The 7 Barriers of Protection

Day 33

  The seven barriers of protection

I have built seven barriers of protection around My people. There are four barriers built around every unbeliever and seven around every believer. The seven barriers are as follows:

  1. An inner hatred of evil is built within you. It’s an inner hatred of evil or the things of satan. It’s an armor that repels you from evil. 
  2. There’s an angelic force that I have sent forth into the world and this is because of My love for people. The angels are protecting and caring for people that don’t even know Me yet. My Spirit monitors the whole earth at one time. The Spirit monitors the whole earth and picks up the signals from everywhere and He cares. The Spirit not only monitors but He sends out the orders to My angels to scatter enemy forces.
  3. Jesus’ prayers are still going up for people that don’t even know Him yet. Once a prayer is prayed in earnestness and honesty it never stops. 
  4. There’s the hedge that I have built about you. In Psalms 19:1 it speaks about My preserving power. The Hebrew word there is hedge; literally, build a hedge about me. You know this hedge that I placed about Job, I opened up a little crack and told satan he could stick his finger upon him but he couldn’t get in. There’s a hedge around about.
  5. There is My Holy Spirit within you. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. And My Spirit is sending out that force field about you. My Spirit not only makes you forget about something that may be hurting you, He not only relieves you but the Spirit searches out those deep things, things that you may not even know about. Things that are hurting you, and He lays them out before Me and then as you’ve prayed in the Spirit, you feel just like you’ve been filled with My love and power. You can only pray and talk to Me when you are searching your own needs out by the way they look to you, but the Spirit who knows the deep things, searches out those things that are really important, where the real needs are and as you give Me your faculties and yield to My Spirit, the Spirit then taking your lips, your tongues, your voice and as you pray regardless of what those sounds are, the Spirit rearranges those sounds, they come up to My ears and there is a beautiful prayer reaching down to where the needs really are. And while He’s doing that you’re ventilated, lifted, and the surge of My life is going through. You may be healed; He can give you the direction to go that you need because He will guide you into all truth. (Romans 8:26)
  6. There’s the power of the blood of Jesus about the believer. That power is so strong that when satan sees the blood he doesn’t only see blood he sees all of the power of the Godhead wrapped up there and that mark is on you. So there’s a beautiful protection there.  
  7. There is the power of other believers. There is power in unity and fellowship with other believers. If two of you shall agree I am in the midst of you. I am in the midst of My church, there is a strength there. Other believers can provide a strength and where one person can chase a hundred, two will put 10000 to flight.

The earth is Mine and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein. For I have founded it upon the seas and established it upon the floods. The earth belongs to Me. I have let satan live there but I made the world for you to inhabit. satan does not own one inch of real estate in the world. I am in control. satan may control some parts of the earth and some possessions, but only through people who serve him. And he can control that through those people, but those people only have use of it for a little while, it’s not really there’s. (Psalms 24)

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