My plan of salvation is a family plan

Day 49

  My plan is a family plan

I have a two-throng liberating thrust today. I have sent special forces of angels and additional ministering angels now into every country of the world, not to relieve believers of their responsibility but to help believers get the job done. I am using heavenly hosts in drawing, helping, and ministering to people. I am also using men and women filled with My Spirit, with the Spirit producing within them My nature (the nature of Jesus) to go out and to draw people, and to let them see what I am really like. Let My beauty be seen because the people that My Spirit and angels are working on in bringing to the point of choice are going to be drawn by My Life in your life. 

I want you to know that I am in control. I love you, I want you, and I have room for you and even look for you when you have been away or are lost. My angels are sent forth into the world to reach men and women everywhere and to not listen to their objections, but to bring them to a point of choice. And if they refuse to make the right choice, I am not looking for some reason to cut them off or throw them away. I begin the cycle all over again to bring them to that point of choice. If lost loved ones refuse, I’ll begin it again. I’ll give you a thousand chances if you will just give Me the opportunity to help you. Every life is so valuable to Me. 

Not everybody that comes your way will be brought by My Spirit, but I want you to be sensitive enough to where if you hear the words that they are saying or sense the discouragement or in some way I indicate to you that this is one being brought, I want you to be on your toes and ready to pull them on through. Let them know that My angels are at work and that if they won’t listen, My angels will start the cycle all over again. And if they refuse again they’ll start it again. They don’t get discouraged. They’ve been working with people too long. They’re taking their orders from Me. 

My angels have been sent into all the world to help prepare the precious fruit of the earth, the redeemed souls for the harvest. They can only bring a person to a point of choice but you as believers can help pull them through and help them make the right choice. I am bringing lost people to you, and you become a doorway right to My heart and you can pull them right on through. You must know the urgency of the hour and the importance of linking arms with Me and of telling the world that I care, and of telling the workers around the world that they are not alone.  (James 5:7)

My Spirit is bringing conviction to men and women today around the world. My angels have moved out across the land and they’re searching the lost out from every hill and from every hole in the rocks. I have My eye on you. I’m bringing deliverance to many across the land and people whose hearts have been filled with bitterness for decades are finding the bitterness snapping and healing of their inner spirits are taking place.  (Jeremiah 16:16)

People still need to confirm their reservation that I have already made for them but I am working to bring whole families into My Salvation. When Rahab saved the spies in Jericho, the spies by My inspiration asked Rahab to call her whole family here to the house so they could all by saved. Rahab brought all of her family there and they were all saved. Because I care for the family, and My plan is a family plan. All of the beauties of home and family, the ties, and good things about your family are eternal. And you’re going to have joy such as you never had dreamed. Those children of yours are going to have that warm place in your heart. And there’s going to be a bond that’s going to be beautiful. (Joshua 6:17)

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