Healing for all three parts of you

Day 8

Healing for all three parts of you

In My plan before I ever started the world, I made provision for the health of the body. By My stripes you are healed. I included healing and wholeness for all three parts of your being through My atonement. When you are in My presence and you take the full focus of what I intended through communion you receive emotional healing, physical healing, and spiritual healing. My blood was shed for your spirit, your spiritual needs. I was bruised and beaten for your grief’s, the emotional part of you. And My body was broken and I received stripes for your body, for your physical healing.  As you partake of Me during your communion service times I want you to remember My body, that there is provision there for all of your needs. Ask Me to help to make you that whole complete person in Me. (Isaiah 53:4)

Paul prayed that your whole spirit, your whole soul, and your whole body would be preserved blameless unto My second coming. (1 Thessalonians 5:23) My mercies are new every day and you can look forward to it. I desire to share My life with you and I want you to feel the glow and flow of My Life. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

I took care of your spiritual sickness through the shedding of My blood. I took care of your emotional and your physical needs by the breaking of My body. As you partake you can literally draw from Me of My life. My Father took the very best that heaven had in order to make the plan that you might be brought back to Me.

I have made provision for your emotional strength and health. I have provided for your spiritual freedom. I want you to enjoy the assurance of My acceptance of you based on your acceptance of My blood.

There’s healing in our communion. There’s life in our communion, brand new life. There’s hope in our communion. There’s liberation from bondage, and from depression in communion with Me because I am the Light. There’s cleansing in My light. I want you to come and by holding that cup in your hand, I want you to say to Me, “Jesus my faith is not in my ability or lack of ability. My faith is in what You have done for me.”  As you do this, something is going to happen to you today. A new birth takes place and I will become real to you. I will cause a whole new day to dawn for you. I will restore things with you today. 

When you tell Me you are putting your faith in the blood, you are putting your trust in something that I have confidence in and you become partners with me, part owners with Me in covenant. Your righteousness doesn’t come from inside of you, doesn’t come from your efforts, and doesn’t come from your accomplishments.  It’s a free gift that I purchased for you and gave to you.  

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