The sure mercies of David

Day 32

  The sure mercies of David 

I am a faithful God. I won’t let you down, you can safely lean on Me, I’ll give you support. But you have to lean on Me to get that support. There are a lot of people trying to lean on nothing and down they go. But when you find out where I am and what I am like, you can put your full weight and trust in Me. David realized this and wrote songs that expresses Me the way I had revealed Myself to him. You can take the name David out and put your name in because you heard My voice and your soul has come alive. 

The agreement I made with David in Psalms 89 is yours when you are in fellowship with Me. There are ten privileges that I have given to the person who has listened and heard My voice and their soul has come alive. The sure mercies of David that I extend to you as you are in fellowship with Me are as follows-

  • I will bless you, smile on you, and the light of My countenance will be upon you
  • I will anoint you, and My Spirit will be poured over your life 
  • I will strengthen you 
  • I promise victory from any attack of the enemy 
  • I will be your defense 
  • My faithfulness and mercy will be with you forever 
  • In My name you will be happy and exalted
  • I will be as a shield around about you
  • your family will be highly favored of Me
  • If your children forsake my laws and walk not in my judgments, then I will visit their transgressions with the rod and their iniquity with stripes. But because they are on my privileged list my loving-kindness will not be utterly taken from them and my faithfulness will not fail (Psalms 89:20-34)

My loving-kindness that I’m beaming down on your lost family members is going to stay with them; I’m going to stay right on them. It doesn’t mean that they’re saved already, but I’m going to stay right on them, I’m going to give them every opportunity, I’m going to keep the door right in front of them. My loving-kindness will I not change or take away from them.

This covenant is yours if you listen to My voice and you pay attention and incline your ear to Me, and life begins moving within you. The life that you feel within you cannot be stopped. Floods can’t stop it. It’s life, My eternal life flowing through you. When people feel the flow of My life they can move out in a victory they never had before. The passing of this life into My presence can’t stop My life. It just continues on in a greater and fuller measure. 

If you ever get out of fellowship with Me, the greatest thing that you can do for your family is to turn your life over to Me. Because you’ve listened, because your soul has come alive, I am listening to those members of your family. And there doesn’t need to be a broken circle of your family in heaven where I dwell.

The Palestinian covenant I made says, even though your kids get carried away to the farthest point and are worshiping other idols, and care not about Me. If they call unto Me from thence I will hear them. I cannot break those covenants that I made. These covenants reflect My attitudes and My feeling toward people.  I want you, I love you, I have room for you, and I’m going to stay on you in that effort to bring you to Myself. 

This area that I spoke of here was the farthest point away from Me a person could get, but I said if you call unto Me from thence I will hear you. My whole key is to call. I will not forsake you, nor destroy you, nor forget the covenant of your fathers which I swore unto you. 

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