Purpose of Celebrating Communion Time

The Holy Spirit said, “Because of the accusations of satan and the daily reminders of sin, failure, and human weakness, you may forget what God has done. You must be reminded; you must remember.  God in His wisdom has provided a time and a way for this to be accomplished. This is the purpose of His communion service. A time to remember what Jesus has done. Here He asks us to look upon His body to see your sin and the sins of the world placed upon Him by God, every lie; every sin against yourself, or others; murder, all adultery, all immorality, all dishonesty, all cheating, all rebellion and idolatry; all enmity through witchcraft and Satanism. Yes, everything with which you can be charged is laid on Him. He has become sin for you, bearing in His body the concentrated dregs of the rottenness of billions of people.”

“He points to His body (as you hold in that symbolic, in that broken body), He points to His body, to your sin, and tells you that your sin has already been judged, you are free. As you behold Him smitten of God with the searing stroke of His judgment, you see there the canceled sin of the world.” Jesus felt the fire of God’s wrath so it wouldn’t fall on us. 

“With this reminder of your peace with Him, you can speed the message to the world. You can come, you have been accepted.  God’s wrath has been turned away.” 

Then He asks us to look at Jesus the High Priest, carrying His blood entering the very tabernacle of God in the heavens where the records of sin is kept, not only the act of sin in our lives, but the records of sin; the disobedience, the breaking of His laws and His covenant. And we see the High Priest.  He said, “see Him as He sprinkles His blood on the book of broken laws, upon the altar of the broken commandments, thus as a thick cloud blotting out forever the records of anything in heaven that’s written in heaven that you could be charged with.”  Not only the act of sin as the evil of sin in this earth and in your life, but the records of it. 

And He said, “As we see Him doing that, we see Him bringing to us a new covenant.”  “This is the covenant that I will make with them after these days says the Lord. I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds will I write them. And their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.”

He tells us now as we see Him, the spotless Lamb of God prepared from the foundation of the world. We see Him now as the sin bearer, coming before God with filthy garments.  See Him there stricken of God.  See Him now as the High Priest sprinkling the blood in heaven, sprinkling the blood of the covenant that is now fulfilled over all of man’s possible failures, covered by blood that speaks to God, and says, “It’s done.” See Him totally remove the need for pardon by removing the remembrance of sin.” 

In Israel there was a remembrance of sin made year after year after year, and man was pardoned but sin was remembered.  But when Jesus came the need for pardon was removed because pardon before God is remembrance, reminds Him of the sin of what He had to forgive us for. But when Jesus came, He removed the records completely. He removed the stain and the guilt, and His blood speaks and says justified, restored to a place of total innocence, because of Christ. The place that was occupied before sin ever entered the world. 

So he said let the Lord sprinkle your life with this truth and it will pull from your conscience, from your minds, those things that would trouble you, and you can be free. As we take the energies that we have spent struggling with these things, and start turning those energies to letting our lives be that channel for His life to flow through. We’ll be strong.  We won’t have to start fighting things that are already dead and gone.

As we observe communion time God asks us to discern, to see this body that was made sin and absorbed the stroke of God’s wrath that was directed towards us. He diverted that stroke of judgment and wrath to his own body. In previous chapters of this book the meaning of that burned sacrifice was emphasized. God chose that this sacrifice of the Old Testament be burned in order to perfectly symbolize the fiery stroke of His judgment upon his perfect sacrifice Jesus. And so as that body of that sacrifice, that heifer was turned to ashes, all of the sins of that Old Testament time that were placed upon that heifer were burned. And those ashes were held in remembrance, taken and placed in a clean place where they could be recognized as the cleansing and the acceptance, and the mark of acceptance of the people that came and put their faith in that sacrifice. 

As you hold that piece of bread in your communion celebration, don’t just see a piece of bread, but as you see it, see there the ashes, see there the cinders of those sins that satan would hold up before you and accuse you of. See there those sins that he would remind you day after day. There they are, already judged, nothing but empty cinders, empty ashes. There power to hurt you has been destroyed!

During your communion time, it’s a plan from God where we observe this time and we can close out the many voices of the world, and the accusations of satan, and we can look again and say there is the remains of my sin. 

In Hebrews 10 and verse 4 He’s speaking about what Jesus did. “For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and goats should take away sins. Therefore when He came into the world he said, “Sacrifice and offering you would not, but a body have you prepared for Me?” In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin you had no pleasure,” then he said, “I come in the volume in the book it was written of me to do thy will oh God.” Above when he said sacrifice you would not, these only cause the sin to be covered a year at a time. Then He said, “I have come to do your will oh God. We are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all. “Every priest stands daily ministering an offering which can never take away sins. But this man after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever sat down on the right hand of God. For by one offering he had perfected forever those that are sanctified.”

What does sanctified mean? God’s meaning of sanctification is the adaptation of His life to the human body. Those who have accepted His life have been covered; have been made part of His family. One sacrifice forever. 

So ask God to let you see the burned cinders of sins that have plagued you. See not only those things that have been a part of your past, the idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, wrath, all of these things. See not only those things but there are some things as you behold ashes of things that you have not even committed yet that may happen tomorrow or the next day as you may be ensnared in some way. 

There’s not going to be some other sacrifice. Every sin of this whole world was laid on Him. He became sin for us and the stroke of God’s judgment hit it. God is calling and he said, “the news is good, you can come now, you can be accepted, and somebody else took your place.”

As you observe your communion time would you ask God to help you to see what it really means to see His body? When you see His body you will see your sins are already gone, they’re judged. And you can say in your heart, “I am free. I have been accepted.” Discern, see His body. And as you see it you will not be a sick Christian, a weak Christian. You will be a strong Christian because of what Jesus has done. 

I encourage you who may have never accepted Christ as of yet to partake of this communion. I’d like to have you take of the cup and of the bread and as you hold it in your hand just send up a word to the Lord, “Father I’m putting my faith in what You’ve done.” And God is going to be made happy because of what you’ve done. 

People who have struggled and wrestled with sin, honest hearted believers, when God has allowed them to catch a glimpse of His body, and there they have seen the burned out cinders of these things that they were struggling with, immediately God helped them to rise above that thing. Would you carry this message to somebody this week? Let them know that the stroke of God’s wrath has been diverted. Jesus took it!

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