I help you back into fellowship

Day 15

I help you back into fellowship

Will you hear my knock on your heart and will you open that door to Me so I can come in and have communion with you and so we can sup together? This isn’t something that’s way off in the future but it’s for right now. I am here supping with you right now. So when you take communion and you hold that cup in your hand I am supping with you. I’m feeding you of My life and you’re feeding Me with your life because I feed on your worship, on your love. 

When I told the disciples, I have meat to eat that you know not of, I wasn’t eating something else, I was merely drawing from the adoration of a person that I was leading to Myself. And when Martha told me to command her sister to help her get the meal ready I was already feeding from her adoration. We had a oneness of spirit and Mary was giving me the best meal. When I finished my sacrifice the Old Covenant was done away and I brought in the New Covenant which included the new time of communion between us. (John 4:32)

It is of My mercies that you are not consumed. My compassions fail not, they are new every morning. I am faithful and My aim and goal is to help you and provide the means so you can get back into fellowship with Me. I am faithful to follow through with this goal that I have for your life. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

One of the highest purposes that I had in mind for the flow of My Blood was to provide a way for you to enjoy oneness of spirit between us. In the Old Testament time the communion as you know it was called the Passover. I gave this as a law to show that there is no life in the individual without partaking of Jesus. And this Passover was a symbol of the Lamb that would come.  And these families partook of the Lamb. They used the blood for protection; and they used the body for food for their physical health.  (Exodus 12:13, 14, 24)

When I came I took away the Old Covenant and brought in the New Covenant at the completion of My sacrifice. Now you are able to partake of the real Lamb(Jesus) and the real blood. My blood broke down the barrier and brought reconciliation, removing the records of sin and the pollution of sin through cleansing. And I use it to adapt you to My life force, but all of these things are so I can bring you back into communion with Me. 

I wanted to prepare you so you could enjoy communion with My Spirit again. My blood is the only guarantee of acceptance before Me. It is the only source of divine life. 

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