Strongholds-Overcoming with Truth Card Game Rules

Excited to share my new project with you.  Here is a link to my Christian Card game project just in case you want to take a look. It’s a 124 card deck that is a table-top card game about overcoming strongholds with the Truth. The name of this card game is “Strongholds-Overcoming with Truth”
It’s about overcoming the lies and strongholds with TRUTH in a card game format. I found free images to use for this game at pixabay. It’s an original idea that came to me a few months ago. The cards can be used for reflection if you aren’t a gamer. There are important truths on these cards with pictures that help you to think about it, such as some of the major names of the Lord, rewards for overcomers, purpose of trials, assignments that matter to God, summaries of key passages in the Bible, and more. A Pastor played it with his kids and liked it and said it’s a good game to share with your kids to teach them important biblical lessons and have fun at the same time.
Below are the updated rules for your reference just in case you need to see them again


Strongholds-Overcoming with Truth Card Game Rules


  • 90 Growth Cards
  • 15 Stronghold Cards
  • 18 Truth Cards
  • 1 Sequence of Play Card 

Overview: Strongholds-Overcoming with Truth Card Game is for 2-6 players. Receive the anointing you need from the Growth cards in order to play the Truth Cards that defeat the Strongholds Cards to win.  The Growth Cards represent various truths to help us grow in the 7 fold Spirit Anointing of the Lord mentioned in Isaiah 11:2 (Spirit of the Lord-Red, Wisdom-Orange, Understanding-Yellow, Counsel-Green, Might-Light Blue, Knowledge-Dark Blue, Fear of the Lord-Purple). The verses listed on the cards are paraphrased. 


Stronghold Cards (15): The symbol on each stronghold card is unique to that stronghold and are also printed on various Truth Cards. These cards feature lies that bind people and blinds them from walking in freedom. 

Truth Cards(18): The symbols below the image on each Truth card reveal which stronghold cards they are able to defeat. The Anointing cost needed to play each Truth card is revealed below the title by way of color (Growth Cards). Truth cards are to be concealed. To play it, turn in the Growth(Anointing) cards needed and put them in the Growth Deck discard pile which is to be shuffled after all current cards are used.  Players can have up to 4 Truth cards in a 5 or 6 player game. If there are no more Truth cards to deal out during the round that Truth cards are dealt out, then each player who would have received a Truth card will collect 3 Growth cards instead. 

Growth Cards(90): These cards are counted as Anointing and are used in playing Truth cards, fulfilling assignments, or overcoming trials. The Anointing you receive from each Growth card is revealed by the colored border of the card. Players can hold up to 7 Growth Cards at the end of each round. They may have more than 7 at the beginning of their turn but must discard some at the end of their turn to bring the total number of Growth Cards to 7. Trial/Assignment Cards permanently stay out and do not count towards the 7 Growth Card Max rule. Once the Growth Deck runs out then shuffle the discard Growth Deck pile and use it for the new Growth Deck.

Trial/Assignment Cards: Trials and Assignments are overcome and fulfilled by turning in the Growth cards needed (as revealed by the colors below the card title), and then placed in the Growth Deck discard pile. If a player is not able to overcome a trial they can’t play any truth cards until they do. As soon as a player is able to overcome or fulfill a trial or assignment card, the player can select one of the colors that were needed to fulfill/overcome it as a permanent anointing to use when playing Truth cards on future turns (not usable for other assignment or trial cards). A player may then lay the Growth card used and selected on the Trial/Assignment card in front of them for the rest of the game. If a player draws a Trial card and already has an unconquered trial card they may discard it. A player may only use each of their permanent Growth cards only once per turn for use when playing Truth cards. Example: if you have 3 fulfilled assignments with Green, Yellow, and Red permanent Growth Cards, you may count Green, Yellow, and Red to use once per turn with using Truth Cards. 

Mentor Cards: These have a dual colored border and players can pick one of the two colors/anointings on that Mentor card for either overcoming trials, fulfilling assignments, or playing truth cards. Once used place it in the Growth Deck discard pile. 

Set Up

Each game comes with Growth, Truth, and Stronghold Cards for play. Shuffle the three types of cards(each has a unique backing) and put them face down in 3 piles. Draw 5 Stronghold Cards and lay them face up in the middle of the play area. Each Player draws 2 Truth cards, and 3 Growth cards. Determine who goes first. Put the Sequence of Play card (#53) out for everyone to see for reference. 

Sequence of Play

  1. Follow the Sequence of Play Card round activity. Round 1 and 2 each player draws 3 Growth Cards. Round 3 each player draws 1 Truth card. (This is the order that repeats until all Stronghold cards are defeated)
  2. Each round players may do any or all of the following A. Play Growth cards (by reading the title and placing the cards down in front of them in up to 7 separate color piles  B. Fulfill an assignment. C. Overcome a trial. D. Play a Truth card on any of the stronghold cards faced up
  3. After a player has completed their turn then they announce that they are finished and the next player begins their turn. 
  4. Play continues until all strongholds are defeated and then points are tallied up.

Scoring Points

Defeated Stronghold Cards are worth 5 points. After a player defeats it they must remove the card from the center and place it in front of them to count as points.

The Pride Stronghold card is worth 7 points if demolished.

Every fulfilled assignment and trial that you overcame is worth 2 points.

Example 2 Player Game

Player 1 (Steve)

Player 2 (April) 

Growth Deck is shuffled and Steve and April draw 3 Growth Cards each. Leave an empty space above the Growth Deck for the Growth Discard Pile. 

Truth Card Deck is shuffled, placed to the left of the Growth Card Deck and Steve and April draws 2 Truth Cards each. 

Stronghold Deck is Shuffled and placed to the right of the Growth Card deck. Five Stronghold cards are drawn and placed face up to the right of the Stronghold Card Deck. 

It’s decided that Steve goes first. Round 1-Steve draws 3 additional G(growth) cards and now has a total of 6 G cards in hand. He plays his 6 G cards by placing them out in front of him, Trial Card, Red, Red, Green, Purple, and Dark Blue bordered Growth cards. Since the colors needed to overcome the trial he drew are Green, Yellow, and Purple, he is not able to play any Truth cards until he draws the missing Yellow Growth card that he needs to overcome the Trial. He is done with his first round. 

April draws an additional 3 G cards for a total of 6 in her hand. She plays them and places them out in front of her, Purple, Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Green, and Dark Blue. She checks if she has any Truth cards that she can play. She can play No Condemnation in Christ Truth card which costs Dark Blue/Yellow/Green Growth cards and one of the 5 stronghold cards that are currently out in play is shame (purple river symbol). Since there is a Purple River Symbol on her Truth Card (No Condemnation in Christ) and she has the Growth Cards (Anointing) to pay the Cost on that Truth card she turns in her Green, Yellow, and Dark Blue Growth cards to the Growth Discard pile (above the Growth Deck) faced up, and puts the Truth card No Condemnation in Christ back to the Truth deck (at the bottom), and defeats the Shame Stronghold card and takes it out of the center to her pile to be counted as points at the end of the game. She then replaces that stronghold space with an additional stronghold card so that there’s always 5 stronghold cards out in play (until the last 5). Since Steve has an unconquered trial card he can’t slap the new stronghold card that April put out even if he had the proper Truth card and Growth Cards. April is done with her first round. 

Round 2- Steve draws 3 new Growth Cards and now has a total of 8 Growth cards which he will need to reduce to 7 if he is not able to play any this round. Since he happened to draw a Yellow bordered Growth card that he needed in order to conquer the trial he uses it along with the other Green and Purple Growth cards to overcome the trial. He chooses the Yellow Growth Card that was used to become a permanent Growth Card which he lays on top of the defeated trial card under the title and discards the other 2 used growth cards by placing them face up in the Growth discard pile. Since he is missing a light Blue Growth card in order to play either of his Truth cards his round 2 is done. He doesn’t have more than 7 colored bordered growth cards so he doesn’t need to discard any and it’s April’s turn. 

April draws an additional 3 Growth Cards and has a total of 6 Growth cards. She is missing a Green Growth Card in order to play her Truth card so her round 2 is done. 

Round 3- Steve draws a Truth card (God is Merciful and Gracious), which has a Growth card cost of Dark Blue, Red, and Purple. He has these but since there are no strongholds out in play that match what his Truth Cards can defeat he has to pass. 

April draws a Truth card. She is missing a Green Growth card and so she passes. 

Round 4- Steve draws 3 G cards and has a total of 8 Growth Cards. He is still needing a Light Blue Growth Card in order to play the Truth cards he currently has. He must discard one of his growth cards to bring the total Growth cards in his hand down to 7. He will discard a red growth card. 

April draws 3 G cards. One of them is an Assignment card and is placed permanently above her colored bordered growth card row. She is missing a Light Blue or Green growth card and has to pass. She has 8 Growth cards so she discards an extra Orange one that she doesn’t need. 

Round 5- Steve draws 3 G cards. He drew the Light Blue bordered Growth card he needed and is able to play his Truth Card Put to Death the old nature to defeat the anger stronghold card. He turns in the Growth Card cost of the Truth card (Light Blue/Orange/Yellow/Purple) to the Discard pile. Since he has a Permanent Yellow Growth card from the defeated trial he uses that in this round since he doesn’t have a Yellow Growth Card in his normal Growth card pile. He turns the Truth card he just played into the bottom of the Truth deck and takes the Anger Stronghold card from the middle to his area to count as points at the end of the game. He replaces the stronghold space occupied by the Anger Stronghold he just defeated with a new stronghold card from the stronghold deck. The new S card is lying, which has a green circle symbol on it but April doesn’t have that green circle symbol on any of her Truth cards so she is not able to slap it and defeat it out of turn. 

April draws 3 Growth cards. She drew an assignment card, Give Bread to the Hungry, a King David Mentor card (Red/Light Blue Dual border), and a Light Blue Spirit of Might Growth Card. She can fulfill both of her assignment this round but can’t play any truth cards because she is needing a Green bordered Growth card. She uses her King David Mentor card and chooses the Red border of that mentor card for a permanent growth card and places her King David Mentor card with the Red border faced up below the Assignment card title, and turns in the orange growth card to the discard pile. She fulfills the other assignment card which cost a Light Blue and a Dark Blue Growth card and she chooses the Light Blue Growth card as the perm growth card. 

Round 6- Steve draws a Truth Card. He has the growth cards needed and plays it to defeat one of the stronghold cards in the middle.

April draws a Truth Card. She is still missing a needed Green Growth Card and passes. 

Round 7-Steve draws 3 G cards. He plays his Gifts of the Holy Spirit Truth Card to defeat divination stronghold card. He turns in 3 growth cards and uses his Yellow perm growth card which are all needed to play it. 

April draws 3 G Cards. She drew a trial card but doesn’t have a needed Red Growth card, so she passes. 

Round 8- Steve draws 3 G cards. He passes. 

April draws 3 G cards. She still needs a Red Growth card to overcome the trial card and has to discard 3 Growth cards to bring her total to 7. 

Round 9- Steve draws a Truth card. He passes

April draws a Truth card. She passes as she still needs to overcome her unbelief trial card. 

Round 10- steve draws 3 Growth cards. he passes

April draws 3 Growth Cards. She misses on drawing a Red and discards some to bring her total to 7. 

Round 11- Steve draws 3 Growth cards. He fulfills an assignment. 

April draws 3 G cards. She draws the Red Growth card and overcomes the trial. She plays her fear of the Lord truth card and defeats the fear stronghold card. 

Round 12- Steve draws a truth card. he passes

April draws a Truth card. She passes

Round 13- Steve draws 3 G cards. He fulfills an assignment

April draws 3 G cards. She draws a trial card and is missing a yellow growth card. she passes

Round 14- Steve draws 3 G cards. He is able to defeat a Stronghold card. 

April draws 3 G cards. Since she drew a trial card and still has an unconquered trial card she uses her option to discard the newly drawn trial card and draws an extra Growth card. She was able to overcome the existing trial card. 

Round 15- Steve draws a Truth card. he passes. 

April draws a Truth card. She plays the Jesus is the Truth Truth card which can defeat any of the strongholds and chooses to defeat Pride because it’s worth 7 points at the end of the game instead of the normal 5 points for defeated strongholds. 

Round 16-Steve draws 3 G cards. he discards some to bring total to 7. 

April draws 3 G cards. passes

Round 17- Steve draws 3 G cards. he drew a trial card. 

April draws 3 G cards. She drew a trial card. 

Round 18- Each drew a Truth card but passed. 

Round 19- Steve draws 3 G cards. passes

April draws 3 G cards. She defeated a stronghold. 

Round 20- Steve draws 3 G cards. He defeats a stronghold

April draws 3 G cards. passes

Round 21- Steve draws a Truth Card. defeats a S card. April draws a Truth card. 

Round 22- Steve draws 3 G cards. April draws 3 G cards and defeats a S card. 

Round 23- Steve draws 3 G cards. 

24- Steve wins

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