Illustrations of My operation

Day 3

Illustrations of My Operation

The purpose of My sacrifice covers every need that mankind will ever have and so I needed to provide more than one example to illustrate it. That sacrifice is the nearest thing there is in the universe to My heart. It’s top priority with Me because it had to happen in order to bring you back into fellowship and communion with Me.

There were two animals to help picture the completeness of what I did before the foundation of the earth. 

  • There was a live goat and every sin was pronounced over the head of it. The goat was taken out into the wilderness to never return again, to wander until it perished. 
  • There was the Lamb that was burned to ashes. 
  • There was the cloud of incense in the holy place that represented what Jesus became through His sufferings. 
  • I also pictured it as Jesus the High Priest taking the blood and offering, sprinkling the blood before Me as a sacrifice. 

Over and over again I made reference to this sacrifice.

The tabernacle of Moses was a miniature picture of My great big plan of salvation for all time.  Everything about the plan was a picture of Me and My sacrifice. One of the first things inside of it was a brazen altar. On the brazen altar there was to be a sacrifice burned to ashes. And those ashes would be sprinkled on the individual who was going to be accepted of Me. And that sacrifice had to feel the searing heat of judgment by fire because on that sacrifice all of the sins of Israel were placed. And that sacrifice was made sin and felt the searing heat. So when Israel came to be accepted by Me and the ashes were sprinkled along with the blood, I was saying to Israel, you have given Me your sins, I am giving back to you now and letting you see the ashes of something that has lost it’s power and life, and it’s been reduced to nothing. The fire of judgment was diverted from you to a substitute and your sins were on the body of that substitute. And they were destroyed as My judgment for sin struck. 

My Spirit was saying through Paul, If this kind of a sacrifice, the sprinkling of blood and the ashes of a heifer, could work in purifying a life so that as people discerned the body of the lamb where their sins were, and if that gave them the right to say that their sins there became reduced to ashes, Paul was saying, how much more shall My blood and sacrifice completely remove from your mind and conscience, all of the feelings of unworthiness. You can discern and see My body there. (Hebrews 9:14)

When the enemy tries to remind you of your sins you can hold up that piece of bread representing my broken body and say that all of your sins have been judged and reduced to ashes already. And My blood has canceled the power of sin.

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