I have beautiful plans for you

Day 18

I have beautiful plans for you

All of your springs, all of the life forces within you spring from Me. The desire, the channels, the drives within, I have drawn that right into the blueprints of your life. Those peculiar characteristics that make you you, were even part of My planning for your life. Each person has a little different design in their life and as I prodded and prompted, and the planning and the steps that go with each of them would fit a different direction. You don’t know all of the things that I have planned for you. But I have really laid out some beautiful complete plans. Every one has something. And I want to make you the best possible for My glory. Because of greed, self, and sin often times the pipeline that I expect that fountain where the spring of life is to come through is warped and twisted, there are times when it becomes all plugged up and very little comes through. (Psalms 87:7)

I made all of the delicate inner parts of your body, and knit them together in your mother’s womb. My workmanship is marvelous. I was there when you were being formed in utter seclusion. I saw you before you were born and scheduled each day of your life before you began to breathe. Every day was recorded in My book. (Psalms 139:13)

Those qualities and capabilities in you that I gave you reach their highest purpose ever when you make Me (Jesus), the Lord of your life. Let Me have a chance, when I have all of you and I am your Lord, I not only have you, I have the potential of your life. There are beautiful goals that I have within your life, and I want you to commit yourself to Me. Those desires and things you would love to accomplish for My glory have been placed there by Me. If you acknowledge Me in all of your ways, and trust in Me with all of your heart, if I am Lord of all that you have, I will make those desires reality.

For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling into a far country who called his own servants and delivered unto them his goods. And unto one he gave five talents, and to another two, and to another one. To every man according to his several ability. When I come I hope to find you doing whatever thing I’ve put in your heart. When I come may I find you being the best, allowing Me to help you to reach the highest potential in the thing that I put in your life in the capabilities, qualities that I gave you. There isn’t one good thing that you’ve received that hasn’t come from Me.  (Matthew 25:14)

When I purpose and decree something, the forces in My will are set in motion, and there is nothing in heaven or on earth or under the earth that can stop it. When I decree something, an irreversible force is set in motion that nothing can stop. When people fit into the spot that I have foreordained for them they become a part of My plan. I keep a different set of books then people do. Everyone in My great plan and program can’t be a chief. There has to be a few Indians. (Isaiah 14:24-27)

In My book, I don’t have some big blue prints and some little blue prints and some that are supposed to be important and some unimportant, there all the same.  I just want you to fill the spot that I have put you in and as I lead you I will open up My plans each day in the fullness of time. I want you to carry the influence of My (Jesus’) life that’s flowing so full and so free through you to others. Carry it to people all over your community.  There are people dying for just a little sip of the water of life that’s within you. Become those wells that are open and ready. 

Thank Me for the blueprint plans I have designed for your life. Yield to My Spirit so I can fulfill every good plan that I have for you. My planning for others is just as complete though they may not know about it, it’s just as complete, for I care for everyone.  

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