Be a habitation of My glory

Day 43

  Be a habitation of My glory

When I died, a mighty river flowed from My Abba’s heart sweeping away the barrier between us. This river flowed and washed away the records that were against you. This river flowed on and destroys the pollution of sin bringing cleansing. Sanctification comes after the cleansing. I use the blood to sanctify you and adapt you to all of the power of heaven to human life and use. (Hebrews 9:11-15)

Consider the transformers in your city. They are carrying electricity. But before they can light the room you are in they have to be converted into a way that they could be used like that. It’s the same way with the power of My blood. In Me, Jesus, dwelt all of Our fullness (Triune God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). So when you think of the power of My blood what you’re actually talking about is all of the power of the universe flowing. It’s the power of the universe that swept away the barrier and destroyed the records, and it wiped out the pollution, and that mighty surging power, of all of My fullness is bringing My very life, the life of Jesus. 

Sanctification is saying, let the flow of My life go through them. You’re talking about the river of the life of God. Sanctification is the sharing of My life in your mortal body. This is my will, even your sanctification. (1 Thessalonians 4:3) 

I want you to have My life flowing through you. Life is in the blood. So I give you My blood to flow through you. I have blessed you with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. When My life flows through your life there are times when you are in heavenly places. I have raised you up with Me to sit in heavenly places. 

When My river flows and My life touches your human body, My glory touches your life. My glory is the pulsating atmosphere that comes from My throne. As that river flows it carry’s with it the sanctifying power bringing with it and making available to you My life, and then My glory comes. My glory activates all of My wonderful life. My glory sanctifies your life. 

Sanctification is adapting to My life force. My truth will open up the floodgates and cause My life to flow. Faith and My Spirit causes My life to flow. Your faith activates My blood. The Spirit keeps the river flowing. I sanctify you and My life begins to flow through My name, Jesus. As you begin to say My name, My life will begin to flow. All of these things are brought about by My blood. My life in you brings the cloud of My glory! 

When the tabernacle was completed My glory filled the tabernacle. My glory sanctified the tabernacle. It made the tabernacle come alive because I was there. Now your body is My temple where My Holy Spirit is to dwell. My glory from heaven, that power that causes you to sing and to laugh and to be free and have victory over the devil, that’s My glory. You share My divine life when you live in that glory. This was My plan and intention for you. (Exodus 29:43)

All the way through My dealings with the children of Israel, I told them when they camp, to camp in My glory where the cloud stops. And when they move, I wanted them to move with the glory because it was where their true life was. And My glory still brings My life to you and that rich glory that you feel in worship services brings you life.  

I want to adapt the power of My Life to your life and I want you to enjoy My life in your mortal body. Every person who drinks of My life tastes a bit of the atmosphere of heaven and becomes a reflection of what heaven is really like. This is how I am making you like Myself. 

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