I Removed the Remembrance of Sin

Day 2

I removed the remembrance of sin

During the Old Testament days there were no chairs in the tabernacle, which was a type of My dwelling place in heaven. This was because the work was never finished. The pardon had to be re-written, the sins and charges had to be reviewed every year. But when I finished the work on the cross I went into My Abba’s presence and sat down. Abba looked at My work and saw that its working, and there will never have to be another sacrifice. I made the one sacrifice for sin forever, and sat down. (Hebrews 10:12)

When you know you’ve been justified by faith in what I have done; you can take that big breath and have peace with Me. I want you to declare it. I totally removed the need for pardon by removing the remembrance of sin. In Israel there was a remembrance of sin annually, and man was pardoned but sin was remembered. But when I came, I removed the records completely. I removed the stain and the guilt, and My blood speaks and says justified, restored to a place of total innocence. I have restored you to the place that was occupied in My heart before sin ever entered the world.

The tabernacle in heaven didn’t come alive until I brought My blood there after I completed My sacrifice. Once I applied My blood to the tabernacle the wheels of my Abba’s great plan began to turn, and every sin from Adam on was atoned for. Suddenly all of those things that had been waiting, a great big back log waiting for Me to come, were taken away.  

The sacrifices in Moses’ Tabernacle could never take away sin being brought. Year after year they were waiting until I brought My blood into heaven. The only way it could run would be by My blood and all of these things that were waiting, all of the sins and iniquities were destroyed. The power of My blood in My Abba’s great plan reached out across the ages, clear to the end of time and it drew every sin, every iniquity and also destroyed the power of them.  

If you believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that I, Jesus am Lord, you pull the switch that activates something that destroys every record that could ever be against you in heaven.  (Romans 10:9) Salvation is clenched through your confession. And it removes from My memory those sins so when you look up into My face, I see you with a heart as spotless as a newborn child. The highest thing that I came to do was to restore you to that point of innocence and communion with Me. 

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