the joy of the Lord.” The books are going to be opened.  The judgment seat of Christ.  This day is not a dark night through which the believer must pass before breaking out into that eternal day. But it is a day in which I have chosen to say thanks to My children. That day is going to last 7 years. Revelation 13.

When I come for My saints I will not come clear down to the earth, but My saints will be caught up to meet Me. Then when I come after this great uniting with Myself, I will come to the earth.  This is My return with My people which will end the reign of the anti-Christ and the tribulation and I will usher in a kingdom that I promised to David a long, long time ago.

The millennial reign is not My eternal kingdom. It’s a kingdom that has an end. This will be a kingdom upon David’s throne.  But I am going to usher in a kingdom that will not only include the promise to David, but My kingdom will have no end.  And I will reign forever, and ever and ever. Matthew 24:27-30, Revelation 19:11-16.

My millennial reign begins in Revelation 20:4. Some references to it, Isaiah 35, Zechariah 14.

Then following the millennial reign will be the great white throne judgment. No believers will be there.  This will be only for those who missed Me.  A time when the books will be opened and people will be judged from those books.  Revelation 20:11-15.

Then following that, I bring into being the new heavens and the new earth where in dwells righteousness.  And it will last forever.

My plan for the ages speaks of the last days. My plan calls for an evacuation from this earth of millions of people before My judgment strikes.  My Son Jesus is the key person in this great rescue operation who will return and will take with Him those who are His.  John 14:3-if I go and prepare a place for you, I’m preparing a place if I go you can be sure of it because I’ve never failed to do the right thing.  I’m coming back and I’m going to receive you unto Myself, that where I am there you may be also.

You can quit being worried and quit trying to even figure out who the anti-Christ is and how you’re going to get along in the tribulation. For My saints to undergo the days of My wrath would be contrary to My character.  I have planned a rescue for you.  Thessalonians 5:9, I did not appoint you to wrath. I appointed you to salvation and to stand before the Son of Man at His coming.

The seventh priority is that I am coming again to take My people to a place that I have prepared.  It’s top priority with Me.  I’m preparing a people for that great day.

1 Thessalonians 4:14-18- if you believe that I died and rose again you have to believe that I am coming again. If you’re serving Me and have linked arms with Me, there may be a lot of ups and downs in your path.  But you’re in My family.  You don’t have to fret or worry.

People are finding new victories when they can relax and stop putting their energy into that struggle that they have and start letting the river of My life flow through their life.  That flow through of life will take care of those things that are troubling you.

Peter talked about it; he said you can quit worrying about all those things you think needs to be done in your life before I come.  You can rest in the fact that I am bringing a special load of grace with Me when I come. Instead of looking at weaknesses, hurts and the hard times around you, start looking for the grace that will be brought to you at My appearing when I am revealed in heaven.

1 John 3:2- “it doesn’t yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when He appears something is going to happen, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.”

Jude 24“now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling and present you faultless before His Father.”  He was encouraging these people, quit worrying about falling, I am big enough to call you and help you and deliver you of your sins, and I also am big enough to keep you.

Then came the feast of atonement.  And this is the one I said in sequence is the message that though all of the other priorities are there and included in the Feasts, this is the message that will prepare the hearts of men and women for the next one that’s about to happen.  And that is the feast of tabernacles. This refers to now at this time when I’m dwelling among you in the power of the Holy Spirit, but the word tabernacle means a house. And there was something to do with their feast of tabernacles where the children of Israel built little booths as a type of some places only on a very miniature small scale of what there is in heaven. But I said at the feast of tabernacles you are depicting a time when you’re gathered home to be with Me. And I have gone to prepare that place for you, and I’m coming back to receive you.

When I return I will not open up your heads to see how intelligent you are or how well you have known the Bible, I will look in your heart and see if I live there.  And it is I, the Lord Jesus Christ within, that is your hope of glory.

I spoke of My people as being watchers.  Watch, for that day is coming.  What I say unto you I say unto all, watch.  So it becomes then that the watchers look for day. Watch for My return.  I have purchased you with My own blood and I am coming back to claim My purchased possession. So it is the purchaser’s redemption day.  When I come with the blood marks and say, “I have paid the price. I’m taking the one that I have purchased.”  It is the purchaser’s redemption day.

I spoke about the building. I said that you were builders and I am a builder and I’m building a great edifice of My church.  And I said that day when I comes is going to be the day when the last nail is driven, when My body is completed.  I’m going to be taking My church.  It is the builder’s completion day.

It is also the great harvest day, there’s coming a time when the harvest of the world is going to be reaped.  And so it is what I term in the Bible, Husbandman’s harvest day when I glean the harvest.

I also spoke of it as the laborers pay day.  On that day when I come, I have sent laborers out into My field; some are laboring long hours, some maybe for a brief time.  But I said it is the laborers pay day.  Then I spoke of My people as being the sons of God. When I shall appear you’re going to be like Me for you shall see Me as I am. “Behold what manner of love My Father has bestowed upon you that you should be called His sons.”  When I come, it’s the sons’ manifestation day.

I spoke of the church as being a bride and the bride is in expectation of her wedding day. And this is the bride’s wedding day. There’s going to be a marriage supper of the Lamb that’s held. Then not only is it going to be complete for My bride, I am going to be crowned King of kings and Lord of lords. Every believer who’s accepted Me has already crowned Me.  But there’s coming a day when universally I am going to be crowned the King of kings and the Lord of lords. It’s the coronation day.

I Corinthians 15- “in the twinkling of an eye the corruptible is going to put on incorruption.  Those who are alive, the mortal, shall put on immortality.  And you’re going to be like Me in sharing My life.”

Don’t worry about those who are already asleep.  When I come, My Father is going to bring them, their spirits with Him.  And the body that is sown is not going to be raised but a body coming forth from the seeds of that death, is going to spring forth a glorified body.  It’s tied to My coming.

Romans 8:18-19- “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectation of the creature waited for manifestation of the sons of God.  For the creature was made subject to vanity not willingly but by reason of Him who had subjected the same in hope because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption unto the glorious liberty of the children of God.  And not only they but ourselves also which have the first fruits of the Spirit even we ourselves groan within ourselves waiting for the adoption to with the redemption of our body.”

In that day I will change your body and by the divine current of My life and of My power I will redeem your body. You will not be subject to the hurts, the pain, the sickness, or the bondage anymore.  As John said, when you see Me you will be changed and become like Me, there’s going to be a divine current that goes down through you and the faults and those things about you that make you unlovely are going to disappear. Human weakness is going to dim and fade and you’re going to be like Me for you shall see Me as I am.

I would not create a plan that didn’t work.  I have a plan and it’s My responsibility as you place your faith and your trust in Me. As that source of divine energy goes through you the wrinkles are going to be ironed all out. The spots are going to disappear.  You’re going to be like Me for you will see Me as I am.

Abide in Me, keep your arm linked in Mine, keep that faith firm in what I have accomplished.

My first coming was an offering for sin. When I come again it will be to redeem those, and bring those that I have redeemed. The first time I came to be crowned with thorns.  The second time it will be to be crowned King of the universe.

The last one is the gathering together unto Me.  Just before and to prepare the world and My people for that day that they can be their best I want them to cease from their own struggles and their own efforts to try and climb a slippery rock.  To learn to lean back and to rest on Me and My finished work. I said, “therefore there remains a rest for the people of God.”  They that have entered into this rest have quit struggling.  And that message today, the last one before the gathering together unto Myself is the message of the covering, the completeness of the covering so that people can realize their position of safety in Me. That the plan that I made for you is good and it’s working.  And when I saw it, I saw this great plan of destroying all of the sins that had mounted up against the world when offered My own blood as a sacrifice I saw the giant arms of My plan moving, destroying and shredding every sin in the world. Then I looked and I saw the destruction of sin clear down through to the end of time. Every sin. And I said they’ll never have to be another sacrifice. I made one sacrifice for sin forever and I said, “Father it’s working, its working good. My Father looked at that great plan as it moved and He said, “It’s working, sit down Son, and I sat down at His right hand. Sin has lost its power. I AM coming soon.

You’re ready for My coming, not because you have made your garments without wrinkle because you can’t by your own production, but based on My Blood. Remember it’s not what you know or how you pray, because My Spirit has to change things around to make sense to Me anyway, when you pray.  My Spirit makes it sound like a real prayer even if it’s just a groan.  Your safety is based on My finished work at the cross. Comfort one another with these words.”  I have paid it all.  You can rest.  You can trust and rest in Me.

Inspiring your faith

Somewhere inside of me there is a writer wanting to come out.  My prayer is that the nature of Christ would be formed in me and come out in my writings and music.  I desire to be used by my Creator in a way that brings Him glory.

I’m a 38 year old Swedish/English American man who is a lover of God, EDM(Electronic Dance Music), Rose Green Milk Tea, oxytocin therapy (hugs), laughter therapy, praising the Lord, visiting my celestial fitness center (speaking in tongues), music therapy, sleep therapy, essential oils, and delicious food. I volunteer leading worship and praise sets at the Pasadena International House of Prayer (WWW.PIHOP.COM).

I hope to produce enough praise and worship music in the genre of EDM/Trance/Progressive House that uplifts the Name that is above every other name (JESUS), and helps people get free from religious yokes and bondages.

I’m thankful to God for delivering me from depression in high school and eventually the meds I took for 17 years. Through God’s help, taking communion, natural supplements, and family support, I was able to successfully taper off the meds in November of 2014.  I hope to encourage some people through my testimony of God’s faithfulness and goodness more later.