Look what I have done

Day 5

Look what I have done

My life is activated during communion time when you properly discern My body. In Hebrews 10:5 I was speaking about the work that was given for Me to do, which was that work of becoming a sacrifice for sin, and I said, “a body has Thou prepared for Me?” You can now enter into that place of close fellowship with Me through My flesh. If people failed to recognize and see My broken body with proper understanding and faith, then it wouldn’t accomplish in them the purpose I had designed for the communion service. 

Zechariah 3:1-5 speaks about the time that My Son came before Me with filthy garments, bearing every sin on His body and every sin of the whole world. Visualize Him, the spotless Lamb prepared from the foundation of the world, and see Him as the sin bearer, coming before Me with filthy garments. See Him there messed up. And I told Gabriel to remove those garments and put on Him a crown with the royal priestly garments so He can walk among His people now representing them. On the crown it read “Holiness unto the Lord.” Jesus is your High Priest and the message that He is carrying to Me through all of eternity is this: Abba, count all of those people whose sins I carried holy in your sight.  

See Him sprinkle His blood over all of your possible failures. His blood is now speaking to Me on your behalf and on behalf of everyone who is placing their faith in Jesus and its saying, “Not guilty, it’s done.” I turned sin into cinders. I blotted out the records. You may not yet have become fully like Me in My nature before the eyes of man but before My Abba you are counted as holy in His sight. We did this because We want you. You are worth so much to Us. We are not looking for reasons to destroy you but to save you. We have so much invested in you.  

So when you take that broken bread in your hand, visualize there those things that have been haunting you. See My broken body with literally every sin ever committed by the human race upon it. But thank Me for bearing the judgment for you, and your sins that were there are nothing but empty ashes. I don’t want you to worry about trying to do things that you feel may help you look better to Me because there’s nothing you can do to get Me to accept you apart from accepting what I did for you on the cross. 

I want you to turn and look what I have done. 

Because of what I have done, the bands of sin, disease, depression, habit, or any other type of a band is going to be broken as you look to Me. Look to Me; believe Me to set you free. As you remember My death and put your faith in what I have done, you identify yourself with what I have done and become a partaker of My life, and then My life can be seen in your mortal bodies.


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