The Revelations of Roland Buck

I will be uploading more previews from the revelations of Roland Buck on my blog. Below are just a few parts from this book. You can find it on Amazon with the link below.

These prophetically paraphrased nuggets of truth were inspired by my great uncle Roland Buck’s life teachings. I pray that God will use these letters to inspire, strengthen, bless and encourage your heart and faith in Him.

The Lord would say…

There are seven truths that are high priority with Me. I revealed them to Moses in Leviticus 23. They’re all embodied and contained in My plan revealed through the 7 feasts of Israel. They happened in sequence. I was prepared for the cross, the Passover, I died and gave My life, and restored fellowship between us at the feast of unleavened bread. The feast of the first fruits spoke of the resurrection that I am alive. The feast of Pentecost came 50 days after. And exactly 50 days after My resurrection I poured out My Spirit upon the earth on the day of Pentecost.

Then I said to My disciples, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”  But I said to them, “before you go I want you to partake of this part of My great plan, the outpouring of My Holy Spirit.  So when you go out to do My work you’ll have My power to do it with, you’ll have My nature to show to the world.  The next feast was the feast of trumpets, symbolizing My call to trumpet the good news to all the world. Then came the feast of atonement. And this is the one in sequence that contains the message that will prepare the hearts of men and women for the next one that’s about to happen.  And that is the feast of tabernacles.


One of the most important truths that I am highlighting in these last days is on how to take communion. It would do you well to confess these truths during your communion celebration times. When you trust in My blood to be enough you have the right to say the following.

Because of the accusations of satan you may forget what I have done. You must be reminded of what I have done. You need to look upon My body to see your sin and the sins of the world placed upon Me by the Father. I became sin for you, bearing in My body the concentrated sin of billions of people. As you hold that symbolic piece of bread, in My broken body, you see your sin, and this bread tells you that your sin has already been judged, you are free. As you behold Me messed up on the cross with the searing stroke of Father’s judgment, you see there the canceled sin of the world. With this reminder of your peace with Me, you can speed the message to the world. You can come, you have been accepted.  Father’s wrath has been turned away.

These truths will liberate you from fear. They will free you from the burdens that you may be going through.  They will free you from your own efforts of trying to lift yourself into a place where you can please Me.

My Spirit was saying through Paul, “If this kind of a sacrifice, the sprinkling of blood and the ashes of a heifer could work in purifying a life so that as people discerned the body of the lamb where their sins were, and if that gave them the right to say that their sins there became reduced to ashes, Paul was saying, “how much more shall My blood and sacrifice completely remove from your mind and conscience, all of the feelings of unworthiness. You can discern and see My body there. When the enemy tries to remind you of your sins you can hold up that piece of bread representing my broken body and say that all of your sins have been judged and reduced to ashes already. And My blood has canceled the power of sin.

This is the reason why I have set aside a time that you can come and look and be reminded again and again that it’s done, the price is paid. My Father’s wrath was diverted to Me and your sins were judged when I was judged.

I was with my Father during the eternal ages past but while on the cross He had to look away from Me because He can’t stand to look upon sin and the sin of the world was placed upon Me that hour. That was when I cried out that phrase Why. And the cold pains of eternal damnation, gripped My life. And I suffered the judgment of God for everybody.

My Father’s love for you is so great in sending Me to become the substitute for you. I came to taste that total separation from My Father so you wouldn’t have to.  I felt the eternal damnation in My body! But the power of My blood overcame death.  The power of My sinless life made it impossible for Me to be held by the band of death.

Men and woman have had the full orb of truth.  They have heard about both of My love and My wrath.  But they have it upside down.  And men and women in trying so hard to appease My wrath are struggling and struggling and struggling when My Son Jesus has already appeased My wrath with His sacrifice. Roll the orb of truth over. You get lost and all wrapped up into My love and you’re not going to have to worry about My wrath.

The feeling of spiritual achievement that people have had down the years that people have told them that it’s by their own efforts or it’s what they have done in making themselves ready to have communion has denied My blessing and smile for many people down through the years. The blood of Jesus Christ is more needed to the one that doesn’t know Jesus then the one that does. If you will put your faith in what Jesus has done and take the cup and by that act of taking that cup you are saying something to Me that you haven’t been able to say in any other way. This is your source of life.

PRIORITY #2 (Fellowship and Communion with God)      

1 John 1:1-9- If you confess your sins I am faithful and just to forgive you of your sins. The light that My Word is talking about here is Me.  I am the Light.  I’m shining out and lighting people and as long as you walk in fellowship with Me My blood flows and cleanses you.  My Blood flows as far as My light flows and My light comes to you when you are in fellowship with Me.

Isaiah 1:18- “Come now let us reason together. Though your sins are as scarlet they shall be white as snow.”

You can come now, my wrath is turned away now you can come and talk to Me about it. Come now and let us reason together, I’ll take care of all of it.”

As you walk in fellowship with Me you don’t have to walk around with your head bowed down in fear wondering whether or not you’re going to make it if I called you to My side tonight.  As you stay in fellowship with Me all of hell can’t take you away because I have a built in cleansing agent there. It’s all mixed in with My light, and with My fellowship. There may be some thoughts or things that come into your mind that you know would displease Me, but My blood just keeps on cleansing. You may lift your voice and get mad at someone but My blood just keeps on cleansing.

My Sacrifice has removed all distance between us and I have provided fellowship through My blood. My blood is still speaking and it’s saying to My Father on your behalf, “count that person just, they’ve put their faith and their trust in Me.” When people feel the flow of My life they can move out in a victory they never had before. I want to adapt the power of My Life to your life and I want you to enjoy My life in your mortal body. Every person who drinks of My life tastes a bit of the atmosphere of heaven and becomes a reflection of what heaven is really like.  This is how I am making you like Myself.

Through prayer you activate My vast network of the resources of heaven. I have many agencies of resources to get My job done. I send angels, believers, and can even turn the hearts of unbelievers to accomplish my purposes and to answer your prayers.  My Spirit also ministers through His gifts. I can readjust circumstances but I will often change the person and leave the circumstances the same.  I can use My forces in nature to answer prayer as well. Through prayer you can minister and carry My blessing to others and share with them of My life and love. The thing that you really need in your life is to have fellowship with My heavenly Father.  It’s the hunger of men and woman down through the ages just to be able to get close to Me again and because I died it’s happened so you can share it with others. And the work that you’re doing in helping people, the main aim of that work is so that they can have fellowship with Me. Fellowship was made possible again because of My blood.

The act of praise is something that’s for every living, breathing individual. I have even given animals and birds an opportunity to praise Me. I tell them to. Let everything that has breath praise Me. When I come and you crown Me Lord of all, the praises of My saints are going to sound like the voice of many waters.  As My Father has Me tarry until that time you will see this happening more and more, My saints on earth will move into high praise and I will give them a taste of what it will be like in heaven when everyone is in united worship before My throne.

One of the ways that you praise Me is in song.  You can praise me in the Spirit as you yield your heart to Me and sing that melody that’s deep down inside, a song that’s never been written. Praise Me making that melody in your hearts unto Me. When you praise Me it makes Me happy, I take pleasure in you. Anything that’s against Me can be held back, any attempt, any attack against Me when you have that power and that sword of Me in your hand that comes through praise.  This is the glory of My faithful ones.

I told David to write it down.  Praise unlocks My power, to push back the attacks of satan, to break the bondages that come to many of My believers.  There is a key; there is a certain quality, a certain ingredient in praise that is present every time that the key is turned.  It’s a key that I have put in your hands.  You read it in 2 Chronicles 5:13 when the temple was going to be dedicated. The release of My power came, a key was pushed into the lock in heaven and the singers and the musicians were all as one to make one sound in the praising and the magnifying of Me. And they were to say praise the Lord for My goodness and My mercy endures forever.

And as they praised Me, I took that key, opened the door, and the glory cloud from heaven came down and filled the place and people were overcome by the great cloud of the glory of My presence. When Israel was being attacked I said, “You won’t need to fight in this battle because I’m going to create a different kind of an army for you, an army of praise.  And when this army of praise began to praise Me, they were singing about what I am like, they said, “For He is good and His mercy endures forever.” Not the fact that they were able to keep all of My laws.  It was the fact that My mercy and kindness was extended to them and they were recognizing this and I said, “I like it.”  I told Michael to get a big bunch of warring angels and said, “Get down there.”  And he hid them behind every bush.  And as this attacking army came they jumped out at them, they scared the daylights out of them. Israel was saved but they were saved when they turned the key of praise.

What about the apostle Paul when he was in prison there.  Remember when he was in prison with Silas?  They could have complained.  When you get into trouble don’t complain and say you don’t have anything to praise Me for. But at midnight Paul and Silas sang praises to Me. And they were singing about who I AM, “for I am good and My mercy endures forever. And as they were singing, I said, “somebody is praising down there I can feel the key turning.”  And I came down and sang bass. And those old foundations began to shake when I sang and the rocks fell off and the cuffs fell off their hands. They were liberated through praise.  Men and women are liberated when they praise Me. Sing unto Me a new song from your heart, one that’s never been written.

When you’re looking for reasons why I haven’t answered your prayers, you’re problem conscious even while you’re looking for a way out. Turn your eyes on Me and become Jesus conscious for when you’re Jesus conscious you become victory conscious. And you can understand why Paul said those rocks that were hitting his body when they were stoning him were light. They were light when he fixed his eyes upon Me and when you look not at the things that are seen but at the things that are not seen.

Use the name of My Son Jesus, project Jesus into your problem, Jesus is the Light. And My light pushes back the powers of darkness and it destroys it. My answer to darkness is light, and Jesus is Light.


I showed Roland that there really is going to be a rapture that takes place before the great tribulation time on this earth. In My great plans before I ever made the earth, I planned for a great rescue operation. I allowed Roland to see this and showed it to him in the festivals given in Leviticus 23.  There are seven of them.  And each of them was so important to Me. There was the death of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus, fellowship with his people, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, going into all the world and preaching the gospel. There was the great message of the covering.  Then the seventh one was the gathering together to Myself. And in this festival I had the children of Israel rehearse each of these festivals every year.  They had to rehearse the Passover which had to do with the death of Jesus. The last one was every year they were going to leave their homes and go out into the wilderness for seven days and there they would live in temporary shelters. And it was a time of great joy. And they would cut down the palm branches and they would shout and sing and that first day as they went out was the greatest jubilee of all as they went out into the wilderness. I told them to get out there and make a joyful noise because they were rehearsing something that is going to be a great happening.  And so every year they had to do this. I was taking them out of the world but they had to leave their homes for seven days and then come back to their homes.  And this I called the feast of tabernacles.

The time when I am looking ahead to taking you, the word tabernacle means a home, taking you to My home to live with Me.  It’s going to be a beautiful time.  There’s going to be what I term the greatest feast of all as I feast with My people. Then I said, “After seven years, you’re going to come back down and the time of the great millennial reign where you’ll rule and you’ll reign with My Son Jesus for a thousand years will begin.”  So it’s a matter of going out and away from your homes for this period and then coming back.  There is no other possible explanation for this priority that I gave.  It had to be rehearsed every year because it was important to Me. That word taken in Matthew was a word that I invented, and it means called to one side in an affectionate manner.  And I am going to call you as I’ve likened it as My bride to My side.  And the Greek word is spelled paralambano.

One believer in fellowship with Me will not taste the wrath and the fury of even one day of tribulation. My love goes beyond human comprehension.

In the fullness of time, my angel Gabriel will pick up the trumpet and give a blast and My people will be delivered from this world. Egypt is a type of this world. But in preparation for this hour, I am bringing men and women to the burning bush, they’re seeing the fire. I am speaking to them. Jesus is coming back and I have My people out readying others for that great evacuation from this earth.

I allowed Roland to meet with Michael. Michael spoke to him and said “at God’s decree I’ve shown respect for Lucifer down through all this time,” but he said, “I have an assignment that at the time appointed I will battle Lucifer not to push him back but to totally defeat him.”  And he said that they are accusing My people day and night constantly all the time with things that Christ has already forgiven them for.  He said that he will not leave room for even one of them in all of the heavenlies but we will cast every single one down to the earth and this will happen during the great tribulation.

But the believers, during that time, it would be contrary to My very character to allow any of My believers to be on there at the time when Lucifer and all of his hosts are assembled on this earth.  Michael and his hosts will not leave room for even one of satan’s forces. Revelation 12:7-12.

When I translated Roland, I allowed him to see the terrible days of tribulation ahead from My viewpoint. He met many of Gabriel’s angels who will be extremely active during that time.  I allowed him to visit briefly with Michael who also has an important role to fill during the tribulation time. I stated to him that even tribulation would not separate men from My love.  And that millions will be saved by death in standing for Me in those days. Revelation 7:9-18 speaks of these were highly favored of Me that even tribulation could not separate them from My love. The prayers of those who love Me for their loved ones will still be effective and that these people will die for their stand and be united at the resurrection at the close of those days of sorrow with loved ones who were taken in rapture before those awful days.  I prepared a word that I used only once.  A word that in the Greek is paralambano.  I said this word I used, I made for this occasion which literally means to call to one side in an affectionate manner as a groom would call His bride.  That word is found in Matthew the 24th chapter where I said one shall be taken and the other left.  As a groom would take His bride, I am going to take My people in an affectionate manner. I want you to occupy and be faithful until I come.

I let him know that My plan before I ever made the earth was to take you to be with Me. When I come, I’m not going to look at people’s minds and see what position that they hold on the end times but I’m going to look at your hearts to see if I live there. It would be totally contrary to My character for even one believer to go through even one day of the tribulation time.

My great plan of the ages is unfolding. It’s unfolding day by day as the pages turn. There are six things that are going to happen in the days ahead. My return is very, very near. The first of the six things that are about to happen is the gathering together of My believers to Myself. 1 Thessalonians 4:16.

Following that for the people left on earth is a time called the great tribulation. There is nothing that has happened or that will happen that has not had a preliminary rehearsal of the thing. That will happen on the earth Matthew 24:21-22.

Then while the tribulation is happening on earth there’s going to be a time when the believers are going to hear those words from Me, “well done thy good and faithful servant.  Enter into the joy of the Lord.” The books are going to be opened.  The judgment seat of Christ.  This day is not a dark night through which the believer must pass before breaking out into that eternal day. But it is a day in which I have chosen to say thanks to My children. That day is going to last 7 years. Revelation 13.

When I come for My saints I will not come clear down to the earth, but My saints will be caught up to meet Me. Then when I come after this great uniting with Myself, I will come to the earth.  This is My return with My people which will end the reign of the anti-Christ and the tribulation and I will usher in a kingdom that I promised to David a long, long time ago.

The millennial reign is not My eternal kingdom. It’s a kingdom that has an end. This will be a kingdom upon David’s throne.  But I am going to usher in a kingdom that will not only include the promise to David, but My kingdom will have no end.  And I will reign forever, and ever and ever. Matthew 24:27-30, Revelation 19:11-16.

My millennial reign begins in Revelation 20:4. Some references to it, Isaiah 35, Zechariah 14.

Then following the millennial reign will be the great white throne judgment. No believers will be there.  This will be only for those who missed Me.  A time when the books will be opened and people will be judged from those books.  Revelation 20:11-15.

Then following that, I bring into being the new heavens and the new earth where in dwells righteousness.  And it will last forever.

My plan for the ages speaks of the last days. My plan calls for an evacuation from this earth of millions of people before My judgment strikes.  My Son Jesus is the key person in this great rescue operation who will return and will take with Him those who are His.  John 14:3-if I go and prepare a place for you, I’m preparing a place if I go you can be sure of it because I’ve never failed to do the right thing.  I’m coming back and I’m going to receive you unto Myself, that where I am there you may be also.

You can quit being worried and quit trying to even figure out who the anti-Christ is and how you’re going to get along in the tribulation. For My saints to undergo the days of My wrath would be contrary to My character.  I have planned a rescue for you.  Thessalonians 5:9, I did not appoint you to wrath. I appointed you to salvation and to stand before the Son of Man at His coming.

Peter talked about it; he said you can quit worrying about all those things you think needs to be done in your life before I come.  You can rest in the fact that I am bringing a special load of grace with Me when I come. Instead of looking at weaknesses, hurts and the hard times around you, start looking for the grace that will be brought to you at My appearing when I am revealed in heaven.

Then came the feast of atonement.  And this is the one I said in sequence is the message that though all of the other priorities are there and included in the Feasts, this is the message that will prepare the hearts of men and women for the next one that’s about to happen.  And that is the feast of tabernacles. This refers to now at this time when I’m dwelling among you in the power of the Holy Spirit, but the word tabernacle means a house. And there was something to do with their feast of tabernacles where the children of Israel built little booths as a type of some places only on a very miniature small scale of what there is in heaven. But I said at the feast of tabernacles you are depicting a time when you’re gathered home to be with Me. And I have gone to prepare that place for you, and I’m coming back to receive you.

My first coming was an offering for sin. When I come again it will be to redeem those, and bring those that I have redeemed. The first time I came to be crowned with thorns.  The second time it will be to be crowned King of the universe.

You’re ready for My coming, not because you have made your garments without wrinkle because you can’t by your own production, but based on My Blood. Remember it’s not what you know or how you pray, because My Spirit has to change things around to make sense to Me anyway, when you pray.  My Spirit makes it sound like a real prayer even if it’s just a groan.  Your safety is based on My finished work at the cross. Comfort one another with these words.”  I have paid it all.  You can rest.  You can trust and rest in Me.

You can also listen to my other book titled When Angels Speak: Roland Buck on the power of the blood of Jesus for free on my youtube channel

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