Strongholds-Overcoming with Truth

This post is about a new Card Game that I developed and that has a similar theme as the Strongholds Deck Building Game that I launched on KickStarter. I hope to launch this one next week on KickStarter. I would like to make an interactive blog to provide a space for people who have overcome strongholds in their life where they could share about what God has done in and with them.

Overview: Growing in Truth Card Game is for 2-6 players. Receive the anointing you need from the Growth cards in order to play the Truth Cards that defeat the Strongholds Cards to win.  The Growth Cards represent various truths to help us grow in the 7 fold Spirit Anointing of the Lord mentioned in Isaiah 11:2 (Spirit of the Lord-Red, Wisdom-Orange, Understanding-Yellow, Counsel-Green, Might-Light Blue, Knowledge-Dark Blue, Fear of the Lord-Purple). The verses listed on the cards are paraphrased. 


Stronghold Cards (15): The symbol on each stronghold card is unique to that stronghold and are also printed on various Truth Cards. These cards feature lies that bind people and blinds them from walking in freedom.

Truth Cards(18): The symbols below the image on each Truth card reveal which stronghold cards they are able to defeat. The Anointing cost(Growth cards) needed to play each Truth card is revealed below the title. These are the only cards to be held in the players hands. If you have one that can defeat 2 strongholds then you can double the cost to play it and use it on both.

Growth Cards(71): These cards are counted as Anointing. The Anointing you receive from each Growth card is revealed by the colored border of the card. Lay these out in 7 piles in front of you according to color. Every time you use these to play Truth cards, fulfill Assignments, or overcome Trials, you must place the used Growth Cards (colored borders) faced up in the discard pile. The Growth Deck discard pile is shuffled after the current deck is used up. 

Trial Cards (6): These cost Anointing in order to overcome. The Anointing needed to overcome Trials are revealed below the title of the card. If a player is not able to overcome the trial they will not be able to play any truth cards until they do. Once they overcome the trial card they can select 1 of the colors used and keep it as a permanent anointing portion usable when playing Truth cards on future turns and it is also worth 2 points at the end of the game. 

Assignment Cards (7): These cost Anointing in order to fulfill. The Anointing needed to fulfill it is revealed below the title. Once an assignment is fulfilled the player can select one of the colors that were needed to fulfill it as a permanent anointing to use when playing Truth cards on future turns. Lay the Growth card used and selected on the Assignment card in front of you for future uses. These permanent Anointing can only be used to play Truth cards. Fulfilled Assignments are worth 2 points at the end of the game.  

Mentor Cards (6): These are part of the Growth Deck. When a player draws 1 they can use one of the Anointing colors on that Mentor card in the game. Once it’s used the Mentor card is put in the Growth Deck discard pile. 

Set Up

Each game comes with Growth, Truth, and Stronghold Cards for play. Shuffle the three types of cards(each has a unique backing) and put them face down in 3 piles. Draw 5 Stronghold Cards and lay them face up in the middle of the play area. Each Player draws 2 Truth cards, and 3 Growth cards. Determine who goes first. Put the Sequence of Play card (#53) out for everyone to for reference. 

Sequence of Play

  1. Follow the Sequence of Play Card round activity. Round 1 and 2 each player draws 3 Growth Cards. Round 3 each player draws 1 Truth card. (This is the order that repeats until all Stronghold cards are defeated)
  2. Each round players may A. Play Growth cards (by reading the title and placing the cards down in front of them in 7 separate color piles  B. Fulfill an assignment. C. Overcome a trial. D. Play a Truth card on any of the stronghold cards faced up
  3. After a player has completed their turn then they announce that they are finished and the next player begins their turn. 
  4. Play continues until all of the strongholds are defeated and then points are tallied up.

Scoring Points

Defeated Stronghold Cards are worth 5 points. After a player defeats it they must remove the card from the center and place it in front of them to count as points.

Every 5 unused Growth cards are worth 1 point.

The Pride Stronghold card is worth 7 points if demolished

Every fulfilled assignment and trial that you overcame is worth 2 points

71- of 124 Growing in Truth CG.png

77- of 124 Growing in Truth CG.png

80- of 124 Growing in Truth CG.png4 of 133 Growing in Truth CG.png


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