I am your Golden Covering

Day 63

  I am your golden covering 

When I led the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, I led them out following their acceptance of the Passover Lamb. And they were to remember this every year and be reminded that they were saved because of the death of this substitute in this lamb. 

The mercy seat in the holy place had to be sprinkled with blood. No one could approach the mercy seat without blood. At the mercy seat there was a golden lid and underneath that golden lid there was a box called the ark of the covenant. I had Moses take the broken laws and put them in that ark. I put this golden lid over the top of this box so that I can’t see the broken laws. Then I had them take the blood of the sacrifice and sprinkle it over the top of the mercy seat so that when someone comes to Me asking for mercy I look down and I cannot see their sins because they’re hidden under the blood. And every person who comes to Me by the way of the blood has identified themselves with the sacrifice that has already been made.

When you come to Abba through Me He cannot see one solitary thing. I am your golden covering. My blood and sacrifice covers every sin that you ever had or will ever make. There isn’t going to be another sacrifice. As a principle, anything that will hide fellowship with Me, needs to be confessed and repented of and then I will wipe it out. But to the person that belongs to Abba through Me, you don’t have to come to Me and confess a whole lot of things because of your desire to please Me as you walk with Me. Twenty-four hours a day My blood keeps on flowing. It just keeps on cleansing even if you don’t even know about it. 

My blood is the great equalizer. It brings people that are way down, up, and people that are way up it brings them down. I have it all written out paid in full for everybody but there’s a lot of people that haven’t come to Me yet. I have blotted out as a thick cloud all of your transgressions. I have cast all of them in the depths of the sea. And your sins and iniquities I will remember no more forever. But you must come, call, or look to Me in faith to be saved. 

The tabernacle in heaven and all of My Abba’s great plan didn’t go into effect until My blood was applied, and then it started to move. My blood is living and has all of the power of the entire Godhead in it. All the power of creation is in My blood. I told Moses to take that blood because the life is in it and it’s going to be able to make atonement, it’s going to be able to speak.  When I looked down at that mercy seat and saw the blood, the blood carried a message to Me because the life of that animal that was slain represented life, and in tabernacle worship the priest could not say one word while he was in that holy place. There was to be no sound in that place. They couldn’t even make any sound in that place when they were building it. When the priest came in, I wanted to let the people know that I listened to another kind of a voice. When he came in with that blood, the blood spoke.  

So when I let Paul have a glimpse of heaven he saw My Abba, he saw Me, and an innumerable company of My angels, and he saw My blood and said its still speaking. My blood continues to speak in heaven. It’s eternal; it will never lose its power. It carries a message, Abba they’re forgiven, I’ve taken their place, and their sins are atoned for. My blood is speaking before My Abba. When I went in, My blood carried a message to My Abba and when I applied it to that tabernacle all at once My Abba’s ears picked up the message. My blood was speaking, and is saying, they’re forgiven, their sins are destroyed, the records are gone, My blood of atonement.  

My plan for My people was to bring them to a place where nobody could lay a charge on them. Romans 8 mentions about how I refuse to listen to any charge laid against My people. There may be things you do wrong but I am not going to listen to them. I refuse to accept any charges against you, you’re unblameable. My plan for mankind from the very beginning was to bring you to a point where there wouldn’t be anything that WE could blame man for. When you put your faith in the blood, and slip your hands into Mine and allow Me to write My laws into your heart, you are unreprovable. You can look right up into My face now. And sometimes you’re aware of it but I can’t find anything to reprove you for. Because your faith is in My blood, I have a gift of grace and righteousness over you and when I look down at that gift of righteousness which is imputed to you, My Abba is looking at My righteousness and He can’t find anything to reprove there. (Romans 8:33)

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