I want fellowship with you

Day 27

  I want fellowship with you

Jesus felt the sting of separation forever and He tasted that second death for you. And when He died that veil which was a type of His flesh of the doorway into My presence ripped from the top to the bottom. It was a thick veil, it was a very heavy cloth woven but it wasn’t torn as man would tear it.  Man could not make a way into My presence but I Myself reached down and tore it open. Now all of mankind, Gentiles, Jews, Arabs, whoever would come to Me can come because of Jesus’ body that was torn, putting their faith in what He has done.  (Matthew 27:51)

You are sanctified by the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all. When was the last time we had some communion and fellowship? You can come now! I hope you can see how much I love you. My plan was to make the way open so that you could come back into My heart. Since my heart is open now draw near to Me. Draw near with a true heart and a full assurance of faith. (Hebrews 10:19-20)

As you worship and walk with Me, and put your hand in Mine, I’ll give you the privilege of moving with Me. For those who make it a matter of importance to give for My work in the earth, there is no limit to what I will bless them with and I will open wide the channel. 

I proved to the world that I was righteous by taking My own holiness and draping it over the top of sinful man, so that you can be brought back into fellowship with Me again. Everything that I’m doing, I’m prodding and helping and opening up doors so I could get people back in fellowship with Me. You need a continual glimpse of Me. You need to see Me as I am, then you will be able to help other people see Me as I am. 

In My mercy, I have kept after you, over and over, because My mercies were from everlasting to everlasting and I wanted to bring you to that place of renewal. I wanted to bring you to that place of reconciliation more than I wanted to destroy you. In My plan, I said that there’s still a bit of hope, it’s like a little fire that has gone out but there’s still a little bit of smoke there. I said, I’m going to fan it so I can get a blaze. It’s like the reed that was bruised and it’s lost its stiffness there. I said, I’m going to see if I can make that reed grow again. This is My mercy that’s extended to you. (Matthew 12:20)

Every person that’s born in this life has a sanctuary that’s built for Me. When people put anything else in there it’s like putting a piece of a picture puzzle that’s cut wrong, it just doesn’t fit. Man has to have an object, somebody to worship, and somebody to fill that void. And they’re reaching for one thing and then another but I am the One it’s built for. People will never be completely happy and satisfied and fulfilled until I’m invited in and take that place. It is not just knowing that I’m there or having a ritual to follow but becoming related to Me, I want to be your very own God. 

They that worship Me must worship Me in spirit and truth. You can worship as you’re listening to My Word. You can worship through singing. You can enter into eternity when you worship and experience My presence as you’re loving Me. 

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