Priority #7 (the return of Christ)

Priority #7 (The Return of Christ)

Day 64

    The greatest feast of all 

In My great plans before I ever made the earth, I planned for a great rescue operation. I have allowed some to see this and showed it in the festivals given in Leviticus 23. There are seven of them. And each of them was so important to Me. There was My death and resurrection, fellowship with My people, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the great commission in sending you out to preach the gospel. There was the great message of My atonement covering. And this is the one is the message that will prepare the hearts of men and women for the next one that’s about to happen. And that is the feast of tabernacles. The word tabernacle means a house. The feast of tabernacles was depicting a time when you will be gathered home to be with Me. And I have gone to prepare that place for you, and I’m coming back to receive you. 

I had the children of Israel rehearse each of these festivals every year. Every year they were going to leave their homes and go out into the wilderness for seven days, and there they would live in temporary shelters. Those little booths were a type of some places only on a very miniature small scale of what there is in heaven. And it was a time of great joy. And they would cut down the palm branches and they would shout and sing and that first day as they went out was the greatest jubilee of all as they went out into the wilderness. I told them to get out there and make a joyful noise because they were rehearsing something that is going to be a great happening. And so every year they had to do this. I was taking them out of the world but they had to leave their homes for seven days and then come back to their homes. And this I called the feast of tabernacles.  (Leviticus 23:42)

There’s going to be what I term the greatest feast of all as I feast with My people. Then after seven years, you’re going to come back down and the time of the great millennial reign, where you’ll rule and reign with Me for a thousand years will begin. 

So it’s a matter of going out and away from your homes for this period and then coming back. There is no other possible explanation for this priority that I gave. It had to be rehearsed every year because it was important to Me. That word taken in Matthew was a word that I invented, and it means called to one side in an affectionate manner. And I am going to call you as I’ve likened it as My bride to My side. And the Greek word is spelled Paralambano. (Matthew 24:40)

I have plans for this world. And the bottom line of what I have planned for this world is that it’s going to be a great kingdom with Jesus, My Son, as the King, a great theocracy. Soon my angel Gabriel will shout the words, “the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ. And He shall reign forever and ever.” And it will reverberate from one side of heaven to the other. Following that time, the earth will be purified by fire and I will make a new heavens and a new earth. And Jesus is going to be the King. (Revelations 11:15)

In the fullness of time, my angel Gabriel will pick up the trumpet and give a blast and My people will be delivered from this world. Egypt is a type of this world. But in preparation for this hour, I am bringing men and women to the burning bush, they’re seeing the fire. I am speaking to them. Jesus is coming back and I have My Spirit and My people out readying others for that great evacuation from this earth. 

The millennial reign is not My eternal kingdom. It’s a kingdom that has an end. This will be a kingdom upon David’s throne. But I am going to usher in a kingdom that will not only include the promise to David, but My kingdom will have no end.  And I will reign forever, and ever and ever. My millennial reign begins in Revelation 20:4. Some references to it can be found in Isaiah 35 and Zechariah 14.  

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