Priority #3 (The Resurrection of Christ)

Priority #3 (Jesus Christ is Alive)

Day 40

I am alive and I am with you

When I, Jesus, stood up in resurrection, instead of a lamb standing up, the vision I showed John was that the lamb became a mighty ram that had 7 huge horns on top of his head. The horns in that day represented power. And the fact that this ram had 7 of them spoke of the completeness. The number 7 is divine completeness wherever it is used in My Word. And this ram had 7 horns speaking of complete total power. And this is what I meant after the resurrection when I came down and walked with My disciples in Matthew where I said, All power in heaven and earth is given unto Me.  (Matthew 28:18-20)

When I came forth from the grave, I came forth with all power in heaven and in earth. And it was likened unto 7 eyes. The permanence of what I wanted to picture is also found in Zechariah, where I showed him seven eyes and a stone because a stone was so enduring and the Holy Spirit is eternal. Stones were considered eternal in that day so in order to let him see it and fit with his own thinking I let him see it as a stone with these 7 eyes. But those eyes represent the different capabilities of My Spirit which is yours.  (Zechariah 3:9)

In Revelation I showed John the vision of the Lamb having the same seven eyes as I rose. And that’s the Spirit of the Lord, the seven is the complete knowledge, complete understanding, complete power, complete complete counsel, complete wisdom, complete strength, complete fear of the Lord. All power is given unto Me and I am with you always. (Revelation 5:6)

What the world needs to see is Me! When you catch a glimpse of Me, you will also see that the earth is filled with My glory. And all of these other things are made available when you first catch that glimpse, that vision of Me. Pray for Me to open your eyes to see My glory! I want to show you the way I really am.

My Abba has put all things under My feet. All of satan’s forces, all hurts and bad feelings are under My feet, all the marks of sin and everything under My feet. Many people have questions because they are looking at the tiny piece of the overall eternal picture. And the little piece that doesn’t make sense grows and fills the whole frame when you focus on the pieces that you may not be able to understand in your current state of life. And you see that tiny little piece of the picture blown up and you see none of the parts that have been accomplished. You see only the part that isn’t done yet within that tiny picture that is blown up until it fills your whole vision. 

Paul said, he wasn’t going to spend his time on what hasn’t happened yet. You don’t see all things under Me yet. Paul learned the secret of projecting Me, Jesus, on the part that he could not understand and in doing so, suddenly the whole picture, that little part you don’t understand goes back into the spot where it belongs. And the whole picture comes into focus. In My great picture, everything is in control. 

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