I am using those who know Me

Day 55

  I am using those who know Me 

When you feed on My word you actually become the living word. You can speak in My Name. I have made you the authority, you’re My representative. Whosoever you free I’m going to free. There’s a lot of difference between having authority when you know Me and you have that peace and what you’re talking about is a real experience that you can share with others and people want what you’ve got. When you know Me, here’s your authority, whosoever sins you remit they are remitted unto them. When you see that person open their hearts to Me, you can tell them with authority their sins are gone. I’ll back you up because you know Me.  

The water I give becomes a river flowing out of you to other people, the life-giving water that they so definitely need. With My peace and joy you can represent Me and My authority. It is people who have seen Me and are glad and have My peace, they are experiencing the very reality of My Life and rivers are flowing out from them, those are the one’s that I am using. (John 7:38) 

When people break My word and know it, and don’t care and are looking for something to try and justify it, there’s no lasting peace for them. It’s peace that I am drawing people towards. I want you to live before others and let them see what I have done. Life comes from having Me in your heart. My favor is actually life. (Psalms 30:5)

Every generation has had a special move of My Spirit. Down through history there have been special revivals under people that I had raised up but the revival that I am bringing to the world today is different and far more reaching than any revival the world has ever known. It’s not because of great individuals that I am raising up. It’s because of believers, members of the body of Christ who are becoming My voice, who are taking on My likeness because of My Word.  

I have allowed you to participate in the greatest awakening this world has ever seen. And it’s the awakening that’s going to climax in a sound of a trumpet from heaven as I reach down and pull people from every nation, tribe and tongue, and denomination.

Because of My desire for you, not because you loved me so much, but because I loved you so much, I bore the anguish of uncertainty, the plague of every man, and the fear, which shrouded every life. I bore your griefs and carried your sorrows. In My blood that is given to you are the conquering seeds of My divine life, power over sin, power over sickness of mind, power over sickness of the body.

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