My Spirit helps you learn to love

Day 46

  My Spirit helps you learn to love

Holiness is My character, My very nature. Real holiness is letting My life and My nature and My beauty shine through. Holiness is love, joy, peace, gentleness, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, and faith. As My people sing, and as they magnify and exalt My holiness, they will see My magnificence and how little all these other things are in the light of My presence.

One of the aspects of My holiness is love. Today My Spirit is producing these evidences in the believers’ life. The present day move of My Spirit is to help complete the task of readying My Church for My return. My Spirit is implanting My nature into the lives of believers. Most of the nine characteristics of the fruit of My Spirit has to do with your relationship with others. How you could let others see Me. I sent My Spirit that the world may see My beauty in your life and be drawn to Me; Jesus. The world wants to see what I am like. 

Holiness is neither the absence of sin, nor the presence of works. It is My presence, My nature. And the absence of sin is the result of holiness but not holiness itself. Holiness makes you abhor evil.

If a man be overtaken in a fault ye which are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of meekness, considering thyself lest thou also be tempted. (Galatians 6:1) 

Love is seen by restoring the fallen. There are some people who have said they will forgive but that person will never be in the same spot again in their thinking. My restoration is so complete that you could soar higher than you could ever soar in your life.

And so in your forgiveness with another, in restoring them, it means to put them back just the way they were. To do anything else would be incomplete. Put them back in your love, put them back into your heart. Restore them. This is My love. 

As you wait in My presence, you partake of My nature, and then you can see what I want to do and you can stand there in My presence like Paul who said, “I forgave in the person of Jesus,” you can do it knowing that you are representing Me. You can take that person and lift them back up into the place of your thinking, in your heart, in your love, and restore them. 

If you know anyone who needs to be restored that you can restore, start thinking about them and then wait in My presence, and let My love beam out from you as you set them back into the place that I want them. This is the beauty of holiness. This is true holiness. 

The evidence of love is, love abstains from things that would hurt another. My love will help you to bear one another’s burdens and give you a willingness to forgive. Forgiveness in My book is to treat the person like you have forgotten about the very thing you had to forgive them for. (Romans 13:10)

There may be people that you feel are in trouble with Me because of things they have done. I want you to go to them, and help them. Confirm your love toward them.

I will show you the path of life, in My presence there is fullness of joy and at My right hand there are pleasures forevermore. It’s joy and this is why when I beam down of My life there’s joy, there’s a real bounce that comes to you. (Psalms 16:4) 

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