Priority #2 (Fellowship and Communion with God)

Priority #2 (Fellowship and Communion with God)

Day 14

Enjoy oneness of spirit with Me

My entire purpose revolves around My plan to restore mankind to a place of fellowship with Me. I have woven the importance that I place on My completed sacrifice into every part of the Bible. My Sacrifice has removed all distance between us and I have provided fellowship through My blood. 

Communion with Me is something more than communication. Communication may be the passing of information, getting the thoughts straight, getting the words straight. But communion is when your heart speaks, and there’s a heart fellowship, there’s a oneness of spirit with Me. 

There was a time when man enjoyed communion with Me. It was so rich, and so wonderful. In the cool of the day I came down and walked with Adam and Eve and there was fellowship. Man had wonderful fellowship at one time with Me but fellowship was broken and man walked away from Me. But I laid out a plan where by man could be restored to fellowship with Me. I wanted people in heaven who wanted to be there because they chose to be there. And before I ever made the world I made a plan whereby fellowship could be restored. Now for a long period of time, I did not lose touch with man but man could not come into My presence. Mankind had to have a representative go in on man’s behalf to Me. I had a great veil hung in the tabernacle. The high priest went in once a year on the Day of Atonement. I kept contact with man, looking forward to a time when the veil would be removed and all mankind could come back into My presence again.  (Genesis 3:8-10, 23-24)

I opened up a way for you to have fellowship with Me. My Spirit is saying, Come, and My bride is saying, come, and those who hear are saying, come. My church is saying, come. (Revelation 22:17) 

I said, I am here standing at the door knocking because not only do I want to have that fellowship and communion but I want to have it with you.  (Revelation 3:20)

Sin became a barrier between mankind and I. There could be no fellowship with Me until this barrier was removed and My wrath appeased. A brief picture of My plan is seen in Romans 5. You are justified by faith and have peace through Me. Because of what I have done for you through My sacrifice you can enjoy the benefits and blessings of justification (just as if it had never happened in My sight), peace with Me, reconciliation (the separating barrier to fellowship with Me because of sin destroyed), access to My grace (the wall between you and I has a doorway, an open access), and hope (and this hope makes not ashamed because My Love is shed abroad in your heart). (Romans 5:1-11, 15-21)   

You can now come boldly before My throne of grace to fellowship with Me or just commune with Me. Many of My people are still living as though the veil was still hanging. And they have no fellowship. They still feel that somehow they have to atone for their own sin. Worship is mechanical, a mechanical action, and a cold formal lifeless thing. Others are living as though this veil has to be torn every few days over and over again. They feel that in order to have peace with Me each time they come there has to be a tearing again of the veil, but I said I did it once and for all.     

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