I have planned a rescue for you

Day 66

  I have planned a rescue for you 

One believer in fellowship with Me will not taste the wrath of even one day of the great tribulation. My love goes beyond human comprehension. I allowed your uncle to meet with My angel Michael. Michael let him know that at My decree he has shown respect for Lucifer down through all this time, but he said, “I have an assignment that at the time appointed I will battle Lucifer, not to push him back but to totally defeat him.” 

My enemy is accusing people all of the time with things that I have already forgiven them for. At the appointed time, Michael and his angels will not leave room for even one of satan’s forces in all of the heavenly places, but they will cast every single one down to the earth and this will happen during the great tribulation.  

But during that time, it would be contrary to My very character to allow any of My believers to be down there at the time when Lucifer and all of his hosts are assembled on the earth. Michael and his hosts will not leave room for even one of satan’s forces. (Revelation 12:7-12)

When I translated your uncle, I allowed him to see the terrible days of tribulation ahead from My viewpoint. He met many of Gabriel’s angels who will be extremely active during that time. I stated to him that even tribulation would not separate men from My love and that millions will be saved by death in standing for Me in those days. They might not have been ready when I came like a thief in the night but through their death in standing for Me and rejecting the mark of the beast they made it. They were highly favored of Me because of My agreements with their praying loved ones. Even tribulation could not separate them from My love. The prayers of those who love Me for their loved ones will still be effective and that these people will die for their stand and be united at the resurrection at the close of those days of sorrow with loved ones who were taken in rapture before those awful days. (Revelation 7:9-14)

I prepared a word that I used only once. A word that in the Greek is paralambano. I made and used this word for this occasion which literally means to call to one side in an affectionate manner as a groom would call His bride. That word is found in Matthew the 24th chapter where I said one shall be taken and the other left.  As a groom would take His bride, I am going to take My people in an affectionate manner. I want you to occupy and be faithful until I come. 

My plan for the ages speaks of the last days. My plan calls for an evacuation from this earth of millions of people before My judgment strikes. I am the key person in this great rescue operation who will return and will take with Me those who are Mine. If I go and prepare a place for you, you can be sure I’m coming back to receive you unto Myself, so that where I am, you may be also. I’ve never failed to do the right thing. (John 14:3)

You can quit trying to figure out who the anti-Christ is and how you’re going to get along in the tribulation. For My saints to undergo the days of My wrath would be contrary to My character. I have planned a rescue for you. I did not appoint you to wrath. I appointed you to salvation and to stand before Me at My coming. (Thessalonians 5:9)

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