Declarations for your Communion Times

Communion Declaration Prayers to pray while taking Communion

Dear God, thank you for tasting death for me.

Jesus, thank you for bearing the wrath of God for my sin

Jesus I accept what You’ve done for me on the cross

Thank You Jesus for giving me fresh strength for the journey

Thank You Jesus for demonstrating Your love for me by dying on the cross for 

my sins even when I was still your enemy

Praise you Jesus for removing my sins as far as the east is from the west

Thank you Jesus for sharing Your wonderful life and nature with me

Thank you Holy Spirit for helping me to overcome through the blood of Jesus

Thank you for Your constant cleansing as I continue to walk with You and talk with You

I declare through taking these symbols of your broken body and shed blood that I am putting my faith and trust completely in what You accomplished for me at the cross and not in my own actions or abilities in any way

Thank you Jesus for adapting me to the power of the flow of your endless life

Thank you Jesus for inculcating your divine nature within me

Thank you Father for providing for all of my needs through the sacrifice of Jesus

Thank you Jesus for destroying the roots of every sin that has been held against me

Thank you Jesus for unclogging the rivers of Your living water within me

Thank you Jesus for that river of your life that brings joy to Your city and people

Thank you Jesus for removing the records of my sin

Jesus, we celebrate and proclaim the benefits of your life, death, and resurrection for us

Thank you Lord Jesus for restoring us to a place of oneness of spirit and communion between us

Thank you Jesus for spoiling the principalities and powers of darkness and totally stripping them of all of their authority to accuse me for my sins that you have already been judged for

Thank you Jesus for conquering death and defeating the devil

Thank you Jesus for removing the stains and guilt of my past failures and sins

Praise you Jesus for purging my conscience from all accusations and condemnation through the power of your blood

Thank You for making me a channel for your life to flow through

Praise you Jesus for restoring me to a place of total innocence before You

Thank you Father that you see me looking just exactly as though my past sins had never happened

Thank you that for all of eternity You will see me looking blameless

Thank you Jesus for a new beginning every morning

Thank you Jesus for entering into a covenant with me that will never be broken

I praise and thank You Lord Jesus for bearing all of my sorrows and emotional baggage

By faith I release forgiveness to myself and everyone who has ever hurt me

If I have any bitter roots towards anyone I thank You for the power of Your endless life to help me forgive and be healed

Father, thank You for freeing me from whatever deposits were made in my soul that were not from You.

Thank You that there is now no condemnation for me because I am in Christ.

By faith through the blood of Jesus, with an act of my will, I choose right now to loose any darkness, any addiction, any anger, any fear, any of the enemy, regardless of how it got there. Leave my soul, now, in Jesus Name.

Father, thank you that through Jesus’ Sacrifice my soul is whole. 

Father I celebrate and receive deposits of Your Love and Life because Jesus died for me to receive it.  

I praise You Jesus and celebrate the full benefits of Your Sacrifice which includes healing and health for my body, soundness in my mind, and peace in my soul and spirit.  

Thank You Holy Spirit for invading my life and family with the life of

Jesus through His blood and this communion time.   

I am covered

I am forgiven

I am cleansed

I am saved and being saved

I am sanctified and becoming sanctified


Partake of the blood and body!

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