Priority #5 (the Great Commission)

Priority #5 (Great Commission)

Day 47

  The gospel means good news

The gospel means good news. The good news is, although man is already condemned I’ve provided a way out of your condemnation. Somebody took your place. Jesus paid it all. You are accepted on this basis, not of your performance but of My performance. When an individual from their heart cries out to Me even if it doesn’t pass their lips, My ears are tuned not to the sounds that beat on the human ear that you can hear but My divine ear picks up cries that you can never hear. There are times that you have longed to express yourself but you didn’t know how but My Spirit carried that prayer to Me and sometimes people have cried from their spirit, Jesus! And I told you that it shall come to pass that those who call on My name shall be saved. This is why some people will make it to heaven who others thought would never have made it. 

Because you love Me you are in full time gospel service. Those skills that you have were given to you by Me. That training you have was something that I directed you in. Stay busy for Me. Occupy till I come. On the job you’re in, because you love Me, you are in full time gospel work whatever you’re doing.

There are gospel seeds that have been sown in the hearts and lives of people around the world. The gospel message has been sown, though it may not have been received, it may not have been germinated everywhere yet. The seed has gone forth and it has been sown in many, many lives. My plan for believers is that you take on and become My light to these people. My plan for you is that you actually have My nature and partake of My very nature, the nature of Jesus. 

Seeds have been sown and in many places they’ve been watered by the tears of My followers. My great work that I’m doing today is drawing people close to Myself and allow them and lead them into a place where My life is being seen in them. My life is light. In Me was life and that life was the light of men that lights people in the world. I have set you in the world as a light and I’m saying, it’s time for you to arise and shine for your light has come, and My glory has risen upon you. My nature has risen from you, the glory of the Lord is streaming from you. My likeness that’s streaming from your life becomes the warm rays of My love, of My gentleness, of My nature that goes forth. (Isaiah 60:1) 

And as you partake of My nature, you will shine, and the warm rays from your life will cause a germinating of the seed that is sown all over and there’s going to be life springing forth because the seed of the gospel is there.  

I want you to keep sowing seeds of the gospel and as you move about in this world, as you are living and ministering among people, something in their heart is going to come to life. The seed is going to spring to life.  And they’re going to come to know Me. People that are dead in sins are going to come to life because the seeds are going to spring forth. The world is ready and the seeds are ready to spring forth as the light shines upon them. I want My believers to be shafts of light beaming warmth, love, and kindness into the world. So that the seeds that are sown in lives everywhere will suddenly germinate and they’ll recognize their need for Me. 

I want to shine through your life like a living sun warming that seed that’s been sown. I want that seed to be continued to be sown, but it’s sown everywhere in hearts and lives. I am looking to use those who have My life in them. I am bringing My people together into a great family reunion.

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